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how much does r12 sell for

by Hal Wisoky Published 11 months ago Updated 4 months ago

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How much does R12 sell for?

R12, R-12, Refrigerant 12, Dichlorodifluoromethane, Disposable 20 oz Can, 4 cans. $319.99. $26.83 shipping.

How much does R12 freon cost?

Thereof, can you buy r12 freon? R12 is difficult to find now a days. It was phased out all the way back in 1994 and was replaced with R-134a. There are very few places where you can actively buy R-12 today. How much does refrigerant cost? Freon costs an average of $150 for a Freon refill. Most people pay between $100 and $350 for a refill, depending on the size and type of your HVAC unit.

How much is R12 freon worth?

You can't buy r12 anymore because its not good for enviorment so buy R134. you can buy at any parts store for like $5 to $10. That shows to be 1.9 to 2.2lbs of R12 refrigerant. That would be 30.4 ounces to 35.2 ounces. That's R12. Not R-134A

Can you buy and sell R12 legally?

Yes you can legally sell the R12 you personally own. The catch is that only a licensed technician can handle the R12, meaning purge and charge a system, but that is up to the individual purchasing the R12 if they want to follow the law by finding a technician or not. ... To buy a jug you need a CFC certification. Cost per pound could be ...


What is Freon a registered trade name for?

Freon is a registered trade name for E. I. DuPont. Genetron is a registered trade name for Allied Signal Corporation. Forane is a registered trade name for Elf Atochem

What is FX 56?

Forane and FX-56 are registered trade names for Elf Atochem. Klea is a

What is cool ez frigic?

Cool EZ. FRIGC is a registered trade name for Intermagnetics. Hot Shot, and

Does Refrigerant Supply Inc. have liability?

only. Refrigerant Supply Inc. assumes no liability whatsoever for the accuracy

How much weight do you need to be a scuba diver?

most likely somewhere around 5 to 6 lbs would be required.

What is a MACS?

MACS is the mobile systems one. The Ferris one is universal. I was doing 2,000 pound charges with R11 on that one. May 1991.

Do Cadillacs use R12?

A/c systems do not use up their refrigerant so if your system is low you have a leak somewhere. Tiny maybe but a leak never the less. Cadillacs from the 1950's require R12 to cool properly.

Do you need to be certified to buy R12?

is correct: One needs to be "certified" to buy R12 these days.

Do you need a liquor license to sell a car?

There was a lot of discussion about having a license, I don't think it is an issue when servicing ones own car. You only need a liquor license if you are reselling it for commercial gain

Is it good to have so many knowledgeable friends on the forum?

It's great to have so many knowledgeable friends on the forum.

When emptying a cylinder, do you weigh it?

If we are emptying your cylinders we will weigh each cylinder before and after we recover it. If we are emptying a system for you, we will weigh each of our cylinders before we start and weigh them again after we are finished. In both cases the difference is the amount we’ve removed and is the quantity you are paid for.

Does Rapid Recovery pay for refrigerant?

Rapid Recovery pays you for your used refrigerants through our refrigerant buyback program.

Does refrigerant price change?

Refrigerant prices seem to change as fast as EPA regulations do! We’re on it, we pay you our best price every time – without you having to ask.

Can refrigerant be tested onsite?

Your refrigerant will be tested onsite – remo ving any risk of being “back billed” for “mix”, as many of our new customers have experienced with previous service providers. We will inform you of any unexpected results prior to completing any work.

Can a technician recover refrigerant?

Our technician will recover your refrigerant with our incredibly high speed recovery equipment (expect to be impressed with how fast we are).

Can you credit a refrigerant while still onsite?

While still onsite, we credit you for the full value of your refrigerant. You know exactly where you stand before we leave.

Does back billing for mix have EPA risk?

Liability – You have no risk of “back billing” for mix because we test on-site. You have no EPA risk because we take your EPA liability for every pound we handle.


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