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how much does it cost to start a laundry business in philippines

by Vilma Witting Published 11 months ago Updated 4 months ago

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How many staff members are needed for a laundry service?

What to do if you don't have enough cash?

Does the base price of rent increase?

Do I have to register my business with the DTI?

Do washing machines come with a dryer?

Is it a good time to start a laundry business?

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Is laundry business profitable in Philippines?

An average cash-on-cash ROI of up to 35% is both impressive and advantageous when compared to other investments. Your machines do the work so you don't have to. In fact, 70% of laundromat investors have 0-3 employees.

How much is the starting capital for laundry shop in the Philippines?

Estimated Total Cost of a Laundry Business Accounting for all the expenses mentioned above, you'll need more or less Php900,000 to start a laundry business, including renovations.

How much will it cost to start a laundry business?

$200,000 to $500,000Whether you're creating a brand-new business or buying an established company, it isn't uncommon for entrepreneurs to spend anywhere from $200,000 to $500,000 opening an average-size laundromat.

How much is laundry franchise in the Philippines?

Franchise Fee: PHP 250,000. Investment Capital: PHP 1.8m - 2.4m.

How much does it cost to invest in laundry shop in the Philippines?

Know the amount of capital you need Franchising a laundry shop usually costs at an average between P100,000 to P500,000. The advantage of a franchise is its low-risk investment because of an already established brand as well as a tried and tested business model.

How do I open a laundry shop in the Philippines?

How To Start A Laundry Shop Business In The PhilippinesRegister Your Business. ... Pick A Good Location. ... Use The Right Equipment For The Job. ... Buy Good Quality Soaps And Detergents. ... Design Your Space With Efficiency In Mind. ... Provide Value-Added Services. ... Win Customers With Quality And Consistency.

How do you calculate laundry cost?

The formula is relatively simple: first, price is divided by life expectancy, and the weight of the item is multiplied by the laundry cost per pound. Cost per use can then be calculated by adding the two results together.

How much does a laundry machine cost?

Front-loading washers start at about $500 and typically cost at least $300 more than a similar top loader. In general, a high-end front loader with large stainless steel tub, electronic controls, a dozen cycles and more, easily costs $1,000.

What is needed for laundry business?

The main operating costs in running a laundry business are water, electricity, laundry products, rent, and staff (if you need extra hands). It's a relatively low-cost business to operate. If you opt for a self-service laundromat, then it also takes minimal time and effort to manage.

How much is a kilo of laundry in the Philippines?

Money - At 65 pesos per load or 8 kilos, that is rougly 8 pesos per kilo compared to full-service laundromats that charges up to 50 pesos per kilo.

What small business can I start in Philippines?

12 Small Business Ideas PhilippinesSari-Sari Store. Source: Canva. ... Cellphone Loading Business. ... Baking Business. ... Milk Tea Business. ... Rice Retailing Business. ... Beauty Product Reselling Business. ... Printing Business. ... Online Tutoring Business.More items...

How much is Coin Machine laundry Philippines?

Usually, if there is a coin operated washing machine for sale, it can cost from ₱10,000 to ₱15,000. However, for some of these, you will need to pay ₱30,000 to ₱35,000, as they have the highest quality of work.

How much profit does a laundry business make?

With a return on investment (ROI) of 20 to 35% and success rate of 94.8%, the laundromat business is pretty safe. You're pretty much guaranteed success with a profit margin of between 20% and 35%. For every $1,000 dollars you invest, you get $200-$350 as profit, which is far better than other industries.

How much money do you need to invest in a laundromat?

Typically, start-up costs for a laundromat can run from about $200,000 to over $1,000,000. After assessing your start-up costs, your budget should include allowances for regular future expenses, such as loan financing payments, rent and maintenance.

How do I open up a laundry shop?

How to start a laundry businessWrite up a solid business plan.Choose the right location.Get planning permission (and any permits required)Check out the competition.Decide on your services.Source reliable equipment.Explore different financing options – such as subscription contracts.Pick a comprehensive service plan.More items...

How do I start my own laundry business?

How to Start a Laundry Business: The Ultimate Step-by-Step GuideDecide what kind of laundry business you want to start.Choose a business name.Choose a business entity.Write a business plan.Register your business and get an EIN.Get the proper permits and licenses.Find a location.Get the proper equipment.More items...•

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Starting a Laundry Business in the Philippines

Home » HR and Career Articles » Starting a Laundry Business in the Philippines Starting a Laundry Business in the Philippines . It is quite simple to start a laundry business on your own. Here are the steps: • Determine whether to be a commercial or home laundry.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Laundry Business? | Bizfluent

Having clean laundry is an essential part of most people's lives. If you happen to live in an area where you have identified a need for a laundry service, you may be contemplating how to start your own laundry business. There a number of different business models you can choose for a laundry business, and your ...

HOW TO: Start your own laundromat business in PH

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How Much Does It Cost To Start A Laundry Business In Philippines?

Whether home-based or self-service, whichever type of laundry shop you want will require a budget between ₱250,000 to ₱400,000 as capital.

What departments do I need to register a laundry shop?

Laundry shop businesses require registration like any other, but you’ll have to go to two specific departments: Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) – For business registration. Department of Trade and Industry ( DTI) – For business names, trademarks, and logo. 2. Pick A Good Location.

What is the proper way to wash clothes?

Proper washing of clothes involves separating the whites and colored clothes, as well as the delicates that require extra care. All of these clothes can benefit from the use of laundry nets, which vary from size. Ideally, you should have a set for small, medium, and big for the appropriate amount of clothes for each customer.

Why is it important to balance cost and quality in a laundry shop?

Balancing cost and quality is key to generating profits for a laundry shop business .

Do people in Manila need to clean their clothes?

Unlike other business ventures, people’s clothes are always in need of cleaning, especially in Metro Manila, where the population is increasing and our jobs demand our utmost attention, leaving no time for time-consuming chores like laundry.

Can you have a door to door laundry service?

Having a door-to-door pick-up and delivery service can be a massive help for people who might be unable to go to your laundry shop.

How to market laundry services in the Philippines?

Market your services through word of mouth, handing out flyers and coupons, and advertising on Sulit. You can distribute flyers door-to-door in local neighborhoods, and in local hotels and motels, offering promotional discounts. also works well for a laundry business Philippines. You may wish to attend training seminars which are provided to help potential business owners set up laundry shops in the Philippines and network with potential partners while exposing your brand name.

What is the advantage of a laundry franchise in the Philippines?

The advantage of a franchise is that it is a low-risk investment option with established name recognition, management assistance and a proven system of operation. An independent business gives you the advantage of running your laundry business as you choose.

How much space do you need for a coin operated laundry?

It is important that the shop be able to accommodate all the laundry equipment you will need. This will take space of approximately 1,500 to 5,000 square feet.

How to register a business in the Philippines?

You will need the required license for your business. Register with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) if you are running a sole proprietorship or the Securities and Exchange Commission for a partnership. You also need to register with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for a business identification taxpayer number. Also register with the Department of Labor and Employment if you will have more than five employees. Register with Social Security System and Philippine Health Insurance Corp. for you and your employees. If you are opening a franchise, the franchise will look after the business registration on your behalf and allow you to use its trade name.

Where to find space for laundry?

Some of the areas to find space for your laundry business include major shopping malls such as Robinsons Mall and Eastwood Mall or in metropolitan areas such as Manila.

How to make laundry fun?

You can also provide soothing background music or free drinks/coffee for the customers while waiting. Make them feel that doing laundry can actually be fun, too!

How many countries does the Filipino Times cover?

The Filipino Times is the chronicler of stories for, of and by Filipinos all over the world, reaching more than 236 countries in readership.

Is it necessary to do laundry?

Doing the laundry is probably anyone’s least favorite chore. It’s a tedious task that remains necessary, unless you’re fine with wearing soiled and dirty clothes outside.

How much does it cost to build a laundromat?

If you’re trying to start a small laundromat, just the construction upgrade costs will be anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000.

How much does it cost to invest in a house?

Right from the start, you have to know that the whole investment will be anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000.

What are some fun things to do with customers?

Having video games, pinball machines or mounted televisions would also be fun for customers. Vending machines also work.

Do laundromats need a staff?

In terms of personnel, a laundromat won’t need a big staff. Be prepared to hire someone to open up and close up daily, a cleaner, and someone to repair and maintain various machines and fix whatever will need fixing. If you also want to offer dry-cleaning services, then you’ll also need a dry-cleaner and you should hire some ...

Is it cheaper to give someone a share of your profits?

A cheaper option for you would be to look for an investor, seeing that it will be a lot easier for you to give someone a share of profits rather than pay monthly interest on the loan. Don’t go for a lot of investors, because this will di minish your profits greatly, even if they give you enough money to start with.

Do you add interest rates when starting a business?

If you’re looking to get a loan to start a business, be sure to add up interest rates when calculating your final costs.

Should the average working Joe start a laundromat business?

If you added your numbers and you have money to cover most of the costs, then starting a business could be a great opportunity for you. On the other hand, there might be a problem if you have a great idea, but you have no real funds to invest in it. Finding investors to cover all of the expenses or getting a loan for the full sum might end up being a disaster. Too many investors could take all of your hard-earned profit while big loans could mean interests bigger than your profits. Always be sure you have added up any costs that might pop up and think of everything that’s at stake before starting your dream business.

Where is coin operated laundry?

A coin operated laundry business provides the best accessibility near condominiums and apartments, where tenants and owners are unable to squeeze in their own laundry machine in a cramped space. Consider the ground floor where most people tend to idle and have the heaviest foot traffic.

Can you use laundry nets for coin operated laundry?

Coin operated laundry businesses are not complicated but they still apply several rules that are used at home. Clothing articles that need extra care are delicates. They can be taken care of by the laundry machine by using laundry nets. These laundry nets vary from small to big, appropriately used for different types of clothing. If you want to earn a small profit, consider pricing laundry nets exclusive from the use of the machines.

Can I run a business without a business registration?

You can’t run a business without being registered. For sole proprietorship, head to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Partnerships and corporations register with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

How many staff members are needed for a laundry service?

Alternatively, if you’re starting a self-service laundry business, then one to two staff members will be enough for the first three to six months of operation.

What to do if you don't have enough cash?

If you don’t have enough cash on hand, apply for loans from Citibank and other lending institutions, and compare loan packages on Stop hesitating and start making your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Does the base price of rent increase?

The base price for rent may increase depending on your location, so take the time to scout for a good deal. Prices may also increase every year, so make sure that you discuss that possibility with your prospective landlord and try to negotiate a lower yearly rental increase.

Do I have to register my business with the DTI?

Budding entrepreneurs in the country need to face legal and bureaucratic fees associated with business set-up costs. You’ll have to register your business with the DTI if it’s an independent venture and with the SEC if you’re a corporation or working with a partnership.

Do washing machines come with a dryer?

You need to choose an appliance that can handle a large capacity of loads with a decently-sized drum and can finish a cycle in a short amount of time. It may or may not come with a built-in dryer.

Is it a good time to start a laundry business?

They flourish in virtually every part of the metro and have been seeing demand in rural districts as well. As a result, it’s always a great time to start a laundry business of your own. Along with its demand, laundry services also don’t require significant technical skills, so it isn’t a challenging industry to enter. To help, we at Gobear have come up with an estimated breakdown of how much money you need to prepare to establish a laundry service deal. You mnay decide to save, apply for a personal loan or maximize your credit card limit to fund this investment.


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