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has anyone ever died in a wwe match

by Kenneth Tromp Published 5 months ago Updated 1 month ago

Although it’s rare, there’s been several documented cases of wrestlers who died in the ring. Aside from Owen Hart’s accident in 1999, many of these cases have not been widely publicized. For some in-ring deaths, the lack of coverage can be attributed to a pre-internet world, but several incidents we look at took place during the internet age.

Eddie Guerrero. Arguably one of the most beloved wrestlers in history, Eddie was found dead in the fall of 2005 after a long battle with drugs and alcohol. His nephew, Chavo, found him dead in his hotel room following a heart attack. While many of his actions were that of a heel, he was forever loved by the fans.

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What happened to Owen in WWE?

That is terrifying, right? On landing inside the ring, Owen collapsed and was rushed to the hospital where he passed on. WWE has since stopped that type of entry into the ring.

When did women wrestle?

As wrestling began to turn into a mainstream event during the 1950s, women began stepping their feet on wrestling sands. Female wrestlers like Mildred Burke were at that point commonly recognized names in the business.

How did Mitsuharu die?

Mitsuharu fell in the ring during a match in June 2009 and was rushed to a nearby hospital. In what could be tagged tragic, he passed on in the emergency clinic where the Doctor later affirmed that he died as a result of a cardiovascular breakdown. 9. Jeanette Wolfe.

Why did Oro die?

He kicked the bucket at a young age of 21, only two months to his 22 years birthday. Oro’s Tragic passing occurred because of a hefty knock on his head during a match on 26 October 1993. He passed on at the spot, even before the emergency vehicle sought salvage.

How did the ringer die?

It was later discovered that he suffered a sudden heart attack inside the ring and that lead to his demise.

When did Mae Young die?

Her death happened in a tag team match with WWE wrestler Mae Young on July 28, 1951, in Liverpool, England.

Can a wrestler die in the ring?

However, evidence still shows that wrestling stars still suffer life-threatening injuries in the ring. In a wrestling match, whether to entertain or not, we cannot rule out that so many dangerous stuff happens in that ring that can lead to a wrestler’s death.

What caused the death of the girl in the match?

She never got back up and was soon pronounced dead. The cause of her death was ruled as brain hemorrhage.

Who was the first Japanese wrestler to die in the squared circle?

Plum Mariko. The first Japanese pro wrestler to die in the squared circle. Mariko was a female wrestler who had suffered multiple brain traumas during her career during the time when head injuries were not taken seriously. She was a fan favorite, especially from Japanese audiences.

Why do wrestlers sacrifice?

The wrestlers put in a lot of sacrifices to get to the level of creating a modern-day fighter for the joy and awe of their fans. During a wrestling match, a lot of things happen. For instance, what might appear like just an ordinary bump to the fans could have a heavier impact on the wrestler in the ring.

Why did Mariko die?

Several days later, she became the first pro wrestler in Japan to die due to injuries sustained in wrestling.

Why did Ted Dibiase die?

It was gathered later that his death does not have anything to do with any move in the fight but due to a build-up of cholesterol. His adopted son, Ted Dibiase would later go on to enjoy a successful stint in the company and upheld his legacy.

What happened to the guy who took a bump to the head?

The bump was designed to make him looked as if he’d broken his neck. It appears that was what actually happened to him because, after the bump, he collapsed. Before he was loaded into the ambulance, he had already died.

How did Malcolm Kirk die?

Kirk died from a pre-existing heart problem. There are many death accounts recorded in the wrestling ring. Obviously, not even all can be accurately counted as a result of the extremity of the sport. Nevertheless, we can point to certain ones that shocked the world and it’d be nice, to begin with, Malcolm Kirk.

When did Owen Hart die on PPV?

If a death occurred on PPV today. Continue Reading. This occured on May 23rd 1999 during the ironically named “Over The Edge” PPV event. Owen Hart, who was wrestling as The Blue Blazer fell over 70 feet from the roof of the building while preparing to be lowered by cable into the ring.

How did Mike DiBiase die?

Mike DiBiase - From the same family as the Million Dollar Man, died of a Heart Attack while Harley Race tried to keep him alive.

What was the UWFI wrestling style?

The UWFi were pushing a worked-shoot style of wrestling with submission-only, stiff strikes and a points system based on knockdowns and submission escapes, which was very convincing for the time and is considered one of the forerunners of Pride Fighting Championships. They signed up all the legit Gaijin athletes who’d turned to wrestling that they could find, such as Bob Backlund, Bad News Allen, Dan Severn and Salman Hashimikov. Albright fit right in and had a good career with UWFi and, when the promotion folded, with All-Japan Pro Wrestling. He was known for his suplexes, especially his famed rolling German suplexes, famously ripped off by others.

How did Lucifer Grimm die?

The cause of death was a heart attack and the coroner determined that he was suffering from a myriad of ailments. However, he not only died in the ring but won a match whilst dead. Thankfully, Lucifer Grimm is the forgotten half of an unpleasant factoid. Had he pinned Albright, it would have been a well-remembered, less-pleasant factoid.

What was Jeanette's first match?

Her first match was a singles contest against Ella Waldek . At one point, Ella gave her a hard bodyslam. Hulk Hogan (yellow trunks) & Andre the Giant, in the middle of a bodyslam. Jeanette could still finish the match, but something wasn’t right. She complained about a splitting headache.

Why was Brian Ong killed?

Brian Ong - Killed in the ring by The Great Khali due to a bad botch as a result of a flapjack.

What happened to the camel's back?

Hundreds of matches have left their bodies bruised & battered, and that one bad bump was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Who has killed someone in WWE?

WWE Star Rey Mysterio Once Killed Someone During a Wrestling Match. WWE Star Rey Mysterio Once Killed Someone During a Wrestling Match. by Kevin Moore on June 22, 2020. Though he has never been the tallest wrestler in the ring, Rey Mysterio has had a lot of success in WWE and has become one of the most well-known performers of all-time.

How old is Mysterio in WWE?

He stepped away from WWE for a little time and wrestled independently and in other wrestling organizations before making a return back to WWE. Mysterio continues to be a part of WWE at the age of 45.

What happened to Mysterio in 2015?

In 2015, Mysterio was wrestling in Mexico during a tag team match. During the match, Mysterio hit Pedro Aguayo Ramirez with a flying kick, one of Mysterio’s most memorable moves. When Mysterio connected with Ramirez, he fell unconscious on the ropes.

How did Ramirez die?

He was the son of a famous Mexican wrestling legend, and his death was a tough pill to swallow for Mysterio and the wrestling community in Mexico. The Baja California state prosecutor’s office said Ramirez died from the blow in the ring , and TMZ reported that the cause of death appeared to be a snapped vertebrae when his head hit the ropes. Mysterio was not charged with anything, and he continued his wrestling career even though the death was hard for him to take.

When did Mysterio debut in WWE?

In July of 2002 , he made his WWE debut on an episode of Smackdown! Mysterio battled against some of the top wrestlers in WWE, and he quickly became a fan favorite. He won his first WWE Cruiserweight Championship when he defeated Matt Hardy. During his WWE career, he formed a duo with former WWE star Eddie Guerrero, and the two became favorites across the world. The duo won a Tag Team Championship and would later have a short feud after teaming up together. When Guerrero passed away, Mysterio took it to heart and gave an emotional speech about his good friend Guerrero. During the speech, Mysterio took off his mask and put his head down so no one could see his face.

When did Mysterio start wrestling?

The masked star began his professional career in Mexico at the age of 14. Mysterio made his World Championship Wrestling debut in 1996 and won his first Cruiserweight Championship in July of 1996, which he retained for three months. He always wrestled with his mask on which was part of his identity.

When did Mysterio win the World Heavyweight title?

Mysterio got his shot at the World Heavyweight title in 2006 at WrestleMania 22. Mysterio competed in a Triple Threat match between him, Randy Orton, and then-champion Kurt Angle. At WrestleMania, Mysterio pinned Orton to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Mysterio was able to defend his title a few weeks later, defeating Orton and Angle.

Why do wrestlers die?

PHOTO: WWE. According to, the number one cause of death in wrestlers is heart-related illnesses resulting from years of substance abuse.

What are the causes of death in wrestling?

While heart diseases are the leading cause of death amongst wrestlers, murders and suicides are not uncommon. KARACHI: The world of wrestling is unforgiving. It’s home to injuries, physical and mental torture, addiction, alcoholism and many more vices. Or at least, such was the case until WWE finally began taking the matter seriously.

How did Guerrero die?

The autopsy revealed Guerrero had died as a result of heart failure. Steroid abuse came into play and later in 2006, WWE instituted its wellness policy to keep wrestlers from using non-medical drugs.

What happened to Atlas and Brody?

A few minutes later, Brody’s cried out and stumbled out of the shower area with blood pouring out of his abdomen. Gonzalez had punctured his lungs. Panic ensued as it took 40 minutes for the paramedics to arrive.

How did Hart die?

At WWE’s May 1999 pay-per-view Over the Edge, one of the finest technical wrestlers ever died when the equipment malfunctioned and he fell from the rafters of the arena.

Who owns the WWE promotion that hired Brody and Gonzalez?

What made the situation even more controversial was that Carlos Colon (father of former WWE star Carlito) owned the promotion which had hired Brody and Gonzalez. After the incident, Colon continued promoting Gonzalez as a hero and even used it in wrestling storylines.

When did Benoit die?

PHOTO: WWE. Benoit’s death in 2007 sent shockwave through the business. It became the reason WWE started taking concussions and head injuries more seriously, strengthened its talent wellness policy and eventually, changed the programming from TV-14 (in 2008) to PG.

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