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how do you know if you should move

by Daphne Bernhard Published 1 year ago Updated 7 months ago

11 Signs It’s Time to Move

  • 1 Things are getting tight. Look around. Are things getting a bit tight in your household? If so, it may be time to...
  • 2 You’re ready for an upgrade. If you’re ready to live in a nicer neighborhood or in a nicer home, it’s probably time...
  • 3 Job opportunity in a new city. Moving for a job is one of the most common (and most exciting) reasons...

11 Signs It's Time to Move
  1. #1 Things are getting tight.
  2. #2 You're ready for an upgrade.
  3. #3 Job opportunity in a new city.
  4. #4 Suburban life is calling your name.
  5. #5 There's too much empty space in your home.
  6. #6 Safety concerns and/or bad neighbors.
  7. #7 Your relationship changes.
  8. #8 The commute is killing you.
Apr 5, 2017

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What to consider when relocating?

In this episode, Mindy Diamond and Louis Diamond look at the phenomenon, including:

  • Whether an advisor or team are successful because of their firm or despite it.
  • Whether they and their clients are best served in the current environment.
  • How overall “happiness” and satisfaction play in the decision.
  • Whether their vision for growth – both organic and inorganic – can be realized at their current firm.

More items...

How do you make someone move out of Your House?

Talk to Them First

  • Start by determining why it is you want them to leave in the first place. ...
  • Make a list of any past transgressions. ...
  • Do your best to control your emotions, both when you make your list and when you talk to the person. ...
  • If you had rules in place before they moved in, try to illustrate how they broke these rules.

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Why you should move to a new home?

  • What your current home will go on the market for
  • What your mortgage can be
  • What the costs of moving will be
  • What your max. budget for the new house therefore is

How to successfully move out on your own?

Method 3 Method 3 of 3: Living Independently

  1. Look into the renting laws for minors where you live. ...
  2. Search online to find apartment rentals. Websites like Housing Anywhere can connect you with rental options in hundreds of different cities.
  3. Look for a part-time job so you can support yourself on your own. ...
  4. Come up with budget to help manage your money. ...
  5. Develop a good support system. ...


What to do if weather is not suiting you?

Weather is an important deciding factor and if the weather in your current location is not suiting you then you may like to consider moving to another state. But then, before you decide to move out, make sure you to plan about your job, business and financial concerns.

Why is it wise to move out of a city?

If you have had a bad past and too many bad memories are associated with your current location which is making you sad, then it will be wise of you to move out to a different city. This is because if the memories are too harsh and if your present place is constantly reminding you of those bad memories, then you will never be able to be happy. You need to keep yourself distracted from the negative thoughts and moving to a new city with new adventures and opportunities might actually help you live happily.

What does it mean when you are bored?

If there is no fun and excitement in life, life is going to be monotonous and there is no point in leading such a life, especially when you can get rid of it.

What is the dream of living in Mumbai?

Many of us dream of living in a big city which is full of hopes and dreams. Like for explain, Mumbai in India is a city of dreams for many and many actually dream of getting permanently settled there. So, if you also have any such dream and want to settle in any particular city, you can actually do it.

Who is Elina from Servicesutra?

Elina is a passionate blogger. She has been working with various local service providers at servicesutra. When she is not occupied, you can find her watching home improvement and moving related videos on youtube. Her next goal is to become a successful vblogger. View all posts by Elina

Is moving to a new city a challenge?

Life is all about challenges and the decision to relocate to a new city is no less than a challenge. It is in fact a challenge that you have to take on both physically and mentally. As far as the physical stress of moving to another state is concerned, you can always find ways and use movers and packers services.

Can you stay in your comfort zone?

In fact, you can stay in your comfort zone in your life throughout. But if you once take the decision and challenge yourself, then it will become a learning process for you. You will make new experiences; learn a lot of new things that you were so far unaware of. In short, it will make you a stronger person.

What happens if you are bored at work?

If you're bored with more than just work, you might just be in a rut. A change of scenery may seem wise, but it likely won't change how you feel — at least in the long term.

Why do people move?

Many people relocate because they feel that there's something missing and think they'll find it elsewhere. But before you move in an attempt to fill that void, make sure you've exhausted all of your options in your current location.

Is it worth it to expand your social circle?

For others, expanding their social circle is a huge effort and the loneliness of not being near a support system isn't worth it. Some prefer stability and comfortability — if you identify with those characteristics, there's nothing wrong with that.

Does moving to a new place solve your problems?

Moving to a new place may seem like it solves your problems, but it really only numbs them until they resurface. Your problems don't lie in a place; they lie within you and won't go away until you learn how to resolve them on your own.

Is it bad to move for a loved one?

Moving for a loved one is a big step. It's not a bad reason to move, per se, but it's important to make sure you're doing it because you want to. A survey by found that 43% of people who moved for love wouldn't do it again.

Can you move and still take yourself with you?

Psychologist Elizabeth Stirling told the New York Times, "No matter how much you move, you still take yourself with you.". While relocating can be a means of growth, it won't magically conjure up a new, better you. Only you can do that.

Is moving expensive?

From packing and shipping to security deposits and broker fees, moving is expensive, especially if you want to relocate to a city with a higher cost of living. Sometimes it's best to wait until you've built up a small nest egg to put towards moving expenses.

1. Is Your House Getting Too Small?

Your family is growing. You decided to work from home, but the entire family has to squeeze in there as if they were some sardines. Whatever the reason, the idea of a bigger home includes more spacious rooms, storage area, taller ceilings, a larger yard, etc. If this is the case, then start packing your bags!

2. The Commute

Nobody likes a long commute. It takes too much time out of your day and that time is a valuable time you could be spending with your family or pursuing some personal goals. Maybe you should downsize to a smaller house instead of losing all those hours going from point A to point B.

3. A Better Neighborhood for Your Children

You want the best for your children. You want to raise them in a neighborhood with great schools, parks, bike trails, playgrounds, etc. If you think that your current neighborhood does not fulfill all those requirements, move.

4. Mold or Bugs

Sometimes you can’t solve these problems. There are different solutions, but if you have done what you can or spent a lot of money and time on professionals and you still have these problems, it might be the right time to move. That is literally a toxic environment for you and your family members.

5. A Better Job

This is a no-brainer. A new job offer or the opportunity to relocate for your current job is the perfect reason to relocate. The employer might even decide to pay all the moving expenses for you.

6. You Can No Longer Afford Your Current Home

Higher taxes, decreased income, and some other factors may make you start searching for a new home. There is nothing embarrassing with this one. There are all kinds of potential solutions to this problem like finding a new (better) job or a smarter cost control, but you could also consider moving.

7. The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Location is very important for entrepreneurs. Some cities are good for tech startups, others for new restaurants, shops, etc. You should think smart if your passion is starting a new business.

You can be closer to your support system

Despite a year in lockdown and adjusting to spending more time alone, humans are social creatures. We need to be around people whether they be acquaintances we pass on the street, the friendly barista at our favorite coffee shop, or our closest family and friends.

Your elders need your support

Mufasa was right, there is a valued circle of life and it often involves caring for those who cared for us when we were younger.

The new city provides greater access to cultural excursions

Who doesn’t love a nice day spent at a museum or an evening at a sporting event? Maybe you want to be able to go to outdoor film festivals or take in a new exhibit at an art gallery? If where you’re living now doesn’t provide easy access to these cultural attractions and they’re important to you, move somewhere that has them in spades.

You need a change of pace

City life gotten too fast for you? Missing fresh, clean air and green spaces? Want to slow down and live off the land or start your own pottery studio? Moving to a new, smaller city might enable you to do just that. Or, maybe you’re tired of the glacial pace of your small town where everyone knows everyone.

Better opportunities for work

In some ways, COVID has made living in the location where you want to work obsolete. But, for certain industries location is still everything. If you want to work in TV/film, fashion, or music, living in New York City, Atlanta, or Los Angeles is ideal. Interested in tech? You’ve got to consider moving to San Francisco or Oakland.

Your passion lives elsewhere

It is really easy to bargain with yourself when it comes to your dreams. No matter which way you cut it, the television industry lives in Los Angeles and New York, web start-ups congregate in San Francisco, and oil men reside in Texas.

You get major FOMO living where you live now

This is the very same circumstance that helped Taylor Swift lure Selena Gomez to New York: If all the cool things are happening somewhere else, quit moping around and being jealous—just go.

You went on a trip and were sad to leave

Someday in your life, you will have an experience where you visit a city and love it so much that it will feel weird going home. It's different (although confusingly, annoying related) from the feeling of just having loved a vacation and being bummed to return to real life.

There are too many bad memories attached to where you live

Sometimes moving to another state isn't a matter of something pulling you toward the new place, but pushing you away from the old place. Maybe it was a particularly rough break-up, or a series of terrible job experiences, or a death.

You are hesitant to make long-term commitments where you live now

You've stopped looking at new jobs on LinkedIn. You never open the e-mail blasts telling you what's going on in your neighborhood. You've even stopped swiping right.

You have talked about moving before

Nobody likes the person who cried "move." I know this because I am that person. Half the time when I say I'm moving, I put it off a kazillion months and then lurk off randomly because I'm embarrassed it took so long. It's...awkward. The important takeaway here is this: If you're talking about moving, it's going to happen.

You have major road rage where you live now

OK, I know—you can get road rage anywhere, anytime. But one of the number one symptoms of not being able to even with a place is getting disproportionately worked up on your drive.

Your career goals would be better served elsewhere

No matter what industry you're working in, there is likely at least one city that is the figurative Mecca of that field. For my sister and her fellow tech nerds, it's Seattle and San Francisco; for my actor friends it's Los Angeles; for me, it happens to be New York.

1. Will You Be Making More Money? (Or, Will it Go Further?)

Yes, money is definitely something to consider when deciding whether or not to move for professional reasons.

2. Will This Push Your Career Forward?

If you’re constantly looking for ways to advance your career and gain more prestige, a move might be necessary in order to make it happen.

3. Will This Improve Your Life?

You may love your current job. But, if your commute is always a complete nightmare or you’re far away from your family, those stresses can have a big impact on your daily attitude and outlook.

4. Will This Get You Out of Your Rut?

You could make the walk to your favorite lunch spot with your eyes closed (and, you don’t even need to order—they already know what you’re getting). You’re tired of the people you see at networking events, and honestly, your local bar just bores you now. And, if you have to see the same people at the gym again, you might literally scream.

Can statistics drive a decision?

That said, statistics shouldn’t drive your decision. To make the best one, there are a few honest convos you should be having with your partner—and yourself—to decode your compatibility and goals.

Is it normal to fight in a couple?

Fighting is a natural and normal part of being one half of a couple. Having some, uh, disagreements under the rug before moving in is a good thing: You need to have an understanding of each other’s stress responses and coping strategies, says Comaroto, so you can resolve issues as they come up.

Does divorce rate decrease after cohabiting?

But research on whether that works is mixed: One study found that divorce risk declines after cohabiting; a 2018 review determined that couples who lived together before marriage had a lower divorce rate in their first year as newlyweds but we're more likely to call it quits after five years.

Who is Krystal White?

When it comes to moving in, people often make “logical excuses for an emotional decision,” says Krystal White, PhD, a psychologist specializing in love and leadership, author of The Letter Code: Deciphering Why You Love the Way You Love, and founder of the Executive Shaman podcast.

Key points

Those who contemplate either staying or leaving a marriage to accomplish a specific goal are more likely to take action than those with no goal.

The Workability Factors

There are certain factors that suggest a relationship is workable and salvageable. There are other factors in marriages that, if present, indicate a low probability that the relationship will ever be healthy or fulfilling. I call these the workability factors.

Safety Needs

Mutual trust, honesty , s ense of safety (mental, emotional, physical, and financial), good communication, care and concern for each other, kindness (no abuse) (physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, or mental).

Love Needs

Mutual love, s hared interests, commitment to the marriage from both spouses, r eciprocal partnership, fidelity, one-sided relationship.

Esteem Needs

Self-esteem and esteem from and for a spouse, m utual respect, common goals, w illingness of both spouses to work on a marriage.


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