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in what city does this play take place romeo and juliet

by Mazie Schimmel Published 1 year ago Updated 1 year ago


Where does Romeo hide while talking to Juliet?

Romeo hides in the Capulet orchard and overhears Juliet talking about him. We explore the famous Balcony Scene (Act 2, Scene 2) with annotated play text, galleries and videos of the scene in performance.

What is a tragedy in Romeo and Juliet?

Tragedy is all around us in the world. The tragedy of Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet is that so many people receive fault for the death of Romeo and Juliet. Friar Lawrence is at fault because he tells Juliet to fake her death and he is unable to communicate this to Romeo. Fate is also to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

Why was Romeo and Juliet set in Verona?

‘Romeo and Juliet’ is sets Verona in Italy. There are a number of Reasons for this setting, Verona is said to be a very romantic city so it makes the romance Seem more real. The heat Further ignites the passion between Romeo and Juliet know it is not only negative. What was the setting of Romeo and Juliet?

Where does Friar Laurence tell Romeo to go?

The Friar advises Romeo to go to Juliet that night as he had planned, and then before daybreak, flee to Mantua.


1.In what city does Romeo and Juliet take place?


20 hours ago  · The name of the city where the play takes place is Verona. It is a city in Italy. You can find this out in the Prologue to the play.

2.Where Did the Story "Romeo and Juliet" Take Place?


11 hours ago  · Most of the action in the play Romeo and Juliet takes place in Verona, Italy. This is where Romeo first meets and falls in love with Juliet. After Romeo has a duel with Juliet’s …

3.Where does the play Romeo and Juliet take place?


32 hours ago  · Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, is located in Italy. It’s in the north-eastern part of the country, about halfway between Milan and Venice. Verona sits on a hilltop with the River …

4.Romeo and Juliet Act One Flashcards | Quizlet


24 hours ago  · What is the city where Romeo and Juliet take place? Verona, a city in northern Italy.

5.Romeo and Juliet Flashcards | Quizlet


36 hours ago  · What city does the play Romeo and Juliet take place in? This play takes place in Verona, Italy.

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