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do male pecan trees produce nuts

by Albina Maggio PhD Published 1 year ago Updated 4 months ago

Male flowers are located on 4-5 inch long catkins, while female flowers are small, yellowish-green, and grow on spikes at the tips of shoots. Fruit (nuts) don't form until the pollen from the male flower is transferred to the female flower. Without pollination, you may have a lot of flowers but not much fruit.Nov 11, 2016

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Do you need a male and female pecan tree?

While a single pecan tree may have both flowers, it is not able to pollinate itself, so it is necessary to have at least two trees for self-pollination. This is because the male and female flowers can often become active at different points of the yearly cycle.

Do you have to have 2 pecan trees to produce?

For pecan trees to bare nuts you will need two or more different cultivars, as they require cross pollination for maximum productivity. Pecan trees do not bear fruit until they are between the ages of four and 12 years old and that is determined by the cultivar.

Do all pecan trees produce nuts?

Pecans have particular requirements for pollination, nutrients, and pest management if they are to produce abundant crops. Remember that many pecan cultivars do not start producing nuts until they are 12 to 15 years of age. One of the most overlooked reasons why pecan trees sometimes fail to produce is poor variety.

Do all pecan trees produce?

There are thousands of mature pecan trees around homes, many with sparse and erratic production. Usually, there is no single reason why a pecan tree fails to produce a crop or produces poor quality nuts.

How many years will a pecan tree produce?

Trees will begin producing a few nuts three to four years after planting. Significant production can be achieved in six to eight years. Good production will begin the ninth or tenth year. Trees can be productive for a 100 years or longer.

What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 pecan trees?

Type I, or protandrous, pecans are those in which the catkins appear first. Catkins are commonly called tassels because their golden strands hang in clumps throughout the tree. Type II, or protogynous, pecans are those in which the female nutlets become receptive before the catkins begin to shed pollen.

What causes pecans to not fill out?

Since pecans are wind-pollinated only, excessive rainfall during the spring bloom prevents pollination as noted earlier, and the poorly pollinated flowers produce small nuts that subsequently abort. Insect pest damage, disease pressure and drought are three other factors that can result in premature nut drop.

Why does my pecan tree produce rotten pecans?

What is Pecan Shuck and Kernel Rot? The disease is caused by a fungal species, Phytophthora cactorum. It causes rot in the fruit of the tree, turning the shuck into a mushy, rotted mess, and rendering the nuts inedible.

Do pecans bear fruit every year?

Question: Will pecan trees produce a viable crop each year? Answer: Pecan trees do not typically produce a dependable and significant crop each year. In reality homeowners are lucky if they get a good crop of pecans every four or five years.

Do pecan trees have off years?

Cycle of Alternate Bearing Years Many pecan tree cultivars are alternate bearing, which means that they produce heavy and light crops during alternate years or heavier crops once every two to three years.

What do you feed a pecan tree?

Nitrogen and zinc are the two nutrients most often required by pecan trees annually. Phosphorus and potassium are rarely needed in pecans. Adding additional fertilizer to pecan trees cannot overcome a poor site or soil, inadequate soil moisture or poor disease and insect control.

How much is pecan wood worth?

Price: $100.01 - $200.00(4)

How close do pecan trees need to be to pollinate?

within 150 feetResearch has shown that pecan trees need a pollinator within 150 feet. This is why we often recommend placing a pollinator at every 5th tree on every 5th row if you prefer planting a solid block of one cultivar.

What do pecan trees need to produce?

The single-most required nutrient is nitrogen. Pecan trees grow quickly and need a good amount of nitrogen for production. High-input, improved cultivars may require more than 250 pounds of actual nitrogen per acre per year for best production.

How do I get my pecan tree to produce fruit?

You can rejuvenate old pecan trees and get them to produce by interrupting the alternate-bearing process. This is done through proper maintenance, such as fertilizing correctly, sticking to a watering schedule, and managing common diseases. Extensive pruning, if done correctly, can also revive an old tree.

How do you start a pecan orchard?

What You Need to Start a Pecan FarmHealthy Soil. Your wholesale pecan trees need to put down sturdy and healthy roots. ... Prepare Land. A lot of preparation is often needed to create the proper conditions for pecan tree growth. ... Proper Arrangement. ... Planting Trees. ... Irrigation Capabilities. ... Upkeep.

Where do pecan trees grow?

Native to North America, pecan trees grow primarily in the southeastern United States. According to the University of Florida Extension, the United States pecan crop is valued at $100 to $200 million annually, with 50 percent being grown in Georgia. While more than 500 types of pecan trees exist, all follow a similar cycle in nut production.

How tall do pecan trees get?

Young pecan trees are usually about 6 feet tall when planted and mature to more than 70 feet tall. During the first few years, young trees are carefully pruned to encourage strong trunks and branches. Depending on the cultivar, trees may not begin producing pecans for four to 12 years.

When are pecans ready to harvest?

Pecans are ready for harvesting when the hull or shuck splits away from the nut.

When Does A Pecan Tree Produce Nuts?

The nuts ripen over late summer and are ready for harvest in fall from September to November, depending on location and variety.

How Can You Tell If A Pecan Tree Is Male Or Female?

They all produce two types of flowers, one male, called catkins that are around 4 to 5 inches in length, and another female type called nutlets, which are a small star shape. This sort of tree is known as monoecious.

How Long Does It Take A Pecan Tree To Produce?

If you’ve only just planted your pecan tree, then you may be in for quite a long wait before picking any tasty nuts from it.

When Does A Pecan Tree Bloom?

Pecan trees bloom from the middle to late spring after the blossom has been fertilized.

How many types of pecan trees are there?

Pecan trees are separated into two types. The first type sheds their pollen early and blooms later. The second type is the opposite. Planting one of each type near each other will drastically increase your chances of proper pollination to encourage nut growth.

How hot does a pecan tree get?

And on the other end of the spectrum, pecan trees like to stay below 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They are able to withstand temperatures above this level, but a happy tree will have better nut production. And happy trees stay between 45 degrees and 80 degrees on average.

How much water do pecan trees need?

However, any droughts will need to be supplemented with extra watering. The nuts will start to be formed around September, so this is a particularly important time to pay attention to the amount of water they receive. Mature trees can require as much as 350 gallons of water each day throughout the nut-filling stage.

How cold can a pecan tree survive?

Generally, Georgia pecan trees can survive in hardiness zones 7-9. More specifically, pecan trees are able to survive temperatures as low as 20 degrees below zero.

Do pecan trees bloom at different times?

This can prove challenging for the home grower of pecan trees. It’s recommended that you grow your pecan in tandem (at least). And when you’re planting your trees, you want to be sure they are trees that will complement each other by releasing their pollen at an appropriate time.

Is Georgia pecan tree a threat?

There are a number of potential threats to your Georgia pecan tree. Many pests seem to love the tree as much as we do. Your specific type of pests will be dictated by your location and weather. Here are a few examples of what to watch out for.

Do pecan trees need fertilizer?

Fertile soil will give you the best chance at a successful harvest. Georgia pecan trees will usually require at least one fertilizer treatment each year to keep them healthy.

Why are my pecan trees not producing?

Usually, there is no single reason why a pecan tree fails to produce a crop or produces poor quality nuts. The following are common problems and some suggestions for correcting them. Poor variety- Pecan cultivars (varieties) vary in production capacity, nut quality and susceptibility to disease and other problems.

What are the pests that can be found in pecan trees?

Aphids, pecan weevils, hickory shuckworms and several other insects can limit pecan production. Removing and destroying fallen leaves, shucks, nuts or twigs are sanitary measures that aid in control of many insects and diseases. Spraying may not be feasible for growers with only a few trees, but spray recommendations for controlling pecan pests are available from the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension office in your county.

What kind of soil do pecan trees need?

Poor soil- Pecan trees grow best on sandy loam soils with well-drained subsoil. Growth and production is often poor on heavy clays, poorly drained soils and on deep sands unless an intensive irrigation and fertilization program is maintained.


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