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does environment affect child development

by Dr. Carolanne Heidenreich Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

A positive home environment is the foundation for healthy brain development. Brain imaging studies suggest that growing up in a disadvantaged or stressful environment can cause the brain to develop differently.

What is the role of Environment in child development?

Environmental influences can be powerful. Nurturing environments foster physical and psychological growth. Adequate stimulation and nutrition are essential for development during the first three years of life. It is during these years that a child’s brain is most sensitive to the influences of the external environment.

How might the environment affect a child's behavior?

Does the Environment Affect a Child's Behavior?

  • Negativity. An environment filled with sadness and negativity can seriously affect a child's behaviors. ...
  • Restricted Enviornments and Development. ...
  • Chaotic Enviornments. ...
  • Maternal Depression. ...
  • Toxins and Children. ...
  • Air Quality. ...

What influences can affect a child's development?

Factors Affecting Child Development Family and Bonding. One of the most important influencing factor on your child's development is his/her family. ... Physical Environment. The effect of the environment on child development cannot be understated, and this includes the physical surroundings they are raised in. Financial Situation. ... Health and Nutrition. ... Learning. ...

What are the personal factors that affect child development?

What are the personal factors that affect learning?

  • Motivation. Of all of the factors that can affect how people learn, motivation might be the most important.
  • Intellectual Ability. Intellectual ability also affects learning.
  • Attention Spans. Attention spans vary among both children and adults.
  • Prior Knowledge.


Family Influence

Community Influence

  • Another important factor that affects a child’s development is the community. As the child grows, they become exposed and connected to the community. This includes having friends, joining school organizations, sports clubs, and many more. The way people communicate shows a huge part of an individual. This means that a child must grow in a positive ...
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Education Influence

  • It is also important for your child to have quality education from the very start. That is why people gave the K-12 program huge attention in the United States. K-12 program is talking about the kindergarten period up to grade 12. Many research studies have proven the crucial connection between good quality of education from childhood and successful college education. Quality ed…
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Social Media Influence

  • Children these days are highly influenced by modern technology and other means of communication. There are a lot of forms of information from different sources of multimedia, and children are surrounded by it too. Exposure to external influencescan affect a child’s mental health. The effects will be more noticeable as they enter the teenage period. A social network ca…
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11 hours ago  · The environment is an important factor in child development. The neighbourhood, family, religious centres, school are a deciding factor to influencing the development of every …

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