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what are the neurologic manifestations of hyperthyroidism quizlet

by Ulises Cassin Published 1 year ago Updated 5 months ago

Neurologic Manifestations of Hypothyroidism. General stiffness, weakness and diffuse pain can alert the clinician to hypothyroid-induced myopathy. The neuroanatomic diagnosis will be the diffuse lower motor neuron system, after finding the typical features of decreased reflexes, hypotonia and muscle atrophy.

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What are the symptoms of hyperthyroidism Quizlet?

Many common symptoms and signs of hyperthyroidism are similar to those of adrenergic excess, such as: nervousness, palpitations, hyperactivity, increased sweating, heat hypersensitivity, fatigue, increased appetite, weight loss, insomnia, weakness, and frequent bowel movements (occasionally diarrhea). Herein, what is hyperthyroidism quizlet?

What would the nurse expect a client with hypothyroidism to do?

1. difficulty breathing 1. impaired memory 1. decreased blood pressure clinical manifestations would the nurse expect a client with hypothyroidism cool skin, constipation, periorbital edema, decreased appetite. client with hyperthyroidism is about to receive methimazole, as nurse what information should you provide the client?

What are the side effects of hyperthyroidism?

Large doses cause toxic side effects that can be life threatening, including nephritis, hepatitis, agranulocytosis, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, hypothrombinemia, and lymphadenopathy. The nurse is caring for a client with hyperthyroidism.

What is the most common form of hyperthyroidism?

The most common forms of hyperthyroidism include diffuse toxic goiter (Graves disease), toxic multinodular goiter (Plummer disease), and toxic adenoma. Beside above, what are some effects of hyperthyroidism quizlet?

Which neurologic manifestation in a client is associated with hyperthyroidism?

Encephalopathy — Cognitive impairment is common in hyperthyroidism and may present as one or more different syndromes. In a cross-sectional study of older hospitalized patients, dementia and confusion were found in 33 percent and 18 percent of patients with hyperthyroidism [1].

Which signs and symptoms might the nurse identify when assessing a client with hyperthyroidism?

Nursing DiagnosisFatigue.Tremor.Sweating.Hyperactive.Anxious.Palpitations.Heat intolerance.Nervous.More items...•

Which metabolic manifestations are likely to be observed in a client with hypothyroidism select all that apply one some or all responses may be correct quizlet?

- Cold intolerance and decreased body temperature are the metabolic manifestations observed in a client with hypothyroidism.

Which clinical manifestation is observed in a client with adrenal insufficiency?

The clinical manifestations of adrenal insufficiency include anorexia, abdominal pain, weakness, weight loss, fatigue, hypotension, salt craving and hyperpigmentation of the skin in case of primary adrenal insufficiency.

Which classic signs and symptoms are manifestations of hyperthyroidism select all that apply?

The classic symptoms of hyperthyroidism include heat intolerance, tremor, palpitations, anxiety, weight loss despite a normal or increased appetite, increased frequency of bowel movements, and shortness of breath. Goiter is commonly found on physical examination.

What are the complications of hyperthyroidism?

What are the complications of hyperthyroidism?an irregular heartbeat that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure, and other heart-related eye disease called Graves' ophthalmopathy.thinning bones, osteoporosis link, and muscle problems.menstrual cycle and fertility issues.

Which clinical manifestation is present in a client with hypothyroidism?

Overt hypothyroidism is associated with typical symptoms and signs such as the slowing of motor activity, constipation, cold intolerance, menorrhagia, stiff muscles, sleep apnea, dry skin, weight gain, snoring, and a hoarse voice.

Which manifestation would the nurse expect to find in a patient who has hypothyroidism?

People with hypothyroidism experience a slowing of metabolic processes, which can result in fatigue, slow speech, constipation, cold intolerance, weight gain, bradycardia, and decreased deep tendon reflexes. One study showed the most common symptoms are tiredness, dry skin, and shortness of breath.

Which situation in a client with hyperthyroidism may precipitate thyroid crisis thyroid storm?

Although thyroid storm can develop in patients with longstanding untreated hyperthyroidism (Graves' disease, toxic multinodular goiter, solitary toxic adenoma), it is often precipitated by an acute event such as thyroid or nonthyroidal surgery, trauma, infection, an acute iodine load (including amiodarone use), or ...

Which clinical manifestation is seen with Addison's disease?

Extreme fatigue. Weight loss and decreased appetite. Darkening of your skin (hyperpigmentation) Low blood pressure, even fainting.

What other clinical manifestations should the nurse monitor for with suspected adrenal insufficiency?

The patient should be aware of signs and symptoms of adrenal insufficiency, including nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, hypoglycemia, hypotension, weight loss, etc.

What are signs and symptoms of an adrenal crisis?

Symptoms:Headache.Profound weakness.Fatigue.Slow, sluggish movement.Nausea.Vomiting.Low blood pressure.Dehydration.More items...

What are the symptoms of hyperthyroidism?

dry skin, lethargy, sensitivity to cold (insomnia and tachycardia are associated with hyperthyroidism).

What is the parathyroid gland?

The parathyroid gland maintains calcium and phosphate levels in the body. When there is any damage to parathyroid glands, there would be improper functioning of these glands, which may cause conditions such as tetany. Tetany is a condition in which there is hyperexcitability of nerves and muscles that occurs as a result of low calcium in the body (hypocalcemia). A goiter is caused by an enlarged thyroid gland. Globe lag is a condition in which the upper eyelid pulls back faster than the eyeball; this occurs in hyperthyroidism. Photophobia is a visual problem that may be seen in clients with Graves disease.

How long does it take for a thyroid to metabolize?

Initial improvement will take several weeks. Methimazole blocks thyroid hormone synthesis; it takes several weeks of medication therapy before the hormones stored in the thyroid gland are released and the excessive level of thyroid hormone in the circulation is metabolized.

Why is my skin warm and flushed?

The skin is warm and flushed because of a hyperdynamic circulatory state. A short attention span is related to altered cerebral metabolism from excess thyroid hormones. Hypertension is associated with hyperthyroidism; hypotension is associated with hypothyroidism. Facial edema is not related to hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism is associated with decreased renal blood flow that results in fluid retention (e.g., peripheral and facial edema).

Why is thyroxine given postoperatively?

Thyroxine is given postoperatively to suppress thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) and prevent hypothyroidism. Increased intake of carbohydrates and proteins is needed because of the increased metabolic activity associated with hyperthyroidism. Chemotherapy is uncommon; radiation may be used to eradicate remaining tissue. A tracheostomy is not planned; it is needed only in an emergency related to respiratory distress.

What does T3 mean on X-ray?

A decreased TSH assay together with an elevated T3 level may indicate hyperthyroidism. X-ray films will not indicate thyroid disease, and elevation of T4 level might indicate hyperthyroidism. However, this may be a false reading because of the presence of thyroid-binding globulin (TBG) and is inadequate for diagnosis when used alone. Po2 is not specific to thyroid disease, and the thyroglobulin level is most useful to monitor for recurrence of thyroid carcinoma or response to therapy. The results with the SMA are not specific to thyroid disease; the protein-bound iodine test is not definitive because it is influenced by the intake of exogenous iodine.

Does potassium iodide help with parathyroid function?

Thyroid hormone antagonists help decrease the body's metabolism. Potassium iodide does not regulate parathyroid function. Thyroid hormone antagonists help decrease the amount of thyroid hormones being secreted.

What is the target tissue of parathyroid hormone?

The target tissue of the parathyroid hormone is the INTESTINES. Growth hormone acts on all body cells. The mammary gland is the target tissue of oxytocin. Epinephrine and non-epinephrine acts on the sympathetic effectors.

What is the cardiovascular manifestation of adrenal insufficiency?

Hyponatremia is a decrease in serum sodium levels, which is the cardiovascular manifestation of adrenal insufficiency. Fatigue is a neuromuscular manifestation observed in clients with adrenal insufficiency, while salt cravings and weight loss are the abdominal manifestations observed in clients with adrenal insufficiency.

Why does polyphagia occur in the 24-hour period?

Although polydipsia and weight loss occur with type 1 diabetes, frequent urination occurs throughout a 24-hour period because glucose in the urine pulls fluid with it . Although polyphagia and polyuria occur with type 1 diabetes, diaphoresis occurs with severe hypoglycemia, not hyperglycemia.

Why does my hair feel dry?

Dry, brittle hair results from a decrease in the metabolic rate, which is associated with hypothyroidism. Weight loss is associated with hyperthyroidism because of an increase in body metabolism. Resting tremors are not associated with hypothyroidism; they are associated with Parkinson's disease.

Why is my hair dry and brittle?

Select all that apply. Dry skin results from a decrease in the metabolic rate, which is associated with hypothyroidism. Dry, brittle hair results from a decrease in the metabolic rate, which is associated with hypothyroidism. Weight loss is associated with hyperthyroidism because of an increase in body metabolism.

What happens when you remove parathyroids?

Removal of the parathyroids causes hypocalcemia and associated neuromuscular irritability. Constipation is a sign of hypercalcemia. Hypoactive reflexes are signs of hypercalcemia. Increased specific gravity is a sign of fluid volume deficit.

Which hormones are secreted by the hypothalamus?

The hormones that are secreted by the hypothalamus include prolactin-inhibiting hormone and corticotropin-releasing hormone.

What is hyperthyroidism?

Definition of hyperthyroidism. AKA thyrotoxicosis. Clinical syndrome where the tissues are exposed to high levels of thyroid hormone. More common in women (3 in 1,000 women occurrence)

What are the most common forms of hyperthyroidism?

The most common forms of hyperthyroidism include diffuse toxic goiter (Graves disease), toxic multinodular goiter (Plummer disease), and toxic adenoma.

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