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should a fridge freezer feel warm on the outside

by Ismael Olson Published 1 year ago Updated 4 months ago

You may notice that the outside of your fridge feels warm. This is normal and is caused by the heat dissipated from the refrigeration process. If your fridge feels warmer than it should or hot to the touch, it may be due to insufficient spacing between your fridge and it's surroundings.Feb 14, 2022

Why is refrigerator working but freezer not freezing?

Why is the Freezer in My Kenmore Fridge Not Freezing?

  • Kenmore Refrigerator Freezer Not Cold. One of the most common reasons for the freezer to start failing is called "frost free failure." Ice can build up on the evaporator coils ...
  • Leaky Refrigerator Hoses. ...
  • Poor Air Circulation. ...
  • Faulty or Broken Thermostat. ...
  • Clogged Defrost Drain. ...
  • Keeping Freezer Door Closed. ...

What causes a fridge freezer to stop working?

  • The freezer fan may be blocked.
  • Condenser coils located beneath or behind the appliance may have collected debris. This would prevent the freezer from cooling properly.
  • There could be a problem with the defrost timer. The refrigerator compressor goes silent when it is in automatic defrost mode, which lasts between 30 minutes to an hour. ...

How to fix fridge and freezer that are too warm?

How To Repair A Refrigerator and Freezer That Are Too Warm

  • Cold Control or Temperature Control. Need Help Finding Your Model Number? ...
  • Evaporator Fan Motor. Need Help Finding Your Model Number? ...
  • Electronic Control Board. Need Help Finding Your Model Number? ...
  • Temperature Sensor or Thermistor. Need Help Finding Your Model Number? ...
  • Defrost Timer. ...
  • Defrost Thermostat. ...
  • Defrost Heater. ...
  • Condenser Fan Motor. ...

Why is my Refrigerator not working?

Refrigerator Not Working | Refrigerator Troubleshooting & Repair

  • Refrigerators & Freezers
  • How to Repair an Ice Maker
  • Buying the Best Refrigerator: Refrigerators Buying Guide


What to do if your refrigerator is too warm?

If your refrigerator feels warmer than normal, you need to call a technician to inspect it . Depending on the problem’s extent, you may have the coils repaired or consider buying a new appliance.

Why is air around a refrigerator warm?

Why Air Around A Refrigerator Is Warm. The automatic energy saver system circulates warm fluid around the front part of the freezer compart ment creating natural warmth. This warmth helps to prevent condensation on the outer part of fridge, especially when the weather is hot and humid. The area outside the fridge remains warm, ...

Why should I place the back of my refrigerator against a solid surface?

In case of strong winds, you need to place the back of your fridge against a solid surface to protect the coils and compressor from flying debris. Avoid locations that are excessively humid or consistently dry and cold as this can break up the gaskets and seals between the doors. Observe Efficiency.

Why do refrigerators have heaters?

Some old refrigerator models are equipped with electric heaters meant to stop moisture from forming and spoiling the food inside the appliance during humid and hot days. The heater’s location at the edge of the cabinet sometimes makes the refrigerator door slightly hot when the heater is on.

Why is my fridge hot?

The area outside the fridge remains warm, and it can sometimes be hot if the compressor runs longer than usual. You can regularly clean off the condenser coils to improve airflow around your appliance, as this will help relieve the issue. Some freezer models have a switch in the fridge compartment that is marked power/energy saver.

Why should I keep my refrigerator dry?

Ensure that the refrigerator remains dry to prevent rust that may damage it and place it on blocks if there is flooding to avoid electrical hazards. Protection Against Extreme Weather. Ordinary fridges may cease to function or get damaged in extremely low temperatures.

Where is the power saver switch on a freezer?

Some freezer models have a switch in the fridge compartment that is marked power/energy saver. You can use this switch to control the heater found behind the strip between doors. When climate conditions are humid and hot, or when you see moisture between doors, set the switch to the right.

Is it normal for a deep freezer to get hot on the outside?

The heating of the outer side of all kinds of freezers is a normal phenomenon. And that’s how it should always be, based on science and industrial standards.

Why is my chest freezer hot on the outside?

The placement of the condenser coils in the chest freezer is another factor affecting the heat transference outside the freezer.

How hot should the chest freezer be on the outside?

Now you know that chest freezers naturally become hot on the outside when activated. But how much heat is normal? And when can we tell the chest freezer is overheating? Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Can a chest freezer explode?

Left unchecked, all types of refrigeration and freezing appliances can also catch on fire and explode, as do other home appliances due to the built-up heat in the compressor.

The bottom line

Chest freezers heat up as this is how it dissipates heat collected from the contents inside the freezer compartment. It should not be considered as a sign of malfunction, most often.

Why does my fridge run longer?

Normal. The fridge is running longer to cool down. There used to be an electric heater around the door to reduce condensation. Now they use a “Yoder loop” . They run a part of the condensing coil around the door frame to keep it warm.

What is the heat removal process in a refrigerator?

It is supposed to heat on one side. This is the heat being removed from the inside of the fridge. Heat removal is the process of cooling . Like a horse and carriage, you can't have one without the other.

What is defrost control?

Regardless of which device is used, the purpose is the same. The defrost control is used to send power to the defrost heaters at the proper time. If power is not reaching the defrost heater's circuit, the fault of the defrost timer/control mechanism may not be working properly.

Can you tip a fridge over?

Probably not. The biggest problem when tipping a fridge over is getting refrigerant oil in the compressor's cylinder intake tubing. When the fridge is turned upright, the oil drains back down into the bottom of the compressor, but this takes a little while.

Is it normal for a refrigerator to have black tubing?

Yes, that's normal on many designs especially small refrigerator and chest freezers, that black tubing that you generally see in the back of a refrigerator is the condenser, it is designed to discipate heat. In some units that tubing is inside the walls towards the exterior so it will be warm as long as it's running.

Is it normal to freeze freon tubes?

This is great in that the freon tubes are less prone to damage in transit. But personally I. Yes it probably is normal. I bought a used upright freezer this summer, and it gets quite warm on the sides when I first started using it.

Is it normal for a refrigerator to freeze?

It is normal in most of the cases because when refrigerator is working it will continuously cooling or freezing the compartment in side it, the heat that is absorbed from the food of refrigerator will change to the high-temperature and high-pressure gas.

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