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how high should door handles be

by Dr. Skye Bernhard DDS Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

All door handles, pulls, latches, and locks should be installed at least 34 inches from the finished floor. On most people, this means that the door handle will be comfortably situated around their hip area. On the flip side of things, your new door handle should not be higher than 48 inches above the finished floor.Apr 4, 2020

How high should a door handle be fitted?

Door handles, pulls, latches, locks and other operating devices shall be installed 34 inches (864 mm) minimum and 48 inches (1219 mm) maximum above the finished floor. Locks used only for security purposes and not used for normal opera-tion are permitted at any height.

What is the standard height of a door knob?

What is the standard doorknob height? The ADA maintains that the appropriate doorknob height range from 34 to 48 inches from a finished floor’s surface. Exterior doors have a much higher height to limit access and improve the security of premises. People have always had leeway in choosing height adjustments for their doorways and doorknobs.

What is the best estimate of a height of a door?

When it comes to door height in commercial building codes, doors should be at least 80 inches tall. While there is a range of door sizes that fall within the IBC building codes, the average door width is 36 inches, and the average door height is 80 inches.

What is the standard door height in the United States?

Standard door height for interiors is 80 inches. This is the most common height for passage doors that lead from one room to another. An 80-inch door is called a 6/8 door (pronounced “six-eight ...


How high should door handles be UK?

between 900mm and 1050mmThe most common height for a door handle is 1000mm from the floor. If you pick this height it's best to stick with it around the house for all internal doors, for convenience and for aesthetics too. Standard UK regulations say door handles must be installed between 900mm and 1050mm off the floor.

What is the standard height to place the door handle from the floor?

Standards and Kids The International Building Code has established doorknob height between 34 and 48 inches above a finished floor. Installers typically drill the hole centered 36 inches above the floor -- if not specifically instructed to do so differently.

Where should Door knobs be placed?

The general rule is to place a knob 2 1/2″ – 3″ from the corner of the door. For upper cabinets, install knobs in the bottom corners of the door. For lower cabinets, place them in the upper corners. You may need to adjust this measurement a bit to keep the knob on the stile and not on the panel of the door.

Why are doorknobs so low in old houses?

Mimi Miller, director of programs at the Historic Natchez Foundation, said the reason for the low doorknobs is fairly simple — the structure of the door forces it to be that way. “That is where the rail and the stile of the door meet,” she said. “That is the sturdiest part of the door.”

How high should a deadbolt be on a door?

A deadbolt lock is typically installed 6 or 12 inches above the key lock (roughly 44 inches from the bottom of the door). Using the tape measure, determine an appropriate spot and mark it on the edge of the door (the part through which the bolt is going to extend).

How do you measure for a door knob?

Measure from the edge of the door to the centre of the door knob or handle. The industry standards are usually either 44mm / 57mm / 82mm / 107mm / 130mm. Ideally you will try and choose the backset measurement that sites the door handle in the middle of the door stile.

How high is a commercial door handle?

between 34 and 48 inchesQ: How high is a commercial door knob? A: Because of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the International Building Code requires that all door knobs need to be between 34 and 48 inches higher than the floor.

Where do you put the handle on a barn door?

Barn door handles are ideally placed on the exterior side of the door (the side you see before entering a room). The flat edge pull handle (referred to as a flush pull or finger pull) is installed on the interior. The door can slide on either side depending on which type of hinge and handle you choose to install.

What is a standard door knob?

The standard door knob hole size is 2 1/8” in diameter and will be that for most modern doors. The doorknob hole is usually smaller for older doors, so if you fit a modern doorknob to an older door, you may need to rebore the doorknob hole to fit correctly.

How far should a door handle be from the floor?

A standard door handle should not be lower than 34 inches or higher than 48 inches from the floor. Depending on the place you are installing the doorknob, such as a public or commercial building, there may be building codes you will need to follow per ADA accessibility and more.

How Do You Measure Door Handle Height?

If you have a doorknob, then it’s pretty easy to figure things out. However, if your handle is a long bar, it gets a little dicier.

Where Can You Find Regulations For Doorknob Heights?

If you’re getting your doorknobs installed by a professional company, then the professionals will generally know what to do.

How to check if door handles are ADA compliant?

To ensure that you have a compliant door handle, check for the ADA logo on the package. If you’re ordering your handles online, check to see if it’s ADA-compliant on the product details page.

How high should a doorknob be?

In the United Kingdom and Australia, doorknobs are meant to be 35.5 to 41.5 inches above the floor. This means that international travelers might notice a marked difference in door height across the pond. However, this still coincides with the IBC standard.

Why are the door handles lower than usual?

This is to ensure that kids will be able to open the door and leave if a fire breaks out.

Why are door knob heights standardized?

Doorknob heights have standardized ranges for both safety and accessibility reasons. When it comes to accessibility, the heights are chosen using scientific studies that reveal what range of motion the vast majority of people have.

How high should a door handle be?

SOSS Hardware explains on their site, “The height of the door handle must be between a minimum of 34” and a maximum of 48”.

How high should a door handle be above the floor?

The code states door handles and other hardware-related operating devices need to be installed between 34 and 48 inches above the floor. (Notice the mention of measuring from the floor up. We’ll discuss this more later.) One of the exceptions to this rule includes security hardware, which makes sense given its purpose. You may not want security handles and hardware easily accessible at all heights (if you have toddlers, you might know what I’m talking about.)

Why choose a door level?

Benefits of choosing a door level include: Door levers are much easier to grip and use. If the handle will be used by children, elderly or someone with a disability, installing a lever may be the way to go. These handles typically turn with ease and without the need for high hand dexterity.

What happens if you measure from the top of the door to the handle?

If you measure from the top of the door to the handle, your handle will not end up in the correct spot on the door. Not only will it look a little too high on the door, but it will probably be a little awkward to use.

What websites can you use to determine the height of your door handles?

There are plenty of resources online to help you decide with confidence the height of your door handles such as the American Legal Publishing Corporation and UpCodes. These sites are search engines and databases that store important, legal information such as housing codes for particular states within the United States.

Is hardware a decorative tool?

Hardware in kitchens and bathrooms can be an amazing decorative tool – don’t underestimate the impact it can have on a space!

Is there a housing code for shower doors?

Since there doesn’t appear to be a housing code specifically for the height of shower door handles, I would encourage families to get creative and make their bathroom work perfectly for its users. As always, its highly recommended to gut check any building or housing requirements with an architect or contractor before installation.

Why is it important to have a door handle height?

The door handle height is one of the most important things, even if the door is wide enough to fit a wheelchair, even if it has enough clearance area, that is of no use if people can’t reach the door handles , basically, they wouldn’t even be able to open the door and enter your establishment , that’s why it’s so important.

How high should a door be above the floor?

Bottom Line: Check to see if your height is above the 24 inches (minimum) mark and no higher than 48 inches above the floor. This pertains to doors 80 inches in height.

How big should a door be when building a house?

When you’re building, think about making entryways and each door opening as operable as possible — even if it means making doors bigger than 34 inches, the standard 36, and even 48 inches in width.

How wide should a double door be?

Next, the ADA clearance area space (or clear width) around the face of the door should be 36 inches. When it comes to double doors, the width should be 48 inches, and one important thing is that both doors should swing in the same direction, the clear width should be measured to 54 inches.

What is a door handle?

A common handle is a u-shaped manual metal pull, with a typical latch. Individuals can either pull down or push up to release the latch. Then, use the handle shape to pull the door (or push the door open). The fade of the door then opens at least by 90 degrees, allowing the individual and any equipment they’re using to safely pass through, according to the ADA. Some openings only require 70 degrees. (Keep in mind the width of the door, too.)

How high is the average door?

The average height is 48 inches above the finished floor or ground. Obviously, this is average, and there is no “standard height.” That said, it can’t be higher than 48″. Again, measured areas are from the finished floor or ground. Then match that to the door (s) for the home.

Is a door a violation of the ADA?

If the building is connected by only stairs and not by wheelchair ramps, then that is considered a direct violation of the law.

How high should a door handle be from the floor?

Building regulations normally requires door handles to be no higher than 900mm from the floor level. I quite agree with you that the handles should be on the cross bar, and there should still be space for the lock. At the very least, the handles should both be the same height!

How high should I put a cross bar on a door?

In fact, it's the strongest point on a door to mount a lock. I fit mine on the cross bar whenever possible for best aesthetic purpose. They are around 900mm high. In conclusion, fit them on your door anywhere you prefer, between 900-1000 (mm) from floor level.

Where should the handles be fitted on a Victorian door?

Late post: What a lot of RUBBISH people are talking on this forum! On victorian style doors (the type with 4 panels and a mid rail - that's not in the middle) the handles should be fitted in the CENTRE of the midrail. It does NOT affect the mortice & tenon or dowel joint Daisy. If you look at these doors in films, TV series, online or go to a house where they have the original doors, the centre of the handle is fitted in the centre of the midrail. I've just been watching PUBLIC EYE on Talking Pictures, and every door has the handles in the centre of the midrail. Millions of victorian doors hung by carpenters did this - in fact you would have been sacked if you didn't fit them in the centre! However, some people think that this position is too low for them (especially if you are tall). The current pracrise on flush doors and others, is to fit the handles 990mm (which is halfway down a standard 6'6"" or 1981mm door) measuring from the TOP of the door. You measure from the top of the door, not the bottom as the door may have been trimmed by 25mm to allow for hardboard, underlay and carpet. The next door may be a bathroom with sanded floors so no trimming required. If you measure from the floor or bottom, the handles will be at different heights. If you asked your builder to fit the handles in the centre of the midrail, he should have done that. BTW, UPVC double glazed doors NEVER have the handle fitted in the centre of the midrail, as they are normally 6'8" so the handle would be too low. Hope this clarifies this once and for all.

Is Daisy a contemporary door?

Modern, Daisy, in that they are not a traditionally made door of mortise and tenon construction. I did not say contemporary. If there is no structural reason, the handle should be placed where the client wants it as long as it is not breaching any building regulations.

Does every Victorian interior door have a handle level?

Ooh. That complicates things! But just type "Victorian interior door" in Google and almost every single one, new or old, has the handle level with the midrail.

Do Victorian houses have 4 panel doors?

I also believe that aesthetically they are in the wrong place. The argument about the structure and therefore the strength of the door is not valid as these doors traditionally had the handle on the cross bar as seen in all Victorian houses that have four panel doors and all Georgian houses that have 6 panel doors.

Do modern doors fit on the mid rail?

Modern door? They've been fitting that pattern door for over 20 years. You don't fit them on the mid rail. Having fitted thousands of these they are always fitted where the photo shows. However, if you're that unhappy with them then you need to discuss with your fitter. If you want them swapping, new doors would be required. Sometimes it takes time to get used to different things. Perhaps stress your concerns with the builder and see how you feel regarding the position in a couple of weeks time, but they are correct.

How high should a doorknob be?

The International Building Code has established doorknob height between 34 and 48 inches above a finished floor. Installers typically drill the hole centered 36 inches above the floor -- if not specifically instructed to do so differently. Exceptions to the rule include doors that provide egress into swimming pools or other water features.

How high should a doorknob be above the floor?

Exceptions to the rule include doors that provide egress into swimming pools or other water features. In this instance, the doorknob is installed 48 to 54 inches above the floor, specifically to raise the knob out of the reach of small children.

How tall is a slab door?

Standard interior slab doors are 80 inches tall. If you're installing several doors, it's acceptable to drill the doorknob hole at 40 inches, or centered vertically. Installation at 40 inches is common on affordable homes, mobile homes and production homes. Centering the doorknob vertically allows the door to become universal -- in other words, there's no definitive top or bottom. The door can be made to swing to the left or right if needed -- if the hinge mortises have not been previously cut.

What is a 2-degree bevel on a door?

If the door has a 2- to 3-degree bevel on one side, the doorknob must be placed on that side. The bevel allows for the edge of the door to clear the jamb when the door is operated. It's a shallow bevel, and you might not be able to see it, so use the try square to be sure. In some instances, if the door rubs on the jamb after it's installed, ...

What does centering a doorknob vertically mean?

Centering the doorknob vertically allows the door to become universal -- in other words, there's no definitive top or bottom. The door can be made to swing to the left or right if needed -- if the hinge mortises have not been previously cut.

How far from edge of door do you mark?

For interior doors, make another mark at 2 3/8 inches from the edge, to intersect the horizontal mark. Mark the line at 2 3/4 inches for an exterior door. The point where the two lines intersect is the center of the hole. The hole saw has a pilot bit that centers on the mark.

Why should the door knob height be raised?

Doorknob height can be raised to prevent children from using them.


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