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how deep should a linen cupboard be

by Theo Graham Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

around 15 to 24 inches deep

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How deep are linen closets?

Linen closets are not typically very deep. Some may only extend back 15 inches while others are 24-inches deep. This depth accommodates most towels and sheets, the main items kept in the linen closet. These items only measure about 12 inches square in most cases.

How do I choose the best linen closet shelves?

If your closet is very deep, consider allowing for a bit more space between the shelves. This allows you to use risers for items in the back or just more easily see deeper into the back of each shelf. Choosing wood for linen closet shelves is very important because this is where all of your items will be stored.

What makes a good linen storage room?

"The two most important components when building linen storage are depth and adjustability," says Missy Almester of California Closets. "Typically, the items that are stored in this space are quite large and bulky which requires the room to be able to shuffle things around."

Should I include a linen cupboard in my Kitchen?

I would strongly recommend that you include a linen cupboard, even if it is a small one. of Dr Retro House Calls.

How deep is a linen closet?

How deep should I fold towels?

How to make a towel from cardboard?

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Linen close shelf depth - Houzz

I need to figure out how deep to make the shelves in the hall and master bath linen closets. I built a house. It took 7 years but we finally moved in last September. I've been doing finish work ever since. I am to the linen closets now. They are 24 inches wide and 19 inches deep. The walls are 8 foo...

What is the ideal height spacing of bathroom linen closet shelves?

Make them tall spaces. You can always do a sort of half-shelf to split up the big fixed space. A couple of legs holding up another 16" deep shelf that just sits on one of your fixed shelves.

Closet Layouts Dimensions & Drawings |

The design capabilities of a walk-in closet are dependent on the size or amount of space allotted. Elements that can be implemented or factors to consider include: overall shape of the closet, amount and kinds of storage, islands, dressing benches, and appropriate lighting.

How wide is a linen closet?

A typical linen closet is usually 30 to 36 inches wide. This width allows for side-by-side storage of towels, bed sheets and other items on the shelves. Shelf board is easily cut to any dimension, so planning a closet around the size of the shelving is not necessarily a good thing. Planning the width based on the size of ...

How big is a linen closet door?

Door Size. Door sizes are standardized. Most doors come in a range of width sizes, however. They start at 28 inches and increase in size every 2 inches up to 36 inches. This door size is a big factor in determining your linen-closet width. The linen closet cannot be smaller than the width of the door, or the door will not mount properly on ...

How many shelves are there in a linen closet?

The first shelf is usually higher from the floor, between 18 and 20 inches. This leaves room for about five total shelves in the linen closet. Advertisement.

Is it better to reduce the height of a ceiling?

Reducing the height is not beneficial in any way, and it adds more work to the process. Extending the height of the ceiling is often impossible, as it involves cutting into ceiling joists. The benefits are limited to expanding the ceiling height as well, because access to shelving up high is limited by the door height.

Can a linen closet be smaller than the door?

The linen closet cannot be smaller than the width of the door, or the door will not mount properly on the closet. Custom cut doors are available in almost any size. If your closet space requires a custom cut door, it will cost more as well. Advertisement.

How much space do you need for a blanket?

Blankets really need 24 " or so.

Do you put trim on the inside before installing shelves?

so bring the shelves *most* of the way out (and put the trim on the inside BEFORE you install the shelves--shelves are usually the "afterthought")

How to plan your linen closet shelving

Planning is the most critical part of any project to ensure you know what you’re getting into and how you’re going to attack it.

How to choose wood for linen closet shelves

Choosing wood for linen closet shelves is very important because this is where all of your items will be stored. The wood you choose can determine what types of storage options you have.

How to build plywood shelves in a closet

This is a project that can easily be done in a weekend. Plan for the demo and painting to take two to three hours, the cutting of shelves to take one to two hours, and the installation to take one to two hours.

How far apart should linen closet shelves be?

Adjustable shelves should be placed a minimum of 10 to 12 inches apart to allow for airflow above a stack.

What is the best way to keep humidity in a linen closet?

It's best if the linen closet is located in a cool, dry place, but if it's inside your bathroom, ventilated wire shelves are a good choice to keep humidity at bay. With all of the organizing gadgets on the market today, there are lots of add-ons to help create more space within your shelving.

How to organize a linen closet?

How to organize your linen closet depends on how many different sets of linens you're dealing with on a weekly basis and how much space you have in your closet. Ideally, each room will have its own section -- one for the master bedroom, another for the master bath, one for each kid's bedroom and another for the kid's bath. Choosing this method not only makes it easy to stay on top of laundry at a quick glance, it also makes it easier to keep the space organized.

What is the dead space between the inside of the door and the beginning of the shelves?

The dead space between the inside of the door and the beginning of the shelves is valuable space when outfitting a linen closet. Door racks are intentionally made narrow to fit into these spaces, so they're perfect for storing toiletries and cleaning products, thus freeing up precious shelf space.

Where to hang towels in bathroom?

If you have a different area where you store your toiletries, then consider mounting towel racks or hooks on the inside of the door. If your closet is located in your bathroom, this can serve as a great space saver for towels that need to dry out before you use them again. If you use your linen closet more for dining linens, like tablecloths and cloth napkins, the door is an excellent place to hang long linen tablecloths that need special care to keep from getting wrinkled.

Can linen closets be used for passive storage?

Half-folded towels wadded up in sheets and an avalanche of pillows doesn't really make for a useful storage area. Linen closets aren't just for passive storage of items, like attics and basements. These are items you need to access on a weekly, sometimes even a daily, basis.

How to organize linen closet?

Here are some tips to makethe most of your linen closet: Replace your linens every twoto three years and donate theold linens you no longer use. Keep your linen sets together. Store your ironing board vertically.

How to store ironing board in closet?

Tucking away an ironing board is a surprisingly tricky task, but Almester says your best bet is to think vertically. "When storing an ironing board, create a vertical storage area inside the linen closet so you can fold it up to store nicely," she says. "If we're in a space crunch and an ironing board is a necessity, opt for a pull-out style. It takes up two inches of horizontal space and does a 360-degree swivel so you can iron in any direction."

How to store pillow cases in closet?

"Fold the pillow cases and store them inside your flat sheet, and then fold your fitted sheet and fold it around the flat sheet and pillow cases. Now when you store them inside your linen closet they will all be grouped together."

Do linens need to be organized?

No matter where you choose to store your linens, it's essential to keep them organized. Whether you do that with adjustable shelves, drawers, baskets, bins, or dividers, there are plenty of ways to streamline your linen storage—and that's true whether or not you technically have a linen closet.

Can you use a basket in a linen closet?

Never underestimate the potential of storage baskets in a cramped linen closet, especially when stashing smaller items. "When storing wash cloths and smaller linens, use baskets to keep everything confined, organized, and tidy-looking," Almester says. "If possible, use the same style of baskets—I recommend the Grove Collection from the Essentials Line by California Closets—for consistency."

How deep is a linen closet?

Our new linen closet is 21 inches deep, which gives me about 18inches of usable space inside the drawers, and a little bit more space for the towel storage area.

How deep should I fold towels?

I guess if you use towels that are a smaller scale, fold them in a tri-fold and turn them side ways to store them, it might work, but if you use bath sheets or larger towels it will most likely not work very well. 12 inches just isn't very deep. I think the minimum is 18 inches and a lot of people prefer 20-24. Have you posted your design to see if there are suggestions for a better layout? Some people here in the forum really enjoy doing that and come up with some very creative ideas.

How to make a towel from cardboard?

cut out a cardboard of say 2' by 1', fold a towel and see if it fits the 1' deep. i bet if you trifold it, it will. a 36" long towel folded in thirds = 12".


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