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on what basis software models are selected

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A software process model is chosen based on the nature of project and business application, methods, tools to be used, controls and deliverables that required.

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What are the two polarising models that Boehn and Turner (2004) classified in?

What is Agile Scrum?

What are the factors that determine the development process?

What are the factors that determine a model?

Why are traditional software development methods not very efficient?

Is Agile a good model?

Is waterfall Agile or RAD?

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How do I choose a software model?

There are some steps to get the right selection.STEP 1: Learn the about SDLC Models. ... STEP 2: Assess the needs of Stakeholders. ... STEP 3: Define the criteria. ... STEP 4: Decide. ... STEP 5: Optimize. ... 4 Unsexy One-Minute Habits That Save Me 30+ Hours Every Week. ... 10 Must-Read Books for Software Engineers.

What are the criteria for selecting software?

Below is our list of the most crucial software selection criteria....Selection CriteriaFunctionality and Ease of Use. ... Vendor Viability. ... Technology. ... Cost. ... Support and Training. ... Industry Expertise. ... Implementation.

What factors you would consider when selecting an SDLC model?

Following are the parameters which should be used to select a SDLC.Requirements characteristics : Reliability of Requirements. How often the requirements can change. ... 2. Development team : Team size. ... User involvement in the project : Expertise of user in project. ... Project type and associated risk : Stability of funds.

What five 5 factors will you consider when choosing a software life cycle model?

Software Product Development Life Cycle: How to Choose a Model for Your ProjectPlanning.Requirements.Design.Implementation.Quality assurance.Support.

What are the 3 requirements of software?

A software requirement can be of 3 types: Functional requirements. Non-functional requirements. Domain requirements.

What are the 3 characteristics of good software?

Good software should deliver the required functionality and performance to the user and should be maintainable, dependable and usable.

What is the basis for choosing the SDLC model for development of software?

A suitable SDLC model can be selected based on the customer requirements and the objectives of an organization. The benefits of SDLC in software development can be realized if developers understand the customer requirements and strictly follow the documented plan.

What are the criteria to choose a development methodology?

How to choose the right software development methodologyRequirements.Solution or the end product.Feedback on the work done.Frequency of change request or enhancements.Cost of Delay.Experience on projects.

Which SDLC model is the best to choose for a software product?

The answer to the question “which SDLC model is the best?” is Agile. The Agile model is a combination of an incremental and iterative approach and is focussed on fitting in well with flexible requirements.

What are the 5 factors that you have to consider when choosing a location?

Here are 9 factors that every entrepreneur must consider when selecting a perfect business location:1) Demographics. ... 2) Style of Operation (+ Psychographics) ... 3) Nearness to Market and Foot Traffic. ... 4) Accessibility and Basic Infrastructure. ... 5) Competition. ... 6) Zoning/Permit Issues. ... 7) Proximity to other Businesses & Services.More items...

What factors will affect the selection of software applications?

Factors That Impact Application Performance for any of your ClientApplication's Design. ... Application's Mobility. ... Application's ability to use the memory efficiently. ... Application's Complexity. ... The Network on which the application is used. ... Communication with the end-users for your application.More items...•

What are the 4 characteristics of software?

What are the Characteristics of Software in Software Engineering?Functionality.Usability (User-friendly)Efficiency.Flexibility.Reliability.Maintainability.Portability.Integrity.

What is criteria software?

Criteria is a cloud-based pre-employment assessment platform used to help organizations make better talent decisions using objective, multidimensional data. Criteria's key features include the most comprehensive suite of aptitude, personality, skills, and emotional intelligence assessments, real-time test results, ...

What are the types of selection criteria?

There are several kinds of selection criteria, namely, text criterion, path criterion, relation criterion, metric value criterion and normal criterion.

What is a software selection?

Software selection is all about choosing a solution with great technical functionality. No. Functionality offers an incomplete picture of your experience with a solution.

What are the criteria of a high quality software?

This standard describes a hierarchy of eight quality characteristics, each composed of sub-characteristics:Functional suitability.Reliability.Operability.Performance efficiency.Security.Compatibility.Maintainability.Transferability.

Criteria for Selecting Software Process Models - Computer Notes

The software process model framework is specific to the project. Thus, it is essential to select the software process model according to the software which is to be developed. The software project is considered efficient if the process model is selected according to the requirements. It is also essential to consider time and cost while choosing a process model as cost and/ or time constraints ...

Why should users be consulted when selecting the process model?

Software is developed for the users. Hence, the users should be consulted while selecting the process model. The comprehensibility of the project increases if users are involved in selecting the process model. It is possible that a user is aware of the requirements or has a rough idea of the requirements. It is also possible that the user wants the project to be developed in a sequential manner or an incremental manner (where a part is delivered to the user for use). Various other issues related to the user’s satisfaction are listed in Table.

What are the characteristics of a process model?

The basic characteristics required to select the process model are project type and associated risks, requirements of the project, and the users . One of the key features of selecting a process model is to understand the project in terms of size, complexity, funds available, and so on.

What is the possible way a user wants a project to be developed?

It is also possible that the user wants the project to be developed in a sequential manner or an incremental manner (where a part is delivered to the user for use).

Why is it important to select a process model?

The software process model framework is specific to the project. Thus, it is essential to select the software process model according to the software which is to be developed. The software project is considered efficient if the process model is selected according to the requirements. It is also essential to consider time and cost while choosing a process model as cost and/ or time constraints play an important role in software development. The basic characteristics required to select the process model are project type and associated risks, requirements of the project, and the users.

Who is Dinesh Thakur?

Dinesh Thakur holds an B.C.A, MCDBA, MCSD certifications. Dinesh authors the hugely popular Computer Notes blog. Where he writes how-to guides around Computer fundamental , computer software, Computer programming, and web apps. For any type of query or something that you think is missing, please feel free to Contact us.

Is there a scarcity of resources?

No. Scarcity of resources. No. Yes. Yes. No. No. The most essential feature of any process model is to understand the requirements of the project. In case the requirements are not clearly defined by the user or poorly understood by the developer, the developed software leads to ineffective systems.

What is agile process?

The agile process model encourages continuous iterations of development and testing. Each incremental part is developed over an iteration, and each iteration is designed to be small and manageable so it can be completed within a few weeks.

Why is the RAD model important?

The RAD model accommodates changing requirements, reduces development time, and increases the reusability of components. But it can be complex to manage. Therefore, the RAD model is great for systems that need to be produced in a short time and have known requirements.

What is incremental development?

Incremental development is based on developing an initial implementation, exposing it to user feedback, and evolving it through new versions. The process’ activities are interwoven by feedback.

What is the goal of software process model?

The goal of a software process model is to provide guidance for controlling and coordinating the tasks to achieve the end product and objectives as effectively as possible.

When should waterfall models be used?

The waterfall model has a rigid structure, so it should be used in cases where the requirements are understood completely and unlikely to radically change.

Do each of the phases of a project need to be approved before the next phase begins?

Each of these phases produces one or more documents that need to be approved before the next phase begins. However, in practice, these phases are very likely to overlap and may feed information to one another.

Do complex projects have clear requirements?

Complex projects may not have clear requirements. The requirements may change often, and the cost of delay is high. Ask yourself if the project requires constant monitoring or feedback from the client.

Types of Software Development Cycle (SDLC) Models

The most common SDLC models include V Model, Waterfall, Spiral Model, Incremental Model, Scrum, Kanban, XP, and RUP.

Agile Methodologies

Many companies have adopted Agile methodologies in their software development projects. Usually, Agile methodologies focus on constant communication, iterative development, and early customer feedback. This helps promote better improvement in the delivery of software products and services.


Choosing the right SDLC model is one of the key steps in delivering high-quality IT solutions for your organization. However, it is important to understand that one solution may not work in all businesses or scenarios. Some projects run well with the flexibility of iterative and agile models, while others benefit from a waterfall approach.

What is iterative development?

The iterative development model is a life cycle where the project is broken down into a large number of iterations, where iteration is a complete development loop resulting in a release of executable products, i.e. a subset of the final product under development, which grown from iteration to iteration yo become the final product. Rapid Application Development, agile development, And Rational Unified Process are the examples of Iterative development model.

What is RAD in product development?

RAD allows rapid change and development of the product. It allows early validation of technical risks and rapid response to changing customer requirements. In the RAD model, users get the early visibility of the product and can provide feedback on its design and can decide, based on the existing functionality, whether to proceed with the development or not, what functions need to be included in the next delivery of the product. Users can also decide whether to stop the project or not if it not delivering the expected results.

What is rapid application development?

Rapid Application Development is formally a parallel development of functions and subsequent integration. RAD model allows users in the development process to review the product.

What is system testing?

System Testing: It is used to test the system as a whole. it verifies the system or product against the specified requirements. Acceptance Testing: It is used to perform validation testing with respect to user need, requirements, and business process conducted to determine whether or not to accept the system.

What is the purpose of gathering user requirements?

Gather the user requirements where the small to large, all the requirements are noted properly to understand the product requirements from the user

What is component testing?

Component Testing: It is used to verify the functions of all software components used in the product are working well or not. Each component can be tested separately.

What is a V model?

V model is a framework that is used to describe the software development lifecycle activities from requirement specifications to maintenance. In the V model, testing activities are integrated into each phase of the software development life cycle.

How long does it take to develop an Agile project?

In general, at the heart of Agile are iterative development, intensive communication, and early customer feedback. Each Agile iteration usually takes several weeks and delivers a complete working software version. The models of this group put more focus on delivering a functioning part of the application quickly.

How are SDLC models structured?

All SDLC models can be structured into several groups depending on how they approach workflow organization – linearly or iteratively – and what kind of relationships are established between the development team and the customer. The types in the lower quadrants of the chart take the sequential flow.

What is SDLC in software development?

Software development life cycle (SDLC) models show the ways to navigate through the complex and demanding process of software building. A project’s quality, timeframes, budget, and ability to meet the stakeholders’ expectations largely depend on the chosen model.

How many SDLC models are there?

Today, there are more than 50 recognized SDLC models in use. None of them is perfect, and each brings its favorable aspects and disadvantages for a specific software development project or a team. According to our 32 years of experience in software development, we’ve chosen 8 most popular models to look into their essence and compare for core features.

What is incremental development?

The development process based on the Incremental model is split into several iterations (“Lego-style” modular software design is required!). New software modules are added in each iteration with no or little change in earlier added modules. The development process can go either sequentially or in parallel. Parallel development adds to the speed of delivery, while many repeated cycles of sequential development can make the project long and costly.

Why are frequent releases important in Agile?

Accordingly, frequent releases are characteristic to the Agile models. They also allow for continuous software improvement with easy fixes and changes, quick updates, and feature addition, and help to deliver applications that satisfy users’ needs better. However, the lack of detailed planning and openness to changes make it difficult to accurately estimate budget, time and people required for the project.

How long does XP last?

With Extreme Programming (XP), a typical iteration lasts 1-2 weeks. The model allows changes to be introduced even after the iteration’s launch if the team hasn’t started to work with the relevant software piece yet. Such flexibility significantly complicates the delivery of quality software. To mitigate the problem, XP requires the use of pair programming, test-driven development and test automation, continuous integration (CI), small releases, simple software design and prescribes to follow the coding standards.

What is interactive incremental model?

The interactive and incremental model is built on repetitions. This model does not require a full set of requirements to be started. In fact, the development usually starts with specifying and implementing just part of the software which can be tested and evaluated later on.

What is waterfall model?

The waterfall model is one of the oldest software development models. Though this model was the most popular ones a few years back, its use has subsided over time as new and better software models have been introduced. However, since all other models are based on the classical waterfall model, its significance can not be ignored.

What is 10 Duke?

10Duke is a specialist in software licensing and license models. Our licensing engine supports a variety of well known license models and we have even created new models (check out ‘Project-based licensing below) that are better able to protect and monetize software in the modern online world.

How long is a subscription license?

This might be 30 days (a monthly subscription) or 365 days (an annual subscription.)

What is feature based licensing?

In feature based licensing you, the software vendor, can control which features of your software the end user can and cannot use. The feature license can also be used to limit the number of times a specific feature of an application is used. A feature license model is in effect a subset of the metered license.

What is a license model?

If you write and distribute software, it will typically come with a license model attached to it. This may be a non-commercial license that relies on the end user complying with the license terms, as is the case with most open-source or freeware licenses. If you write software for fun and profit, it is more likely that you’ll rely a licensing engine to help enforce compliance with the specific license model and terms on which you sell your software.

What happens when you track license usage in a floating pool?

It is also useful to note that when you track license usage in a floating pool, if users try to check out a license but all licenses have been consumed, it creates a great sales opportunity for you as the vendor as it demonstrates that there is more demand for licenses.

What is a perpetual license?

Perpetual License. A perpetual license is one where a software application is sold on a one-time basis and the licensee can then use a copy of the software forever. The perpetual license normally applies to a specific version of the software product. It does not normally include subsequent software patches, fixes or enhancements, ...

What is support and maintenance license?

Support and Maintenance License. A support and maintenance license is typically used as an add-on to the perpetual license. It is normally used to provide software updates and fixes to a licensed software product purchased under a perpetual license.

What are the two polarising models that Boehn and Turner (2004) classified in?

Presently, we see two polarising models that Boehn and Turner (2004) classified in agile and plan-driven methods. Cockburn (2000) and Little (2005) offer two nice methods for selecting the best method for a project based on the risks associated with the project. Although we do note have a Unified Method, OMG´s SPEM Metamodel ( can provide the basis for a unified view of a software process developmen model.

What is Agile Scrum?

Agile SCRUM is simpler and easier to follow in a software project. Agile process model brings good culture in the team and positive mindset to team members

What are the factors that determine the development process?

There are two major factors for selecting development process model. 1) size of team and 2) nature of system to be developed. For small teams, where team members can easily communicate with each other, agile methods are used. On the other hand, with large teams, plan driven process models are used.

What are the factors that determine a model?

There are many factors to choose a model. Some of them are Resources (Time, People, Budget), project type, business type, By the way resource items can extend by some sub items. for example, people  involve team knowledge, team members, ...

Why are traditional software development methods not very efficient?

Traditional software development methods are not very efficient because with the slightest or rapid change in the requirements, you need to have a meeting to improve.

Is Agile a good model?

In my opinion the model selection strongly depends on the particular case. 'Agile' is quite good as well as 'waterfall' would be also usable. The size of the team and the nature of the project is a key, just as Ahmad said.

Is waterfall Agile or RAD?

As pointed by many of our friends, it is Agile, RAD, Waterfall methodologies are fine.   Every thing depends on size of software, team etc.  Overall and above, we should look into the environment under which project being undertaken.   Whatever the methodology we adopt, it boils down to skill, commitment levels of the developing team.   In one of the software development project, I experienced that a person with only an average academic record contributed much more than a person with excellent academic record.   His commitment and urge to contribute helped me to come with an excellent and useful software.


What Is The Software Process Model?

  • A software process model is a kind of an abstraction of the software development process. The models specify the stages and process the order. Think of the software model as a representation of the order of activities that form the sequence. Generally, a model can be defined as: 1. The tasks to be performed 2. The pre and postcondition for each tas...
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Types of Software Development Life Cycles

  • Waterfall Model
    The waterfall model is a plan-driven process, a sequential model scheduled for all activities before starting the project. Each activity comes in the waterfall model that represents a separate phase plotted in a linear order.
  • V-shaped Model
    The V model is named the Verification and Validation model as it’s an extension for a waterfall model. One can gather the needs at the beginning as later it cannot be changed. One needs to have corresponding testing activity for each stage. The Model is easy to understand, highly disci…
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What to Learn Next?

  • Excellent, you have made it to the end. Hope the above types of models have a better understanding of what software models work better for you. Here at Agile Infoways, we have several SDLC options depending on the number of projects. Most often, our tasks are performed using more flexible models for the optimal software development process. To summarized eac…
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