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is unsolved a true story

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Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries

Host Robert Stack presides over an investigation into unsolved mysteries ranging from murders to UFO sightings. Through reenactments and interviews, viewers are presented with the known facts of each case. Anyone with additional information is then urged to contact the show's p…

tells the story of a number of unsolved crime cases, meaning everything explored is true. None of the cases from the rebooted show have been solved, but the FBI is reopening the case of Alonzo Brooks, who was killed in April 2004.

Unsolved (also titled Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.) is an American true crime drama anthology television miniseries. The miniseries is based on the 1996 murder of Tupac Shakur and the 1997 murder of The Notorious B.I.G. (aka Biggie Smalls). It premiered February 27, 2018 on USA Network.

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Who is behind unsolved case files?

This is John Carroll and Lou Wilson, we’re the inventors and founders of Unsolved Case Files. What follows is the true story of how this business came to be. We’ve been friends since high school in the late 90’s.

Are there any true crime cases that remain unsolved?

But there are some crimes with behaviour so bizarre, so unsettling, that they could chill you to the bone. These crimes become even scarier when they remain unsolved. In this list article, we have compiled such 44 unsolved true crime cases that will remind you that horror comes in all different, terrible shapes and sizes:

Who is the creator of the show Unsolved?

Unsolved series creator and executive producer Kyle Long told the magazine that he’d been “obsessed” with the details surrounding the deaths of Shakur and Wallace ever since he’d moved to Los Angeles over 20 years ago. Although, it wasn’t until he found Kading’s book that he was inspired to create the series.

How many unsolved mysteries are there on the lineup?

These are just some of the bizarre unsolved mysteries we’ve covered on The Lineup. These stories continue to frighten and mystify. Here are 48 of the most bone-chilling tales of unsolved disappearances, perplexing deaths, baffling murder mysteries, and more. See if you can crack the code on these bewitching cases. 1.


Who shot Tupac Shakur?

Orlando AndersonPhilips reported that "the shooting was carried out by a Compton gang called the Southside Crips to avenge the beating of one of its members by Shakur a few hours earlier. Orlando Anderson, the Crip whom Shakur had attacked, fired the fatal shots.

Is unsolved legit?

It's really based on the true story.

Did Tupac and Biggie used to be friends?

Most fans know that Biggie and Tupac were friendly before they became enemies, but it went way deeper than that. “They instantly hit it off,” says Tinsley. “They were both Geminis, so they were Gemini twins in a way. These guys were incredibly close.

What are the top 10 unsolved crimes?

10 Famous Unsolved Murder CasesJack the Ripper. ... The Zodiac Killer. ... The murder of Marie Rogêt. ... Tupac Shakur. ... Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley. ... Marilyn Sheppard. ... Jill Dando. ... Witchcraft in Warwickshire.More items...•

How long does it take to solve unsolved case files?

How Long Does It Take To Play Unsolved Case Files? ​On average about 2-3 hours.

Who killed harmony Ashcroft spoiler?

Harmony was killed during her own wedding rehearsal dinner in Riverdale, Indiana. There were many suspects but Bones McBride ended up taking the blame for her murder.

Who is Biggie's wife?

Faith EvansThe Notorious B.I.G. / Wife (m. 1994–1997)Faith Renée Evans is an American singer. Born in Lakeland, Florida, and raised in New Jersey, she relocated to Los Angeles in 1991 for a career in the music business. Wikipedia

Was Snoop Dogg friends with Tupac?

Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg were great friends from the West Coast rap scene, they remain amongst the greatest to ever do it.

Is the Notorious BIG dead?

Deceased (1972–1997)The Notorious B.I.G. / Living or Deceased

What is the hardest crime to solve?

Murders are the most serious of crimes and, many might speculate, the most difficult to solve. However, depending on how the person was killed, a murderer may leave behind clues that allow police detectives to piece together what happened.

What is the biggest mystery of history?

Here, Live Science takes a look at 14 of these historical questions that may never have definitive explanations.Was there a real King Arthur? ... Who was Jack the Ripper? ... Where is Jimmy Hoffa? ... Where is Cleopatra's tomb? ... Who killed JFK? ... Was Caesarion truly Caesar's son? ... Is there a money pit on Oak Island?More items...•

Has the Zodiac killer been found?

Of the four ciphers he produced, two remain unsolved, and one was cracked only in 2020. While many theories regarding the identity of the killer have been suggested, the only suspect authorities ever publicly named was Arthur Leigh Allen, a former elementary school teacher and convicted sex offender who died in 1992.

Who plays Tupac in unsolved on Netflix?

Marcc RoseThe 10-episode miniseries chronicles the dual police investigations of Detective Greg Kading (Josh Duhamel) and Detective Russell Poole (Jimmi Simpson) into the controversial murders of two of the rap industry's most legendary players, Tupac (Marcc Rose) and Biggie (Wavyy Jonez).

How many cases are in the unsolved case files game?

OVER 50 INVESTIGATION DOCUMENTS AND PHOTOS - This unsolved case file game includes over 50 evidence photos and documents for you to investigate including newspaper articles, crime scene photographs, evidence report, phone records, coroners report, fingerprint card, map of the crime scene, legal documents, suspect ...

How long after we sold our first case did things get crazy?

Things got a little crazy about 2 months after we sold our first case because several of our fans' social media posts started going viral.

Will there be a stop to unsolved cases?

As long as there’s still detectives ready to solve them, we won’t stop making Unsolved Case Files.

Why does Guy spin the disappearence story?from

Guy shows back up at Roanoke, the colony has clearly starved/been attacked by natives/died of disease, so he spins the mysterious disappearence story in order not to hurt colonization propaganda back in England, because a “lost” colony is still a lot more palatable than a colony that was wiped out. It’s an intriguing idea.” — satorsquarepants

Who wrote the book The Snow Killings?from

In the article, a new book entitled The Snow Killings, written by investigative reporter Marney Rich Kennan, is reported to detail Kennan’s last decade of research into the Oakland County Child Killer case.

How many people did the zodiac killer kill?from

At one point, the Zodiac Killer himself claimed to be responsible for a total of 37 victims and, in the years since the murders, the killer has been linked to several other cold cases. The first murders that have been widely attributed to the Zodiac Killer were the brutal shootings of high school students David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen on December 20, 1968, on Lake Herman Road. The couple was on their first date and had parked in a gravel turnout that was well-known as a lover’s lane.

How old was the man who killed the two people in the Vallejo shooting?from

Mageau described the killer as a 26-to-30-year-old, 195-to-200-pound, 5-foot-8-inch white male with short, light brown curly hair. At 12:40 am on July 5, 1969, an anonymous man called the Vallejo Police Department both to report and claim responsibility for the attack while simultaneously claiming responsibility for the killings of Faraday and Jensen just six months before. While police were able to trace the call to a phone booth at a gas station at Springs Road and Tuolumne, they were unable to uncover the identity of the caller.

Why did Frank murder children?from

The anonymous author went on to say that the motive behind the Oakland County Child Killer’s murders was to take revenge on more affluent citizens, such as those of Birmingham, wanting rich people to suffer for sending forces to Vietnam. The author went on to implicate himself in the child murders, saying that they had accompanied “Frank” as he sought boys to kill but that the events were causing him to lose his sanity, leaving him suicidal.

Where did Jack the Ripper kill?from

All five of the killings which have been attributed to Jack the Ripper took place within no more than a mile of each other, either in or near the Whitechapel district of London between August 7 to September 10, 1888.

When was Paul Stine murdered?from

Over the next year, several more letters would be sent to various newspapers, each containing cryptic symbols and more claims to the murders that would follow up until the murder of Paul Stine on October 11 , 1969 , the last known victim of the Zodiac Killer.

Why did the Sodders kidnap their children?

The Sodder family theorized that the children had been kidnapped, perhaps in an attempt to extort money, perhaps to coerce George into joining the local mafia (the Sodders were Italian immigrants), or perhaps in retaliation for George’s outspoken criticism of Mussolini and Italy’s fascist government. From the 1950s until Jennie Sodder’s death in the late 1980s, the Sodder family maintained a billboard on State Route 16, with pictures of the five vanished children and offering a reward for information. The last (known) surviving Sodder child, Sylvia, 69, still doesn’t believe her siblings perished in the fire. Here are some presidential mysteries that were never solved.

What really happened to young Walter Collins?

Single mom Christine Collins reported her nine-year-old son, Walter, missing in March 1928 from their home in Los Angeles. Five months later, the police brought “Walter” back to Christine, except it wasn’t Walter, and Christine knew it. But the LA police dismissed Christine’s concerns, going so far as to accuse her of terrible mothering and having her committed to a mental hospital.

What is the Voynich Manuscript?

The Voynich Manuscript is a roughly 250-page book written in an entirely unknown language/writing system. It’s been carbon-dated back to the 1400s and includes illustrations of plants that don’t resemble any known species. It’s named for the Polish book dealer who purchased it in 1912. It is believed to have been intended as a medical text. Its first confirmed owner was Georg Baresch (1585–1662), an alchemist from Prague, who discovered it “taking up space uselessly in his library.” Baresch tried to investigate the manuscript’s origins, to no avail.

Who is the author of the Pollock Sisters?

Still, the story of the Pollock Sisters made its way to Dr. Ian Stevenson (1918–2007), a psychologist who studied reincarnation. After studying thousands of supposed cases, Dr. Stevenson wrote a book telling of 14 he believed to have been real, including that of the Pollock Sisters. If you want to be spooked out by more unsolved mysteries, read these science mysteries no one has figured out.

What caused the explosion on the Ghost Ship?

In recent years, scientists have posed the theory that fumes from alcohol on board caused an explosion that, as a result of a scientific anomaly, did not leave behind signs of burning—but was terrifying enough that Briggs ordered everyone into the lifeboat. Check out these other bizarre ghost ship mysteries no one can figure out.

How did Ron die?

Ron got a phone call on August 17, 1977, and it made him angry. He grabbed his gun and left the house in a rage. He died that day, found after apparently driving into a tree... and, ominously, firing his gun. No one knows who was on the other end of the phone, what was said, or what led to his death.

What happened to the sailor in 1833?

In 1833, he was killed in one of these mysterious attacks. There are tons of theories about just who he was and what really happened to him, and they range from the possibility that he was a complete fraud to the theory that he had mental and emotional issues stemming from childhood abuse.

Who was the Circleville Letter Writer... and what did he say?

It really happened in Circleville, Ohio, and no one knows who was behind the secret-filled letters that started showing up in 1976.

Who killed the Jeff Davis 8?

In a perfect world the police would never do anything bad and the bad guy would always be brought to justice, but we don't live in a perfect world unless your idea of a perfect world is a cop show from the '80s, and even then it would be a whitewashed, not-very-realistic perfect world with a super-lame soundtrack.

Can movies sell a story?

Good shows and movies can sell a story no matter how crazy it is. But there are plenty of times when you'll find yourself watching TV and thinking that it all sounds too unlikely to pass for even a fictionalized version of the truth. Amazingly, sometimes life tells those stories too — strange tales that'll have you calling out the writer behind the scenes for expecting you to believe that . But you should believe, because it's all true.

What is the Unsolved Mysteries series?from

Unsolved Mysteries is an American mystery documentary television show, created by John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer . Documenting cold cases and paranormal phenomena, it began as a series of seven specials, presented by Raymond Burr, Karl Malden, and Robert Stack, beginning on NBC on January 20, 1987, becoming a full-fledged series on October 5, ...

When was the best of unsolved mysteries released?from

On March 21, 2006, a compilation set called The Best of Unsolved Mysteries was released, which contained selected segments from each of the earlier DVD sets along with some previously unreleased-on-DVD content.

What is the Buzzfeed Unsolved Postmortem?from

Each episode is followed by a question and answer episode, entitled BuzzFeed Unsolved Postmortem, where Bergara and Madej answer questions sent in by viewers about the week's episode. The show is regularly one of BuzzFeed's most watched shows. Prior to the premiere of Season 8, BuzzFeed renewed the show for a 9th season, which appeared in late 2018.

What is Bergara's role in True Crime?from

In the show's True Crime seasons, Bergara focuses on unsolved crimes, particularly well-known cold cases from many years ago . In these, Bergara typically reads out the story of the case, including evidence the police working on the case used, before presenting a handful of possible suspects and theories, from both the official police reports and the ideas of others, coupled with evidence that can both prove and disprove their involvement. During these cases, Madej will cut in to provide his input, comedic observations, responses, and theories to Bergara, ending the episode with both hosts discussing which theory appears most likely based on the suspects involved.

How many seasons of Buzzfeed Unsolved?from

It first appeared on YouTube on February 4, 2016, and has run for 12 seasons. The show is on the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network .

What is the mystery of the Somerton Man?from

Of all the cold cases, the mystery of the "Somerton Man" could be the most bizarre and unsolvable. In late 1948, a couple found an immaculately dressed dead man on Australia’s Somerton Beach; outside of these simple facts, any new evidence collected only seems to lead investigators in circles. For instance, inside a secretive inner pocket in the man’s pants was a tightly rolled scrap of paper that read ‘Tamám Shud’; Persian for ‘it is ended.’ Wikimedia Commons

How many children died in the Sodder family?from

On Christmas day, 1945, a fire consumed the home of George and Jennie Sodder, leaving five of the couple’s 10 children dead. Or were they? Their remains were not found charred in the home, and there were sightings of them reported to police. Nevertheless, the children at the center of one of American history’s most infamous unsolved cases were never found. Smithsonian

What is the mystery of the American colony?

A man is found dead on a beach, his identity unknown. An entire American colony disappears completely, with only mysterious tree carvings as evidence. These are just some of the bizarre unsolved mysteries we’ve covered on The Lineup.

What was America's first mystery?

America’s First Mystery: The Lost Colony of Roanoke. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons. In 1587, a group of 90 men, 17 women, and 11 children settled at Roanoke Island … only to vanish a mere three years later in one of the greatest world mysteries.

How old was Johnny Gosch when he disappeared?

On the morning of September 5, 1982, 12-year-old Johnny Gosch vanished while on his paper route in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. The case is heartbreaking, and made all the more unsettling by the strange theories that now seek to explain his disappearance. READ MORE

When did Jim Thompson disappear?

Photo Credit: Alchetron. Jim Thompson built an empire in Thailand, then the home of his dreams. Then, on Saturday, March 25, 1967, he went for a walk and was never seen again.

When did Jean Spangler disappear?

Can't Wait Any Longer: The Disappearance of Jean Spangler. Photo Credit: World Mysteries. On October 7, 1949, aspiring Hollywood actress Jean Spangler kissed her daughter on the cheek, then vanished into the night. To this day, no one knows what happened next. READ MORE.

When did the disappearing triangle happen?

Between 1993 and 1998, numerous women disappeared from an area of Ireland dubbed the 'Vanishing Triangle .' To this day the Vanishing Triangle cases remain unsolved. READ MORE

When did Dorothy Jane Scott disappear?

Dorothy Jane Scott disappeared from a parking lot in the middle of the night in 1980. Soon after the disappearance, her family began receiving disturbing calls from an unidentified caller READ MORE

What are some of the most horrific true crime stories?

Some of the most horrific true crime stories come from serial criminals ― killers, rapists, arsonists. But there are some crimes with behaviour so bizarre, so unsettling, that they could chill you to the bone. These crimes become even scarier when they remain unsolved.

When did Charles Rogers disappear?

Charles Rogers disappeared in June 1965 after police discovered the dismembered bodies of his elderly parents in the refrigerator of the Houston home they shared. The media named the crime “The Icebox Murders,” and Rogers was declared dead in absentia in July 1975. He remains the only suspect, and has never been found.

What happened in Lake Bodom?

Four teenagers were camping on the shores of Lake Bodom in Finland on June 5, 1960, when an unknown group or individual murdered three of them with a knife and blunt instrument.

Was the pond murder unsolved?

It later developed that an employee of the company near the pond claimed that five weeks before the body was found, a couple had come to him asking if he had seen a little boy, and had driven away heartbroken after he answered in the negative. The crime is still unsolved, almost a century later.

How long did Dennis DePue stay in hiding?from

After the episode featuring Marilyn DePue’s murder, and the subsequent search for Dennis DePue, aired on Unsolved Mysteries, Dennis panicked and fled the safety of his hideout which had protected him for eleven months.

Who was the man who found the bloody sheet in the school?from

After they contacted the police, they learned that the man they had seen was Dennis. Tire tracks at the school belonged to Dennis' van and the blood on the sheet was Marilynn's.

What movie was Dennis DePue in?from

Dennis DePue's case is said to have served as inspiration for the opening scene of the horror movie "Jeepers Creepers ".

Why did Dennis start writing letters to his friends and family?from

Later, Dennis would start writing letters to his friends and family in an attempt to justify his death.

Where was Marilynn's body found?from

The next day, a highway worker discovered Marilynn's body just off a deserted road in Bethel Township, midway between the schoolhouse and her home. She had been shot once in the back of the head. Just days later, Dennis sent a series of wild, rambling letters to friends and relatives in which he tried to justify her death. To Jan, he wrote: Marilynn had many, many opportunities to treat me fairly during this divorce, but she chose to string it out, trick me, lie to me. And when you lose your wife, children, and home, there's not much left. I was too old to start over.

Is Jeepers Creepers a true story?from

While The Creeper's supernatural background and horrific appearance is, of course, a work of fiction, much of Jeepers Creepers' central plot is grounded in reality. The true elements of Jeepers Creepers are derived from a series of Michigan-based events in the summer of 1990, with the Jenner's chance meeting with The Creeper drawing eery parallels to the crimes of Dennis DePue. The disposal of DuePue's wife's body coupled with his subsequent, protracted manhunt are clear influences on the final Jeepers Creepers backstory.

Is the Creeper based on a real story?from

Not only is the 2001 movie named after a song — its story is also based on real-life events. While the Creeper's supernatural background story and horrific appearance is, of course, fictional, some of the actions he takes are grounded in reality.

How many pieces of art were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum?

In March of 1990, 13 pieces of art were stolen from Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. According to NPR, men disguised as policemen tied up two night guards at the museum before taking off with the works of Flinck, Manet, and Degas, among others.

When was Jack the Ripper's murder case closed?

The killer slashed the victims and even removed some organs, thus nicknaming the unidentified murderer as "Jack the Ripper.". The case was closed in 1892.

Is the murders of Tupac true crime?

True crime TV shows aren't new, but that hasn't stopped different shows like "Mindhunter" and "Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G." from coming to the small screen. These shows aren't always historically accurate, but many use real-life stories as inspiration. And although some people like theorizing "whodunnit," in real life, there isn't always justice at the end of it all.


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