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has a rookie ever won the homerun derby

by Alexandrea Gerhold Published 10 months ago Updated 1 month ago

The 2017 Home Run Derby consisted of Aaron Judge winning 11-10 and becoming the first rookie to win the event outright.Jul 17, 2022

How many rookies have won the Home Run Derby outright?

Yankees slugger Aaron Judge (2017) and Mets first baseman Pete Alonso (2019) are the only rookies to win the Home Run Derby outright. Angels rookie Wally Joyner was the co-Home Run Derby champ in 1986. Rodríguez will look to become the third rookie to win it outright next week.

Who won the Home Run Derby 2019?

Alonso edged out Guerrero in a thrilling final-round battle of rookie phenoms. Alonso not only won the Derby, but went on to hit a Major League-best 53 home runs in 2019. Those 53 homers were also the most by any rookie in big league history, eclipsing the mark previously set by Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge.

Who won the 1987 Home Run Derby with 4 home runs?

With only three opponents, Dawson won the Home Run Derby in 1987 with four home runs. He beat out George Bell, Mark McGwire and Ozzie Virgil Jr.

Who has hit the most home runs in the Home Run Derby?

Some notable performances in the Derby include Bobby Abreu in 2005, who won the Derby with a then-record 41 homers, including a then-record 24 in the first round. The first-round record was broken in 2019 by Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who hit 29 home runs. He broke that record in the following round, hitting 40 home runs in 2 tiebreakers.

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Who was the youngest player to win a Home Run Derby?

Soto missed the opportunity to claim his place as baseball's youngest ever Home Run Derby champion by just one day — he is only a day older than Juan Gonzalez, who won the event while playing for the Texas Rangers in 1993, according to

How many rookies have won the MLB Home Run Derby?

twoWASHINGTON (AP) — Mariners rookie Julio Rodriguez will compete in the All-Star Home Run Derby at Dodger Stadium next Monday. Rodriguez will be the 14th rookie to particpate, and only two of those have won outright: Pete Alonso in 2019 and Aaron Judge in 2017.

What is the most home runs by a rookie?

Most Home Runs Hit By a Rookie: The RestHal Trosky, 1934: 35 home runs.Rudy York, 1937: 35.Ron Kittle, 1983: 35.Walt Dropo, 1950: 34.Ryan Braun, 2007: 34.Jimmie Hall, 1963: 33.Earl Williams, 1971: 33.Jose Canseco, 1986: 33.More items...•

Which Yankee was the first MLB rookie to win the Home Run Derby?

Griffey Jr. Martinez surprised by outlasting decorated sluggers such as Frank Thomas, McGwire, Griffey and Walker to become the first Yankees player to win the Derby. This year featured six representatives from the AL and four from the NL.

Did Barry Bonds ever win a Home Run Derby?

1996: Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire Face off Bonds is the all-time home run leader with 726 career dingers. The two modern day home run kings faced off in the 1996 Home Run Derby and, as expected, didn't disappoint. Bonds edged McGwire by two home runs, giving him an impressive 17 for the contest.

Who holds the Home Run Derby record?

2022 Home Run Derby odds and best bets In the 35 editions of the home run derby, Griffey holds the record for most victories with three. The only other multi-time winners are Prince Fielder, Yoenis Céspedes, and Pete Alonso, who is looking to tie Griffey when competing in this year's derby.

Has any rookie ever had a 30/30 season?

No rookie has even gotten into the 30-30 club. The closest rookie to achieve the feat may have been Jose Canseco.

Who is the best rookie in MLB history?

Ichiro Suzuki 350 batting average. He actually became the first rookie to win a batting title, Rookie of the Year, and the MVP in his first season. Suzuki is still the only player in MLB history to gather more than 200 or more hits in each of his first 10 seasons.

Has a rookie ever won a batting title?

Piazza sets rookie catcher mark 328 average made him the first rookie in modern history to win a batting title, and he also paced the AL in hits, runs and doubles. His 374 total bases led the Majors and is tied with Hal Trotsky (1934) for the most by any first-year player.

What do Aaron judges earn?

10.18 million USD (2021)Aaron Judge / Salary

Why is Judge not in the HR Derby?

Judge apparently wants to protect his shoulder for the rest of the regular season and not risk injury during the derby.

Did Aaron Judge fix his teeth?

It was quite awkward to see Aaron Judge in a new look during the 2021 off-season. Because the Yankees slugger somehow removed or fill the gap between his teeth. Per Yanks Go Yard, Judge tried Tooth Yoga to clear the gap between his middle teeth. Now, if anyone looks at him, they will not find such gaps in his teeth.

Did Griffey Win Home Run Derby?

Griffey hits warehouse in Derby He won in 1994 in Pittsburgh, '98 in Colorado (after nearly not participating) and '99 in Boston. His final appearance came in 2000, his first year with the Reds. Griffey finished as the runner-up to Sammy Sosa in Atlanta, but his Derby legacy was rock solid by that point.

Has anyone won the Home Run Derby 3 times in a row?

No player has ever won three in a row. Ken Griffey Jr., who won in 1994, 1998 and 1999, is the only three-time winner.

Why doesn't Mike Trout do the Home Run Derby?

Trout has never competed in the Home Run Derby in the majors, saying he'd prefer spending time with his family.

What does the winner of the Home Run Derby get?

As part of an agreement between MLB and the MLB Players Association prior to the 2019 season, the Home Run Derby prize pool was increased from $725,000 to $2.5 million. The winner takes home a cool $1 million of that total. How can fans get involved?

Who won the first home run Derby?

Runner-up: Five players tied at four. Seven-time All-Star Parker emerged from a 10-player field that included four future Hall of Famers -- Jim Rice, Eddie Murray, Carlton Fisk and Sandberg -- to win the inaugural Home Run Derby with six homers.

How many home runs did Judge hit in the 2017 Yankees derby?

Judge, who set a new rookie home run record in 2017 (52), easily bested Sano in the finals and crushed four home runs further than 500 feet. He became the fourth Yankees player to win the derby, giving the New York franchise more winners than any other club.

How many home runs did Harper hit in the final round?

After Schwarber set a bar of 18 homers in the final round, hometown star Harper cranked nine home runs in the final 50 seconds of regulation to pull even, eventually winning on the second swing of his bonus 30 seconds.

How many home runs did Alonso hit in 2019?

Alonso not only won the Derby, but went on to hit a Major League-best 53 home runs in 2019. Those 53 homers were also the most by any rookie in big league history, eclipsing the mark previously set by Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge.

How many feet did Harper hit in the Derby?

Harper, the third participant in Derby history to win on his home turf, hit a 478-foot drive in the final round that was shorter than only one homer on the night -- a 479- foot shot from Javier Baez in the first round. 2017: Marlins Park.

How many times did Alonso go deep in the Derby?

Mancini -- a remarkable story, considering he was just one year removed from a colon cancer diagnosis -- put up a massive total of 22 to kick off the final showdown, but Alonso went deep 17 times in regulation and then homered on all six of his swings to begin his bonus minute, making himself the fourth multi-time Derby winner with time to spare.

Who won the 1998 Derby?

1998: Coors Field. Winner: Ken Griffey Jr., Marin ers.

What is the home run Derby?

The Home Run Derby is one of the marquee events of the MLB season and certainly the highlight of the All-Star break. There have been amazing showings over the years, including surprise winners and favorites putting on a show. Here, we chronicle every Home Run Derby winner since its inception in 1985.

How many home runs did Davis have in the 1988 home run Derby?

After the 1988 Home Run Derby was rained out, Davis won the contest at Anaheim Stadium with three home runs. The field was back up to four participants per league after participation decreased the prior two years.

How many homers did Seth Trachtman have in the Kansas City derby?

There were 10 participants in the inaugural derby, five from each league, with Parker's six homers taking the crown. Seth Trachtman is a fantasy sports expert and diehard Kansas City Chiefs fan still hoping for a Super Bowl win during his lifetime.

How many home runs did Griffey Jr. hit?

Griffey Jr. made it back-to-back Home Run Derby wins, hitting a total of 16 home runs at Fenway Park. Mark McGwire's mammoth shots are a lasting memory of the contest, but he failed to win.

How many home runs did Tejada hit in the semis?

Tejada parlayed 15 home runs in the semis into a head-to-head battle vs. hometown favorite Lance Berkman in the finals at Minute Maid Park. Tejada won 5-4 in the finals.

How many home runs did Cespedes hit in the first round?

Cespedes launched 17 home runs in Round 1 and beat young Bryce Harper 9-8 in the finals to win his first Home Run Derby. He came up big at his future home of Citi Field.

How many home runs did Josh Hamilton hit in the finals?

Despite Josh Hamilton's 35 home runs for the entire contest, Morneau beat out a worn-down Hamilton in the finals at Yankee Stadium. Hamilton hit 28 home runs in Round 1, a single-round record.

Who won the 2003 Home Run Derby?

Albert Pujols hit more total homers, but Anderson beat the Cardinals slugger 9-8 in the final round to win the 2003 Home Run Derby title at Chicago’s U.S. Cellular Field.

How many homers did Josh Hamilton hit in the first round of the Derby?

This Derby is remembered for Josh Hamilton’s amazing 28 homers in the first round at old Yankee Stadium, but Morneau saved his energy to outlast Hamilton over the final two rounds.

How many homers did Alex Rios hit in the Derby?

The future Hall of Famer only needed three homers in the final round to beat Alex Rios who hit two. This Derby took place at San Francisco’s AT&T Park.

How many homers did Sammy Sosa hit in the final?

Sammy Sosa hit only two homers in the final at Seattle’s Safeco Field, which was easily surpassed by Gonzalez’s six homers in that round.

How many home runs did Sandberg have in the 1990 Derby?

Sandberg infamously won the 1990 Derby at Wrigley Field with only three total home runs while the rest of the eight-man field combined for only two home runs. The wind at Wrigley Field will do that.

How many home runs did Barry Bonds hit in 1996?

(BRIAN BAHR/AFP via Getty Images) Bonds hadn’t yet morphed into the home run hitting monster that would create controversy in the early 2000s, but he did hit 17 total homers at Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium and beat foe Mark McGwire 3-2 in the final.

Where did Frazier win the Cincinnati derby?

Frazier had the backing of hometown fans, winning an exciting derby at Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark.

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