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how an upflush toilet works

by Skylar Sawayn Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

How does an Upflush Toilet Work?

  • Crushing phase When the waist is pushed down and behind the toilet where the crusher and hose are housed in a white box, it enters the crusher first. ...
  • The Pump out Phase After the macerator has done its job, the belt is pressed into the pump tank consisting of the diaphragm. ...
  • Ready for Business Phase ...

The powerful macerator has a rotating blade that shreds and grinds solid material like human waste and toilet paper. When mixed with flushing water, solid material changes to a fine slurry which moves easily through a narrow pipe upward. A quiet electric-powered pump moves the fine slurry upward under pressure.

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What are the advantages of an upflush toilet?

Some of the benefits of installing Upflush toilets include:

  • Affordable – these systems are affordable both in the price and installation process.
  • Portability – macerating toilets are compact and can be carried anywhere.
  • Flexible – since these toilets can be installed below the ground level, they can be fixed anywhere you want.

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Does an up flush toilet need venting?

You need to implement one vertical vent pipe to the top of your roof, and it will vent the entire system. That open pipe, connected to the waste, sewer, and pipes, will supply air to the waste pipes. When you flush the water in your toilet , the odor will go smoothly through the vent pipe, thanks to the process of equalizing the atmospheric pressure in the drain system.

How to unclog a toilet in 7 ways?

Method 2 Method 2 of 7: Making a Drain Cleaner

  1. Heat half a gallon of water. If the toilet tends to clog easily as the result of trying to flush too much waste, using a combination of hot water, ...
  2. Pour 1 cup baking soda and 2 cups vinegar into the toilet. The baking soda and vinegar create a chemical process that help to dissolve clogs.
  3. Pour the hot water into the bowl. ...

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How to install an upflush toilet in a basement?

You only need four basic connections to install an upflush toilet:

  • A SaniFlo upflush toilet pump system with top ratings
  • A water supply inlet
  • A narrow discharge pipe (3/4 to 1″)
  • An electricity outlet with a GFI breaker.


Where does the waste go in an Upflush toilet?

The main component of the Upflush toilets is a macerating or a grinding pump. This shreds or grinds toilet waste, which in return is flushed and sent upwards through a narrow pipe and to the sewage system and/or a septic tank.

Are Upflush toilets worth it?

Less Expensive Installation Cost – An upflush toilet is much cheaper than plumbing and installing a traditional toilet. This savings can be used for other home renovations within the home. Increase Home's Resale Value – Adding another bathroom to a home can increase the resale value more than 20%.

How far can an Upflush toilet pump?

Our macerator can pump from 15 feet upward and downward to the sewer line and septic tank or 150 feet horizontally. Don't worry about your bathroom floor.

Do you need to vent an Upflush toilet?

Vent the Pump. Unless you're using a SaniCOMPACT, which doesn't require venting, you'll need to vent the macerator pump into your home's vent system.

Do you have to flush a Saniflo toilet every day?

You must flush a Saniflo toilet at least once per day. Without daily flushing, the tank can lose its prime, which makes it difficult to restore use to the system once you come back home.

Does a Saniflo toilet need to be flushed daily?

It's important to flush your saniflo at least once a day. Without daily flushing, the contents within the saniflo can dry, causing the tank to break down, making it difficult to restore. A saniflo or macerator toilet relies on electricity to power the macerator and pump the waste out of the toilet.

Can you put tampons down a Saniflo toilet?

Like most toilets, Saniflo systems will get blocked up if you're flushing the wrong things. These include: Sanitary towels. Tampons.

How do you vent a basement Upflush toilet?

Find the highest wastewater drain connection on the vent-and-soil stack. This will be no higher than the uppermost floor with a toilet or sink. You must connect the vent pipe from the upflush toilet to a point on the vent-and-soil stack higher than this drain connection. The best place to connect is often in the attic.

How do you put a toilet in a basement without breaking concrete?

While traditional basement showers require you to drill into shower base and concrete to add a drain, a Saniflo system sits on top of concrete floors. Even better, a single Saniflo system makes it possible to hook a toilet, sink, and shower up to the same macerator and pump, which makes plumbing a breeze.

Do Saniflo toilets smell?

Why does my Saniflo smell? Bad smells can be due to a build-up of limescale and human waste in the 2-3 inches of water that's always left in the Saniflo. To see if it's your Sanilfo that's emitting the bad smell, flush your toilet or fill your basin with water and then unplug it.

Why you should keep your basement toilet seat closed?

Germs & bacteria travel up to 8 feet in every direction when you leave the lid up. A recent study at Leeds University found that the air above toilets can travel up to 10 inches during an open flush.

Where does the waste go from a macerator toilet?

The macerator pump uses a stainless steel fast-rotating cutting blade to convert solids and fluids into a fine slurry that is discharged under pressure through small-diameter piping (¾-inch or 1-inch) and expelled into the sewage line or septic tank.

How long does an Upflush toilet last?

about 10-15 yearsWhile an upflush toilet includes a macerator system and pump unit, everything else looks virtually the same. Upflush Toilets Have a Long Lifespan. Upflush toilets last for about 10-15 years before any of the mechanical components need to be replaced.

Is it worth putting a bathroom in the basement?

Adding a bathroom to your basement makes it livable space, which increases the overall market value of your home. A bathroom in your basement can also be a huge selling point for buyers if you are ever looking to sell. When a basement is unfinished with no bathroom, buyers look at the basement as wasted space.

How long does a Saniflo toilet last?

10 to 15 yearsThe lifetime of a Saniflo depends mainly on proper installation and proper use. However, devices typically have a lifetime of 10 to 15 years with minimal maintenance, i.e. cleaning-descaling annually, and, depending on the quality of the water in your region, the replacement of the pressure switch membrane.

Can you put tampons down a Saniflo toilet?

Like most toilets, Saniflo systems will get blocked up if you're flushing the wrong things. These include: Sanitary towels. Tampons.

What is the difference between composting and upflush toilets?

So, what’s the difference? While composting toilets use decomposition and evaporation to deal with waste and provide composting benefits, an upflush toilet is the same as the toilet you already know and love . It just runs on a system that’s engineered differently. Here’s a breakdown to help you see the difference:

How does a macerator work?

When you flush the toilet, the macerator uses a rapid cutting blade, which turns on automatically and transforms waste into a fine slurry.

How long do upflush toilets last?

Upflush Toilets Have a Long Lifespan. Upflush toilets last for about 10-15 years before any of the mechanical components need to be replaced. They Require Minimal Maintenance.

What is the difference between an upflush toilet and a regular toilet?

If you walked into a bathroom with an upflush toilet and a regular toilet side-by-side, you probably wouldn’t notice the difference. Both feature large, heavy porcelain bowls and standard seats. They both look like, you know, a toilet. They feature all the right things in all the right places.

How long does it take to install a Upflush toilet?

You can Install It Yourself. With an Upflush toilet, you can install your own toilet in about four hours, without any prior plumbing knowledge. If you’d prefer, you can just as easily hire a professional plumber to do it for you. Your new bathroom will be up and running in just a few hours.

What is the difference between upflush and standard?

Visually, the only difference between an upflush system and a standard system is that upflush toilets come with a pump. This pump is a small white unit that either sits on the floor behind the toilet, or connects to an extension pipe, which hides the pump behind a wall. If you choose the latter option, your toilet will be virtually ...

How much does it cost to add a bathroom to a house?

Unfortunately, installing a traditional bathroom can cost about $50,000. When you install a bathroom with an Upflush toilet, however, you save money and earn a better ROI down the road.


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