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how big was a long neck dinosaur

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Long Neck Dinosaur Names

Long Neck Dinosaur Name Long Neck Dinosaur Name Meaning Long Neck Dinosaur pronunciation
Brachiosaurus Arm Lizard Brak – ee – oh – saw – Rus
Apatosaurus Deceptive Lizard Ah – Pat – Uh – saw – Rus
Dreadnoughtus Fears nothing Dread – Nort – us
Argentinosaurus Argentina Lizard Arg – un – tea – nuh – saw – rus
Jun 18 2022

The dinosaurs' necks reached up to 50 feet (15 meters) in length, six times longer than that of the current world-record holder, the giraffe, and at least five times longer than those of any other animal that has lived on land.Feb 23, 2013

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How did dinosaurs get long necks?

The anatomy of a sauropod dinosaur had these characteristics:

  • Weight and Length – Massive sizes of sauropods – adult sauropods like the Patagotitan measured 122 feet (37.2 meters) and weights as much as 77 tons.
  • Skull – The skull size of a sauropod was small in comparison to its body. ...
  • Teeth – they were designed for grinding vegetation. ...

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What is that dinosaur with the really long neck?


  • Occurrence and dating. ...
  • Characteristic. ...
  • Diet. ...
  • Behavior. ...
  • Discovery story. ...
  • Mamenchisaurus in the movie. ...
  • Detailed characteristics for dinosaur enthusiasts. ...
  • Detailed data / dimensions (size) Height with the neck: approx. ...
  • Classification
  • Mamenchisaurus – interesting facts. ...

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What do dinosaurs have long necks?

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Do long neck dinosaurs eat people?

Dinosaurs that have long necks belong to the clade of plant-eating dinosaurs known as sauropods. Sauropods are known for their characteristics like long neck, similarly long tails, thick bodies, and powerful tree trunk-like legs. Some of the largest animals to ever walk the land belong to the sauropods, and well-known sauropods include ...


How tall is the long neck dinosaur?

The length of Brachiosaurus has been estimated at 20–21 meters (66–69 ft) and 18 meters (59 ft), and its height at 9.4 meters (30+3⁄4 ft) and 12–13 meters (39–43 ft).

How tall is the tallest long neck dinosaur?

The Tallest Dinosaur This combined with their extremely long necks, which were held vertically, meant they could browse off the tallest trees. Brachiosaurus - the most well known of the group - was 13 metres tall. Sauroposeidon was massive and probably grew to 18.5 metres tall making it the tallest dinosaur.

How long was a Brachiosaurus neck?

approximately 30-footFor Brachiosaurus, with its approximately 30-foot (9-meter) long neck, low browsing reduces the overall cost of foraging by 80 percent, compared with dinosaurs with shorter necks, according to their study in the journal Biology Letters.

Which dinosaur had a really long neck?

The sauropod dinosaurs, which included titans such as Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus, and Apatosaurus (once known as Brontosaurus), are well-known for the very long necks they usually sported.

What's the biggest dinosaur ever?

ArgentinosaurusDinosaur / BiggestArgentinosaurus is a genus of giant sauropod dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period in what is now Argentina. Wikipedia

How tall is a real velociraptor?

1.6 feetAdult Velociraptors grew up to 6.8 feet (2 meters) long, 1.6 feet (0.5 meter) tall at the hip and weighed up to 33 lbs.

Did T Rex eat Brachiosaurus?

But this doesn't mean that Tyrannosaurus never ate sauropods. Discoveries in New Mexico, Utah, Texas and Mexico have not only placed sauropods back in southwestern North America at the very end of the Cretaceous, but rare bits of tooth and bone have confirmed that Tyrannosaurus prowled many of the same places.

Why were dinosaur necks so long?

The dinosaur's tooth had thick enamel to enable the animal to feed on tough conifer leaves. And the long necks? They would have enabled them to reach the tall conifers and allowed them to access different plants without moving their huge bodies, Pol said.

How long was a Brontosaurus neck?

The necks of the sauropod dinosaurs reached 15 m in length: six times longer than that of the world record giraffe and five times longer than those of all other terrestrial animals.

What dinosaur is still alive?

In an evolutionary sense, birds are a living group of dinosaurs because they descended from the common ancestor of all dinosaurs. Other than birds, however, there is no scientific evidence that any dinosaurs, such as Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, or Triceratops, are still alive.

How long was Dreadnoughtus neck?

Dreadnoughtus was a herbivore that stood 9 metres (30 feet) tall and likely used its 11-metre (37-foot) neck to reach leaves high up on trees in addition to other vegetation near the ground, reducing the dinosaur's need to walk much.

How big was the smallest dinosaur ever found?

An international team, including scientists affiliated with NHM, discovered the skull of a tiny dinosaur trapped in 99-million-year-old amber from Myanmar. It was about the size of a bee hummingbird, making it the smallest dinosaur discovered yet. The findings were published today in Nature.

What dinosaurs have long necks?

So, what are long neck dinosaurs? Long neck dinosaurs are Sauropods, a species of dinosaur that lived in the Mesozoic Era. They are noted to have developed lengthy necks, up to 30 feet (9.1 meters), tree trunk legs, and relatively small heads. Their prolonged neck served to help them eat vegetation from the tops of trees. All Sauropods were herbivores. The long neck Sauropods include Argentinosaurus, Alamosaurus, Ultrasaurus, Camarasaurus, Brontosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus, Diplodocus, and Dreadnoughtus.

What is a long neck dinosaur called?

The long neck dinosaurs are called Sauropods. The word Sauropoda comes from the Greek word meaning “lizard-footed.” It was coined and used for the first time in 1878 by a paleontologist named O. C. Marsh.

Why Did Dinosaurs Have Long Necks, and What is the Biggest Long Neck Dinosaur?

With the advancement of technology and recent improvements in the field of bioinformatics, many areas of research expand and develop. That goes as well for the study of dinosaurs. The paleontologist and other fossils lovers nowadays not only look for skeletons of dinosaurs, but they are focusing on what features and habitats of the dinosaurs had for all categories of discovered dinosaurs.

Why do dinosaurs have tails?

They had tree trunk sized tails, with the ability to bear such a heavyweight that it’s speculated that some of the dinosaurs could stand on its rear two legs, possibly for reaching more vegetation in trees, but also for fighting against predators. One interesting study about Sauropod tails ( Source ) suggests that dinosaurs like Brontosaurus, Apatosaurus and Diplodocus could whip their tail and make a loud, even supersonic, cracking sound. It could be used as a weapon against predators or to scare them away.

What dinosaurs have cone-shaped teeth?

The Brachiosaurus was a herbivore dinosaur and their teeth were flat or cone-shaped to grind vegetation – Adventure Dinosaurs. An interesting thing about Sauropod anatomy – their brain was more than 26 feet (7.9 meters) above their heart.

How long did the long neck sauropods live?

The long neck Sauropods existed for approximately 140 million years that span across the Mesozoic Era, making them one of the most successful dinosaurs that lived in all three periods ...

Why do sauropods have long necks?

Because sauropods had such long necks, so they had a long windpipe with additional air sacs to help their lungs. All the sauropods were oviparous (egg-laying). It’s estimated that newly born Sauropods needed only 23 years or less to grow and become a full-sized 80 metric ton sauropod.

Which dinosaur has the longest neck?

Sauropods had the longest necks among dinosaurs. Mamenchisaurus – an Asian giant with the longest neck among dinosaurs – maybe even longer than the Barosaurus. Although a complete skeleton has not been found, it is easy to guess that the Mamenchisaurus was larger than the largest modern animals. Some of sauropods had necks longer ...

How many vertebrae did the dinosaur have?

It consisted of 19 vertebrae, no other dinosaur had a longer neck, but the very structure of the vertebrae limited the flexibility of this part of the body – it probably couldn’t make sudden turns, but it easily reached the tallest trees to eat.

What is the difference between a mamenchisaurus and a diplodocidae?

This is one of the distinguishing features of the Mamenchisaurus from the Diplodocidae sauropods, which have pin-shaped teeth – differences in dentition have convinced specialists that the Mamenchisaurus is not closely related to the Diplodocus. Apart from the teeth, there was a significant difference in the shape of the head – the skull of our Asian giant looked like a box, because the muzzle was clearly shortened, but the diplodocus had an elongated mouth.

How big is a mamenchisaurus?

While the Mamenchisaurus constructus, known only from a single skeleton, is estimated to be 13 meters (43 ft) in total length, Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis was probably significantly larger; the largest discovered specimen of this type measured an estimated 22 meters (72 ft) in length. Weight estimates for this specimen vary between 14.3 and 18.17 tonnes depending on the study. Mamenchisaurus jingyanensis could have grown up to 26 meters long, but Mamenchisaurus sinocanadorum could have grown up to 35 meters long – however, these species have only survived from very fragmentary skeletons.

Why are sauropods' necks parallel to the ground?

The neck was parallel to the ground and helped the animal get large amounts of plant food from the crowns of forest trees . Due to their size, sauropods were not allowed to enter forests, so their necks – including that of the Mamenchisaurus – helped to obtain food while remaining in the open.

Which vertebrae have the longest ribs?

Each cervical vertebra had two bar-shaped ribs that stiffened the neck. The Mamenchisaurus resembles a Diplodocus in some spine features. Mamenchisaurus. Mamenchisaurus also had the longest ribs of all sauropods – they were up to 4.1 m long.

Why do sauropods have a long neck?

In the past, it was believed that sauropods stood at the bottom of bodies of water, and their long neck allowed them to raise their heads above the water to draw air. Today it is known that they were land animals. Thanks to the long neck, they could reach for a large radius of plants without moving from their place.

What is a dinosaur with long necks?

When we think of a dinosaurs with long necks then we are usually thinking of members of the (plant eating) sauropod classification of dinosaurs. They have long necks and tails, small heads and four thick legs.

How big is a Brachiosaurus?

Brachiosaurus were were around 25 metres long (85 feet) in length and weighed 40 tons. They could reach up 9 metres high - the same as two double-decker buses stacked on top of each other.

How big is a dreadnoughtus?

Scientists say that the Dreadnoughtus is among the biggest land animals to walk the earth. Its head and neck length was around 12.2m (40ft) and its length from noe to tale was 26m (85ft).

How long was Qijianglong?

Qijianglong (pronounced “CHI-jyang-lon") is about 15 metres long and lived about 160 million years ago in the Late Jurassic period.

What makes a human neck lightweight?

Although the neck was very long, the neck vertebrae were filled with air, making their necks lightweight .

How many vertebrae does a Diplodocus have?

Diplodocus is thought to be the longest known dinosaur. The neck could reach over 6m (20ft) and its long tail had 80 vertebrae. Find out more.

What is the swimming reptile?

This swimming reptile is the Elasmosaurus. Their necks were so long they wouldn't have been able to lift more than its head above the water to breathe. Elasmosaurus from Wikipedia. Find out more about Elasmosaurus or about all the swimming reptiles. I hope that gives you some interesting long neck dinosaur facts!

What are the characteristics of a long necked dinosaur?

It was quite easy to memorize the sauropods (long-necked dinosaurs) because all of them possess common characteristics like long necks & tails, small heads, four thick, pillar-like legs, and herbivorous nature. Check out who are the most popular long neck dinosaurs on the list here. 1. Diplodocus. Source = Wildrepublic.

How big was the Brachiosaurus?

Brachiosaurus had a 30ft long neck, 41 feet tall, and measured more than 90 tons. These long-necked creatures lived in Africa and North America during the early Cretaceous periods. ( 1.1) 3. Camarasaurus.

What is a Kotasaurus?

Kotasaurus, which means Kota Formation lizard, is a genus of sauropod dinosaur from the early Jurassic period. Found in the Kota Formation of Indian state Telangana, it was a large, quadrupedal herbivore with a long neck and tail. One of the most basal sauropods, it weighed 2.5 tonnes.

What is the name of the dinosaur that lived beyond the Jurassic period?

It was the popular long neck dinosaur to exist beyond the Jurassic Period. 6. Apatosaurus. Source = Vignette. “Apatosaurus” typically means “deceptive lizards’. They belong to the Animalia kingdom and are a genus of herbivorous sauropod dinosaurs from North America at the time of the late Jurassic period.

What is the name of the dinosaur that lived in France?

Ampelosaurus is a titanosaurian sauropod dinosaur that is from the Late Cretaceous Period of present-day France. Not only does it have a long neck and tail but also armor in the form of osteoderms. It was believed to be 49-52 feet long and weighed 8000 kg. It is one of the most well-known dinosaur species from France.

Why is the Camarasaurus called the Camarasaurus?

It was called a Camarasaurus because of its structure, like the chambered lizard. Just like a bird, it was noted that these long neck dinosaurs were herbivores and swallowed stones to crush their food.

How many vertebrae does a diplodocus have?

The neck of the Diplodocus could reach more than 20 ft, and its tail had 80 vertebrae. The long neck of this Sauropod was almost filled with air making their necks very lightweight. Diplodocus measures 99 ft in length and nearly 16-18 tons in weight. They were first identified in North America in 1877.

How big is a Brachiosaurus?

Brachiosaurus is estimated to have been between 18 and 21 meters (59 and 69 ft) long; weight estimates range from 28.3 to 58 metric tons (31.2 and 64 short tons). It had a disproportionately long neck, small skull, and large overall size, all of which are typical for sauropods.

Why was there no mount of the Brachiosaurus?

No mount of Brachiosaurus was attempted because only 20% of the skeleton had been recovered. In 1993, the holotype bones were molded and cast, and the missing bones were sculpted based on material of the related Brachiosaurus brancai (now Giraffatitan) in Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin.

What is the name of the skull of Felch Quarry?

In 1998, Carpenter and Tidwell described the Felch Quarry skull, and formally assigned it to Brachiosaurus sp . (of uncertain species), since it is impossible to determine whether it belonged to the species B. altithorax itself (as there is no overlapping material between the two specimens).

How long is the Humerus?

The humerus, as preserved, measures 204 centimeters ( 80. +. 1⁄2 in) in length, though part of its lower end was lost to erosion; its original length is estimated at 216 centimeters (85 in). This bone was more slender in Brachiosaurus than in most other sauropods, measuring only 28.5 centimeters ( 11. +.

What is the name of the lizard that Riggs named?

In 1903, he named the type species Brachiosaurus altithorax. Riggs derived the genus name from the Greek brachion /βραχίων meaning "arm" and sauros / σαυρος meaning "lizard", because he realized that the length of the arms was unusual for a sauropod.

What is the name of the family of brachiosauridae?

Brachiosaurus is the namesake genus of the family Brachiosauridae, which includes a handful of other similar sauropods. Most popular depictions of Brachiosaurus are in fact based on Giraffatitan, a genus of brachiosaurid dinosaur from the Tendaguru Formation of Tanzania.

Where was the Brachiosaurus found?

The genus Brachiosaurus is based on a partial postcranial skeleton discovered in 1900 in the valley of the Colorado River near Fruita, Colorado.


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  • Mamenchisaurus
    1. Length: up to 35 m (115 ft) Mamenchisaurus sinocanadorum 2. Weight: 60-80 tonnes 3. Height at the withers: 3.3 – 8 m (depending on the species) 4. Height with the neck: approx. 13.4 m 5. Neck length: up to 15 m (49 ft) Mamenchisaurus constructus 6. Life expectancy: up to approx. 1…
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24 hours ago  · It is located in North America and this long-necked dinosaur is somewhat larger than the previous ones, reaching about 27 meters and weighing about 44 tons. If we compare it with the Diplodocus, the Barosaurus had a shorter tail, while the neck would be somewhat longer, reaching 14 meters in length!

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30 hours ago  · To date, the longest known necks of titanosaurs, or supersized sauropods, belong to Patagotitan, Puertasaurus and Dreadnoughtus, and are thought to be around 32 feet (10 m) long, but the material...

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9 hours ago  · This huge long-necked dinosaur weighed around 72.6 metric tons and was as tall as 98 feet. It also had long thick legs to support its large body. The Alamosaurus lived during the Late Cretaceous period in what is now the Ojo Alamo Formation of New Mexico. #3 Apatosaurus Source by: Only Dinosaurs

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