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what can you make in a bread machine besides bread

by Velda Jaskolski Published 10 months ago Updated 2 months ago

15 Alternative Uses for Your Bread Machine
  • Beef Stew. No need to heat up your kitchen for hours simmering your favorite beef stew recipe. ...
  • Artichoke Dip. ...
  • Scrambled Eggs. ...
  • Risotto. ...
  • Mochi. ...
  • Meatloaf. ...
  • Cranberry Sauce. ...
  • Chicken and Dumplings.
Nov 5, 2021

What is the best bread machine?

The Best Restaurant Bread In Every State

  • ARIZONA: Arizona Bread Company in Scottsdale. ...
  • CALIFORNIA: Superba Food and Bread in Los Angeles. ...
  • COLORADO: Tavernetta in Denver. ...
  • CONNECTICUT: Salute in Hartford. ...
  • DELAWARE: La Fia in Wilmington. ...
  • FLORIDA: Whisk Gourmet Food and Catering in Miami. ...
  • GEORGIA: Bone's Restaurant in Atlanta. ...
  • HAWAII: Hy's Steakhouse in Honolulu. ...
  • IDAHO: Chandler's in Boise. ...

More items...

How to make bread machine recipes by hand?

Here are the basic steps:

  • Prep your work surface. Add a little flour to your kneading area so the dough doesn’t stick.
  • Scrape your dough out of the bowl onto the work surface. Add a little flour on top. ...
  • Press down on the dough with the heels of your hands. ...
  • Give the dough a quarter turn and repeat step three. ...
  • Press and turn your dough several times adding flour as needed. ...

How do you make bread with bread machine?

Making Bread in a Bread Machine

  • Select a Loaf Size. Often bread machine recipes list ingredient amounts for 1½-pound and 2-pound loaves. ...
  • Adding Ingredients to the Bread Machine. Manufacturers usually recommend adding the liquids first, followed by dry ingredients, with the yeast going in last.
  • Checking the Dough. ...

How to make bread in a bread machine?

You can make this no-knead herbed garlic bread a day in advance, but the pillowy loaves are even better warm from the oven. For an illustrated how-to on the process, see our step-by-step photos.


Is bread machine bread as good as homemade?

Yes because it is made with the same ingredients and in some cases, it may be better, since you can create your own bread varying ingredients and using your favorite whole grains. Some people actually prefer bread machine bread than oven-baked or store-bought loaves.

Is it cheaper to buy bread or make it in a bread machine?

It's considerably cheaper to make your own bread than to buy it, if you're comparing similar types of loaves. In a recent comparison*, the ingredients for a loaf of homemade classic sandwich bread cost $2.06, or 13 cents per slice.

Can you cook rice in a bread machine?

I was so intrigued that I pulled my behemoth bread machine up from the basement where it's been collecting dust for a few years to give it a try. It worked! I made rice that was neither undercooked nor burnt in my bread machine.

Can I make bagels in a bread maker?

Using your bread machine makes easy work to create bagels that are soft and chewy at the same time. The bread machine is so convenient and it is surprisingly easy to to use in making the perfect bagel dough. Some more great recipes using your bread machine are Bread Machine Pretzels or Bread Machine Donuts.

What is the point of a bread maker?

A bread making machine or breadmaker is a home appliance for turning raw ingredients into baked bread. It consists of a bread pan (or "tin"), at the bottom of which are one or more built-in paddles, mounted in the center of a small special-purpose oven.

Do bread machines use a lot of electricity?

According to one site, the average bread maker uses less energy than a coffee maker, coming in at about 9kwh used per month (based on a 600-watt machine that's used an average of 15 hours each month, which seems about right to us).

Can I make ice cream in a bread maker?

I have make several loaves of bread and they turn out great. I have used the ice cream maker several times also. Any small recipe for ice cream will work.

What can I do with a bread machine?

Bread machines tend to be better for pillow-soft breads and if you want to make it from start to finish in your maker, you'll want to make whole loaves. You can also use bread machines to make rolls, pizza dough, pretzels, but you'll just be using the bread machine to make the dough and you'll do the rest in your oven.

What difference does bread flour make?

The main difference between bread flour and all-purpose flour is a matter of protein. Bread flour, which comes in white and whole wheat varieties, has a higher protein content than all-purpose, usually 11-13%. It's called “bread flour” because most bread requires higher amounts of protein to produce lots of gluten.

How do you make English muffins in a bread maker?

Step by step instructionsHeat milk in microwave or on stove until temperature reaches 105-115°F. ... Add ingredients according to your bread machine manufacturer's instructions, into the bucket of your bread machine. ... Start bread machine on 'Dough cycle only' mode. ... Spray the muffin rings all around with no stick spray.More items...•

What machines are used to make bagels?

Various types of equipment such as a revolving oven, bagel kettle and mixer are necessary for making bagels.

Why do you boil bagels?

Presumably, bagels are boiled so that more of the starch will gelatinise, thus producing a thicker crust. The tiny amount of sugar or malt added to the water may aid formation of the crust, but it is not solely or even principally responsible for it.

2. Whole Wheat Bread

Besides regular white bread you can bake whole wheat bread with a bread machine.

3. Multigrain Bread

And you can increase the nutritional value of your bread by baking multigrain bread with your machine.

4. Gluten-Free Bread

Don’t have a tolerance for gluten? A bread machine can bake gluten-free bread that’s better than what you get at the store.

5. Rice Flour Bread

Other than regular flour, you can use rice flour with a bread machine.

7. Marble Bread

Sprinkle some instant coffee or cocoa powder to get a beautiful and delicious flavored marble bread. Some bread machines have a pre-programmed cycle for marble bread.

8. Flavored Bread

The possibilities are endless! Tomato, coconut, peanut butter, chocolate…sweet or savory, a bread machine can bake fresh bread with a wide variety of ingredients of your choice.

9. Brioche

Who doesn’t like a rich and buttery brioche baked fresh?! You can do this with a bread machine.

Soft, Moist and Gooey Cinnamon Buns

Let the bread machine do the work for you, kneading the dough for these cinnamon buns to make the ultimate pull-apart goodie. Instant vanilla pudding is the secret ingredient, adding sweetness and moisture to each bun.

World's Easiest Bread Machine Pizza Dough

You'll never settle for store-bought crust again once you've whipped up this easy recipe. "My family thought they died and went to heaven," raves reviewer Kathy. "This made the most amazing homemade pizza and the crust was still very soft a few days later."

Bread Maker Doughnuts

Extra light and fluffy, these yeasted doughnuts are made perfect with a quick trip to the bread machine for kneading. Dress them up however you like after frying, some fun options include a sprinkling of powdered sugar or dip into chocolate glaze .

Monkey Bread

Easy to share and oh-so easy to eat, monkey bread can be enjoyed as a dessert or an indulgent breakfast. Pro tip: The expanding dough may cause a little bit of the sugar syrup to overflow, baking it with a sheet pan underneath will help to avoid any major messes.

Bread Machine Bagels

Customize these bread machine bagels with your favorite toppings like poppy seeds, everything seasoning, or a sprinkling of asiago cheese. "This is the PERFECT bagel recipe," says Michigan Mommy. "My husband and I could not believe how delicious they were and they tasted better than our local 'Gourmet Bagel' shop."

Hot Cross Buns

A little more hands-off than traditional hot cross buns, this bread machine version tastes just as delicious. "The BEST recipe for Hot Cross Buns I've ever had," says reviewer MYFBIL. "I've used this recipe for years and had many people request the recipe."

Jelly Doughnuts

Fry up something sweet for breakfast with these jelly doughnuts. Since the dough is a neutral flavor, you can use your favorite jelly of any variety. Stick with strawberry or raspberry for a more traditional take, or go wild with choices like apricot or rhubarb .

1. Cake

Cake is probably the most common item besides bread that you can prepare in a bread maker. The program will usually be named “Bake”, “Bake only”, or just “Cake”. In this mode you remove the kneading blade and use your bread maker simply as an oven.

2. Meatloaf

A more unconventional way to make use of your “Bake” or “Cake” program is to bake a meatloaf. As with cake, you’re simply using your bread maker as an oven, so remember to remove the kneading blade. I used the following recipe, which originally comes from a Zojirushi bread maker manual.

4. Sauces and soups

Sauces and soups are an easy leap to make from jam. The machine will simply mix the ingredients while heating them, so you may need to puree the final contents at the end of the process for a smooth consistency, but chances are you’d have to do that with a sauce or soup cooked on the stove anyway.

5. Rice dishes

You can use your bread maker as a rice cooker: add rice and water to the bread pan on the “Bake” or “Cake” setting and cook for about an hour. But more excitingly, you can also prepare rice pudding or even a risotto with the Jam setting.

6. Scrambled eggs

You can also use your bread maker’s Jam setting to cook some eggs. Mix all the ingredients together beforehand, adding milk and any seasoning to your preference – the machine’s stirring will not be strong enough to beat the eggs properly. It is also recommended that you brush the bread pan with oil, to keep the egg from sticking too much.

7. Yoghurt

Some bread makers, such as the Morphy Richards Homebake, include a program for making yoghurt. Since yoghurt-making programs tend to be at least five or six hours long, it’s unlikely any other setting on your breadmaker would be a suitable alternative.

Is it worth it?

For me, some of the above – such as making delicious jam by the touch of a few buttons and preparing rice pudding with minimal fuss – were genuine revelations. Others, such as meatloaf, cake and scrambled eggs, felt a little superfluous; they could have easily been prepared the traditional way in the oven – or in the latter case – on the stove.

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