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can propress fittings be used on soft copper

by Dr. Valentin Reichert Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

ProPress® and ProPress XL (Copper) are safe, reliable and economical copper pipe installation systems that use modern cold press connection technology. Viega® ProPress fittings are for use with type K, L and M hard copper tubing from ½" to 4" and soft copper tubing in ½" to 1¼" diameters. All tubing must comply with the ASTM B88 standard.

ProPressG is approved for use with hard copper tubing from ½" to 2" and soft copper tubing in ½" to 1¼" diameters.

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Can you use ZoomLock on soft copper?

Does ZoomLock work on both hard and soft copper? Yes, ZoomLock can connect hard copper up to type K and also works with annealed soft copper as well.

Do you need to clean copper for ProPress fittings?

Unlike soldering, ProPress fittings do not need a completely cleaned pipe to work.

What are ProPress fittings rated for?

Propress has a full range of fittings for DN15 to DN100 for potable water applications. What is the temperature rating of Viega Propress? Viega Propress can handle temperatures as high as 200°C for short periods of time and temperatures of -20 to 110°C for extended periods.

Can you use soft copper for plumbing?

Pipe manufacturers produce soft and hard soft copper pipes for plumbing purposes. Copper pipes are mainly used for supplying water. A pipe made of soft copper tends to bend easily even without using any tool. As such, pipes made of copper are also known as tubing.

Why is there a green dot on ProPress fittings?

A green dot on a Viega ProPress, MegaPress fitting indicates Smart Connect technology with an EPDM sealing element.

How far from a solder joint can you ProPress?

three tube diameters awayCan you solder next to ProPress fittings? Yes. When soldering next to ProPress fittings, the installer must remain at least three tube diameters away from the connection to prevent damage to the sealing element.

How much pressure will a ProPress fitting hold?

The ProPress System meets the most rigorous testing standards and codes in the United States, Canada and Europe. In tests conducted by NSF International, joints made by the ProPress System have rated test pressures of 600 psi, and working pressures of 200 psi within an operating temperature range of 0° to 250° F.

Are press fittings better than solder?

Compared to soldering, press fitting is faster and requires less training. However, traditional fittings for soldering are lower cost, time tested and reliable when professionally installed.

What is the minimum distance between ProPress fittings?

Note that where the minimum distance is 0 it is particularly important to ensure the correct insertion depth of the tubing into each fitting....Tubing DiameterMinimum Distance (inches)Minimum Distance (mm)2 in3/4 in20 mm2-1/2 in5/8 in15 mm3 in5/8 in15 mm4 in5/8 in15 mm5 more rows•Nov 11, 2019

What type of copper is soft copper?

Type KType K, soft copper tubing, remains free from rusting and is highly resistant to corrosion and scale formation. Type K has a heavy wall thickness for underground ser- vices from the water main to the house connection.

What is soft copper used for?

Soft copper It can be joined by any of the three methods used for rigid copper, and it is the only type of copper tubing suitable for flare connections. Soft copper is the most popular choice for refrigerant lines in split-system air conditioners and heat pumps.

How do you bend soft copper tubing without kinking?

Use Sand or Salt to Bend the PipeStraighten out the copper pipe or tubing. ... Tape off the bottom of the copper pipe with duct tape or electrical tape.Fill the copper pipe with sand or salt, using a funnel.Tape up the other end of the pipe.Bend the pipe to the desired curve.More items...•

How do you prepare copper for Propressing?

0:242:49How to Propress Copper the Correct Way - Plumber - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipYou push the fitting all the way and you want to make sure it's all the way and before you press ifMoreYou push the fitting all the way and you want to make sure it's all the way and before you press if you're in a tight spot it could slide out most guys will make a mark. With their marker.

How do you ProPress copper?

0:451:30HOW TO INSTALL PROPRESS COPPER FITTINGS 1/2" - 2"YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipOpen your scissor jaw and place the fitting inside making sure your pipe hasn't moved. And pull theMoreOpen your scissor jaw and place the fitting inside making sure your pipe hasn't moved. And pull the trigger four to seven seconds.

Can you undo a ProPress fitting?

If you remove a propress fitting for replacement, you will need to use a propress fitting removal tool and element. This tool is a specialized wrench that is designed to loosen the fitting without damaging it. If you are removing a propress fitting for repairs, you may be able to do so without a removal tool.

Can you use ProPress on PEX?

In addition, going from ProPress copper to PEX fittings, the PEX plumbing systems can bend around corners with each change of direction, instead of having to add a connection. This reduces materials and can also improve water flow for better performance.

What is the operating pressure of a press-connect?

Advances in press-connect and O-ring/gasket material technology are now such that press-connect joining is being utilized for high pressure HVACR applications rated up to 700 psi operating pressure (see Table 14.4b ).

What is crimp configuration?

In many cases, the geometry of the crimp configuration is similar to that for standard, low-pressure press-connect fittings. Though these may require specially designed jaws to accommodate slight changes in geometry or fitting thickness, the installation steps are essentially the same as those shown in the previous section.

Can crimping jaws be interchangeable?

These fittings, tools and crimping jaws are not interchangeable with standard low-pressure press-connect systems, so care should be taken to ensure that only the proper, compatible fittings, press jaws and tools are used. Always refer to the manufacturers’ installation instructions.


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