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does she keep the baby in juno

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With the thought of an abortion she quickly changes her mind and decides to keep her baby and put the baby up for adoption. Juno found a lovely couple in the Penny Saver looking to be parents.... So she decides to have the baby and give it up for adoption.

While Juno initially wants an abortion, she ultimately decides to give the baby up for adoption to a couple, Mark and Vanessa Loring. However, throughout the film, Mark and Vanessa's marriage falls apart, as Mark starts developing feelings for Juno and also feels that he is not ready to be a father.Jul 10, 2020

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Why does Mark leave Vanessa in Juno?

Mark sees the youth in Juno and feelings of doubt in his marriage and where his life is heading creep in and he ultimately decides to end his marriage and asks Vanessa for a divorce. It is this moment in the film that Reitman decides Mark is now an immature guy that is unwilling to grow up.

Why did Juno give up the baby?

In the end she decides, despite Mark leaving Vanessa, that she is going to give the baby to a single mother. This decision was more than just a whim and Juno realized that family is based on good people rather than simply having a married couple.

Who is the father of Juno's baby?

Paulie BleekerIn Elk River, Minnesota, sixteen year old high-schooler Juno MacGuff discovers she is pregnant by her friend and longtime admirer Paulie Bleeker.

Does Juno go through with the adoption?

Juno confers with Paulie, who affirms that he will support any choice that Juno makes. She chooses to place their child with an adoptive family. Juno's thought process leading into adoption, and then from there through adoption, is highlighted throughout the film.

Does Juno give her baby to Vanessa?

While Juno initially wants an abortion, she ultimately decides to give the baby up for adoption to a couple, Mark and Vanessa Loring.

How did Juno respond when she took her first pregnancy test?

Juno's response to the positive pregnancy test (actually, it's the third positive she's gotten in one day) is to say, “That little pink plus sign is so unholy.” She has a sticker in her school locker that shows a cross inside a circle with a slash across it.

What is the message of the movie Juno?

The main message from this movie is that casual sex can result in an unwanted pregnancy, which can affect many people's lives. You could talk with your child about signifcant scenes such as Juno's courage in telling her parents about her pregnancy and her decision to continue with her studies while pregnant.

Is Juno baby a boy or girl movie?

Juno MacGuff is a 16-year-old teenage girl from the suburbs of St. Paul, Minnesota. When the movie begins, she is pregnant with her first child, via a one-night stand with Paulie Bleeker. She is portrayed by Canadian actor Elliot Page....Juno MacGuffOffspring:Baby Loring (son)6 more rows

Is Juno a true story?

Writer Diablo Cody drew from several real-life experiences of her own and others in developing the script for Juno. She spoke with adoptive parents and adopted folks. Cody's husband at the time of filming, Jonny Hunt, was adopted.

Does Juno have ADHD?

Juno, the title character of this 2007 coming-of-age story, often acts or speaks without thinking — frequently with uncomfortable or even life-changing results. She's immensely confident in herself — a challenge for many with ADHD — but struggles to control her impulsive actions before they get her into trouble.

What does Juno put in Paulie's mailbox?

As the Lorings discuss their pending divorce, Juno rings their doorbell and leaves them a note. She then buys a ton of orange tic-tacs (Paulie's vice) with Leah and leaves them in Paulie's mailbox, to his amusement. After school, Juno goes to Paulie's track practice and tells him she's in love with him.

What makes Juno change her mind about having an abortion?

At first Juno thinks she'll have an abortion, because she knows she is too young to be looking after a baby. However, after attending the clinic, she changes her mind. Juno then sets out to find the perfect couple to adopt her baby.

How many pregnancy tests did Juno take?

How many pregnancy tests did Juno take? As the cashier said, Juno was "one fertile myrtle." All three tests were positive.

What did the note say in Juno?

Vanessa does get to keep the baby. The night that she and Mark have a fight Juno drops off a note that says "Vanessa, I'm still in it if you're still in it.". We see Vanessa with the baby and the note is framed and hung where their first family photo would have gone if Mark hadn't left Vanessa.

What song is playing when Juno gives birth?

Page is also to thank for another of the film's most memorable musical moments. She introduced Reitman to the music of Cat Power, whose mesmeric cover of Phil Phillips' 'Sea of Love' plays as Juno lies in Paulie's arms after giving birth and handing her baby over to adoptive mother Vanessa (Jennifer Garner).

Who is the father of Juno's baby?

After a dispute with Paulie Bleeker (the baby's father) over him dating another girl, Juno drives to the house of Mark and Vanessa Loring (the adoptive parents of Juno's unborn baby). Mark is home and tells Juno that he is leaving Vanessa. Vanessa comes home and Mark tells her everything.

Why don't Juno and Paulie see the baby?

Juno and Paulie choose not to see the baby as they don't want to become attached to it. Vanessa is at the hospital and is given the baby, which is a boy, and Bren congratulates her on becoming a new mother. Vanessa is at home with the baby, Mark has left, and the note that Juno left on their doorstep has been framed.

Why is Juno upset with Vanessa?

Juno becomes upset because she doesn't what her unborn baby to be brought up in an unstable household. Juno leaves and after time alone, she comes back to Mark and Vanessa's house and leaves a note on the doorstep. Juno then gets back together with Paulie.

Who is the woman in the webpage Mark is looking at when Juno arrives?

Trivia: The webpage Mark is looking at when Juno arrives shows a picture of a woman holding a dog. The woman is writer Diablo Cody. (01:05:55)

What is the continuity mistake in Juno?

Continuity mistake: As Juno is walking into the abortion clinic, an exterior shot shows that there is only one entrance door. The shot of her entering from inside the clinic shows a double-door entrance. (00:17:50)

Why does Juno make assumptions about her pregnancy?

The ultrasound technician makes assumptions because she is a pregnant teenager. She also starts having issues in relationships with her stepmom, with Paulie Bleeker, and somewhat with the adoptive mother Vanessa.

Why doesn't Juno go to the abortion clinic?

Juno goes to the abortion clinic and ultimately decides not to go through with it because she previously found out the baby has fingernails. She also tells her parents about being pregnant and that the act of sex with Paulie Bleeker was based on boredom.

What does Juno decide in the end?

In the end she decides, despite Mark leaving Vanessa, that she is going to give the baby to a single mother. This decision was more than just a whim and Juno realized that family is based on good people rather than simply having a married couple. Summer is the final section (shown right) beginning at 1:29:24.

How many sections does Reitman divide Juno into?

One technique, in particular, are the scene changes. Reitman divides Juno into 4 sections each with a specific scene change and a purpose. The scenes are divided by seasons of the year that, conveniently enough, correlate with the terms of Juno’s pregnancy.

What time does Summer in Juno start?

Season change to Summer in Juno at 1:29:24. Summer is the final section (shown right) beginning at 1:29:24. There isn’t much to this section, however, it is showing the consequences of Juno’s later decisions that were made by her actual thought processes. This section closes out the film and everyone seems happy.

What is the movie Juno about?

Movie Summary. Juno, a 2007 offbeat comedy directed by Jason Reitman, follows the pregnancy of the teenage Juno. Following the claim that Reitman is demonstrating the decision-making process of teenagers, we are able to see several film techniques that Reitman employs.

What is Juno's third trimester?

Juno’s decisions become more confident and purposeful. Spring is Juno’s third trimester of pregnancy which is the most difficult. Baby is mostly grown and is hard on any mother. Despite the difficulties Juno reveals real purpose behind her decisions.

What does Juno tell her dad?

Juno goes inside her house, where her dad is doing some work at the kitchen table. She tells him she’s been “out dealing with things way beyond [her] maturity level.” When her dad comments on the fact that she seems down, Juno tells him that she’s losing her faith in humanity, before adding, “I just wonder if two people can stay together for good.” He tells her, “It’s not easy, that’s for sure, and I don’t have the best track record, I know, but I’ve been with your stepmother for 10 years now, and I’m proud to say we’re very happy.” When she looks heartbroken, he tells her, “Find a person who loves you for exactly what you are, good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you. The right person’s still gonna think the sun shines out your ass. That’s the kind of person that’s worth sticking with.” Juno tells her dad that she has to go out.

How does Juno make up with Bleeker?

In her typically quirky fashion, she first apologizes by completing a grand and unusual gesture: putting 100 Tic-Tacs in his mailbox in the middle of the night. The next day, she approaches him on the track, apologizes for being a bitch, and admits to being in love with him. The moment is sentimental and heartfelt, but the two idiosyncratic high schoolers maintain their senses of humor throughout. Nothing in Juno remains too heartfelt for long. When Juno tells Bleeker that she loves him because he’s cool without even trying, he corrects her that he tries really hard, actually. When she gets to the end of her honest apology, he asks simply, “Can we make out now?” and they do. Leah calls to them, heckling their PDA, and Juno doesn’t even break the kiss as she flips Leah the middle finger. The high schoolers in Juno go through huge life changes and must navigate incredibly mature terrain, but it’s irreverent and awkwardly humorous moments like this that keep them grounded in their teenager-dom, and give the movie a breezy charm.

Where does Juno go to get a baby?

Juno recommends that they go to China to get a baby, because adoptive children are so much more available, and Vanessa suggests that Juno return home. Juno leaves, and Mark and Vanessa exchange a look. Back at home, Juno finds Bren making a collage with pictures of dogs from magazines.

What does Vanessa say to Juno's baby?

Juno suggests she try talking to the baby, and Vanessa leans down and speaks to Juno’s baby in the womb, telling it, “I can’t wait to meet you.”. Suddenly the baby starts to kick and Vanessa’s eyes widen in excitement.

What does Juno tell Vanessa and Mark?

Juno tells her that she wants Mark and Vanessa to be surprised, and when the nurse asks who Mark and Vanessa are, Juno informs her that they are the adoptive parents. “Oh, well thank goodness for that,” says the nurse. Bren becomes defensive and wants to know what the nurse means.

Why can't Juno go to the movie?

In the hall, Juno runs into Bleecker, who invites her to go to a movie with some friends. She can’t go because she has her ultrasound later. Bleecker asks if he should come, and Juno tells him that he doesn’t have to, but that she’ll drop by his house later. The school bell rings and they say goodbye.

What movie did Juno and Mark watch together?

Mark and Juno watch The Wizard of Gore together, and Juno changes her mind and decides that it’s a good movie. Juno turns to Mark and asks if they’ve considered any names for the baby. He tells her that Vanessa likes “Madison” for a girl, which Juno tells him is “a little gay.”.

What does Bren tell Juno?

Taking a deep breath, Bren tells her, “Juno, you can’t just drop in on them like that…You don’t understand, Mark is a married man. There are boundaries.”. Juno is indignant and insists that she is allowed to be friends with a married person. “It doesn’t work that way kiddo.

Why does Juno tell Mark he works from home?

When Juno asks Mark why he isn’t at work, he tells her that he works from home because he’s a composer for commercials. “Quite the sellout,” Juno teases him. She then holds up the picture of the ultrasound and Mark looks at his future child, marveling at it.

What does Juno say when she returns home?

Through her narration, she says, "I never realize how much I like being home unless I've been somewhere really different for a while."

What does Juno decide to do?

Juno decides that she wants to have the baby and give it to a couple who is unable to have a child of their own. While it is a noble thought, Juno has no idea how to go about finding a couple like this.

What is the relationship between Juno and Paulie?

With everything else going on in the movie, it's pretty impressive that it also manages to tell a really sweet teen love story between Juno and Paulie. Though she clearly has feelings for Paulie and he feels the same way, Juno is reluctant to pursue a relationship for fear that it will not work out.

What is Juno told about the local classifieds feature?

When discussing the idea with her friend Leah, Juno is told that the local classifieds feature adds for people looking for surrogates. Leah even dubs them with the catchy but not entirely flattering title of "Desperately seeking spawn."

What is Juno about?

Juno is an indie-comedy about a teen girl going through a pregnancy. Diablo Cody's unique dialogue leads to many humorous yet heartfelt quotes.

What is Juno's discovery in the movie?

Along with navigating the troubles of teen pregnancy, the movie also explores Juno's discovery of the idea of love and finding a soulmate. She believes she finds a couple who are the type of picture-perfect soulmates she romanticizes, but that reality is eventually broken.

When did Juno come out?

The indie-comedy Juno came out in 2007 and took everyone by surprise. Despite being a small little project, audiences fell in love with the quirky humor and likable characters. It went on to become a box office hit and was even nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars.


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