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what foods to avoid for bloating

by Sarina Kuhic Jr. Published 1 year ago Updated 8 months ago

Avoid Bloat-Inducing Foods
  • Beans and lentils are very healthy foods that contain indigestible sugars called oligosaccharides. ...
  • Fruits and vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, prunes, and apricots. ...
  • Sweeteners can also cause gas and bloating.
Apr 15, 2022

What are the Worst Foods for bloating?

Foods that are high in fat and salt, including most junk foods, are bad for bloating. Carbohydrates are among the worst foods for bloating. Eating heavy meals high in carbohydrates, including sugars like those found in fruits and hard candy, can contribute to a feeling of bloating. Beans and brassicas like cauliflower and broccoli are also ...

What are some foods not to eat?

What Foods to Avoid

  • Yeast: beer, nutritional yeast, large amounts of bread, others
  • Game meats: venison, veal, bison, others
  • Organ meats: liver, tongue, tripe, others
  • Fish: including sardines and anchovies
  • Other seafood: shellfish, roe, others
  • Sugary drinks: sodas, fruit juice, others
  • Sugar substances: honey, nectar, high-fructose corn syrup, others

How to decrease bloating and gas fast [easy home remedies]?

Prevention And Relief From Abdominal Bloating

  • Avoid consuming gas-producing foods like cabbage, beans, and carbonated drinks.
  • Avoid swallowing air while eating or drinking.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol.
  • Do not eat more than your stomach can take.
  • Treat constipation as it is one of the main culprits behind stomach bloating.
  • Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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What food makes you bloated?

“Milk, cheese, and other forms of dairy are the root cause of many people’s issues with bloating,” says DeVito. “That’s why I usually tell new patients to start with a dairy-free diet, then go from there.”


What foods cause the most bloating?

Do certain foods cause bloating?Beans. It's hardly a surprise to see beans atop the list of bloat-causing foods. ... Lentils. Lentils are also legumes, so it's basically the same story as beans (but without the musical acknowledgment). ... Dairy. ... Carbonated beverages. ... Wheat/rye/barley. ... Cruciferous vegetables. ... Onions. ... Garlic.More items...•

What foods help eliminate bloat?

20 Foods and Drinks That Help with BloatingAvocados. Avocados are highly nutritious, packing a good amount of folate and vitamins C and K into each serving ( 2 ). ... Cucumber. Cucumbers comprise about 95% water, making them great for relieving bloating ( 5 ). ... Yogurt. ... Berries. ... Green tea. ... Celery. ... Ginger. ... Kombucha.More items...•

Do eggs make you bloated?

Eggs are the most common breakfast food. However, eating eggs might cause bloating or make you gassy. So why does this happen? Eggs contain sulfur, which some people have trouble digesting, producing gas and bloating symptoms.

How do I Debloat my stomach?

Tips to ease bloatingStay hydrated. Sipping water before, during, and after meals can help reduce bloating by flushing excess sodium, which can often lead to bloating.Get some exercise. ... Give yoga a try. ... Try peppermint oil. ... Massage your abdomen. ... Digestive enzyme supplements. ... Soak in an Epsom salt bath.

How do you de bloat fast in 1 hour?

7 Ways to De-Bloat within HoursUse the Power of Probiotics. Bursting with live and friendly bacteria your gut loves, probiotics help with digestion and reduce abdominal bloating. ... Sip on Hot Water with Lemon. ... Ditch the Dairy. ... Detox with Yoga. ... Get More Sleep. ... Snack on Something Tropical. ... Exercise Portion Control.

How can I get Unbloated in 5 minutes?

2:399:25Reduce Bloating Quickly | 5 MIN FAST Walk | growwithjo - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThree two one crunch crunch crunch that's it keep going bring your knee to your elbow knee to elbowMoreThree two one crunch crunch crunch that's it keep going bring your knee to your elbow knee to elbow halfway. There if you can speed it up right. Here. Good we're making the most of this five.

Do bananas help with bloating?

“Bananas are also a good source of prebiotic fiber, which helps to increase the good bacteria in your gut and improve digestion. Researchers found that eating a banana before a meal could improve good bacteria and decrease bloating by 50%.” These mildly sour, flavor-packed fruits are a boon for gastrointestinal health.

Causes of Stomach Bloating

It can be challenging to determine the cause of stomach bloating. Some known causes of stomach bloating include:

What Types of Food Cause Stomach Bloating?

If you're experiencing regular bloating, you should see a doctor and discuss your symptoms with them. Together, you can come up with a treatment plan. As previously discussed, because there are many causes for abdominal bloating, it can be challenging to determine what causes an individual’s stomach to bloat. ‌

What foods cause bloating?

Here are 6 simple ways to reduce water retention .) 1. Beans. Share on Pinterest. Beans are a type of legume.

What to drink instead of water for bloating?

What to drink instead: Plain water is always best. Other healthy alternatives include coffee, tea and fruit-flavored still water. 4.

Why does my belly feel swollen after eating?

Bloating is when your belly feels swollen or enlarged after eating. It is usually caused by gas or other digestive issues ( 1. Trusted Source. ). Bloating is very common. About 16–30% of people say they experience it regularly ( 2.

What are the sugars in beans?

However, most beans contain sugars called alpha-galactosides, which belong to a group of carbs called FODMAPs. FODMAPs (fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols) are short-chain carbohydrates that escape digestion and are then fermented by gut bacteria in the colon. Gas is a byproduct of this process.

What can I eat instead of wheat?

What to eat instead: There are many gluten-free alternatives to wheat, such as pure oats, quinoa, buckwheat, almond flour and coconut flour. There are several alternatives to conventional wheat bread in this article. 5. Broccoli and Other Cruciferous Vegetables.

Is garlic bad for you?

Garlic is incredibly popular, both for flavoring and as a health remedy. Like onions, garlic contains fructans, which are FODMAPs that can cause bloating ( 21. Trusted Source. ). Allergy or intolerance to other compounds found in garlic is also fairly common, with symptoms such as bloating, belching and gas ( 22.

Can lentils cause bloating?

Lentils. Lentils are also legumes. They contain high amounts of protein, fiber and healthy carbs, as well as minerals such as iron, copper and manganese. Because of their high fiber content, they can cause bloating in sensitive individuals. This is especially true for people who are not used to eating a lot of fiber.

What causes bloating and gas in women?

But surprisingly, 65% of Americans are lactose intolerant and dairy products cause bloating, gas, and abdominal cramps. We need the digestive enzyme lactase to break down lactose in our body. This production of lactase normally decreases after our breastfeeding days.

What are some foods that help with digestive issues?

6. Mushrooms – Like the “musical fruit,” mushrooms contain the oligosaccharide sugar raffinose which can contribute to digestive issues. Like most things, portion control is the main goal. So try small amounts of cooked mushrooms and see if your stomach is less sensitive.

How to reduce gas in the colon?

Eating food more slowly can help reduce this excess gas. Fermentable oligo-, di-, monosaccharides, and polyols – or to keep it simple FODMAPs – are chains of carbohydrates found in certain foods that many people can’t digest. FODMAPs escape digestion and are fermented by gut bacteria in the colon, and the byproduct is gas.

What drinks cause bloating?

Drinks such as beer, sodas, seltzer waters and kombucha can all attribute to bloating and gas since they contain a high amount of gas called carbon dioxide. 10.

What vegetables are good for bloating?

2. Onions Onions by far are the best flavor enhancer vegetables to a meal.

Is raffinose a high fiber food?

They are considered a high fiber food and are part of the high FODMAP food group since they contain the oligosaccharide sugar molecule raffinose and galactan. Remember raffinose is not fully digested in the small intestine so it ferments in the large intestine which produces gas.

Is apples bad for you?

Fructose is a monosaccharide, so apples are considered a high FODMAP food as well, making it hard to break down in the digestive tract. Although apples are a great source of fiber, Vitamin C, and antioxidants, which have a wide range of benefits, they can cause stomach bloating in some people.

What foods cause bloating?

7 foods that cause bloating 1 Beans and legumes. Beans and legumes can be difficult to digest because they contain oligosaccharides — a type of fiber that resists digestion until it reaches the large intestine, causing gas and bloating. 2 Sodas. Carbonated soft drinks are full of bubbles, so they can cause gas to build up in your digestive tract, leading to bloating. 3 Sugar alcohols. Sugar alcohols are sweet and calorie-free, but they can be difficult for many people to digest, leading to gas, abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhea. 4 Fast food. Fast food is loaded with salt, which is a key culprit in bloating because it makes you hold on to water. 5 Frozen or boxed meals. Like fast food, frozen and boxed meals are super high in salt and make your body hold on to extra fluid like a sponge. 6 FODMAPs. Fermentable oligo-, di-, and monosaccharides and polyols (that’s a mouthful, right?), aka FODMAPs, can cause digestive issues such as bloating for some people. Many foods are classified as FODMAPs, and you should definitely seek the help of a registered dietitian if you need help planning a low-FODMAP diet. 7 Wheat. For many people with gluten intolerance or sensitivity, wheat can be a one-way ticket to Bloatsville and can cause other digestive problems too. The effects of gluten intolerance can range from mild to more serious, and people who have celiac disease often have the most significant symptoms. Talk to your doctor if you suspect you have issues with gluten.

What is the best food to bloat?

Here are 35 of the best bloat-busting foods: 1. Watermelon. It’s all in the name. Watermelon is mostly water, so it can help you rehydrate and reduce bloating. It may seem counterintuitive, but getting more fluids can help flush out the excess salt that may be causing your body to hold on to water. 2.

What fruit is good for bloating?

Papaya. Papain is an enzyme in papaya that can help your body break down foods more fully, resulting in less gastrointestinal discomfort. Lucky for us, this translates to less bloating as well. This tropical fruit is a great choice when you’re feeling bloaty.

How to reduce bloating and constipation?

Ginger is anti-inflammatory and can help ease an unsettled digestive system, potentially helping reduce bloating by reducing gas and constipation. When you’re feeling bloated, try sipping on ginger tea or adding dried or fresh grated ginger to your food.

What to eat to reduce gas?

Try mixing up a giant salad with some of the other foods on this list for an extra shot of de-bloating power. 3. Strawberries. Strawberries are full of water, but they also contain some healthy fruit fiber, which can help improve your digestion and decrease bloating associated with gas. 4.

What is the best way to reduce bloating?

9. Green tea . Green tea can help with bloating simply because it’s a liquid, but it’s also full of compounds that can reduce inflammation and help your body get rid of excess fluid. Green tea contains a little caffeine, which is a natural diuretic.

What is the best spice to help with bloating?

Turmeric. Turmeric is a highly anti-inflammatory spice that may help with bloating. Chronic inflammation can lead to fluid retention, so sprinkling a little turmeric on your food may help soothe that inflammation. Just be careful or your fingertips will end up perma-dyed bright yellow.

What causes bloating and bloating in the stomach?

These are all signs that you could have an underlying condition like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or lactose intolerance that's causing bloating, says Dr. de Latour. The best way to find out is to book an appointment with a gastroenterologist so they can properly diagnose you.

What are some good foods to reduce gas?

Jonathan Kantor. Grapes can reduce gas and bloating, says Bauer. 7 Eggs. Courtesy Image. Eggs are another easy way to get your protein in without bloat, says Leonard. But remember to mix in a dairy-free milk if you're making them scrambled. 8 Lemon Water. Dulin.

What are fermentable carbs?

FODMAPs, aka fermentable, oglio-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols, are a group of carbs that aren't well-absorbed by the GI tract, so they sit in your small intestine and pull in gas and liquid which can cause abdominal pain and blo ating, explains Dr. de Latour.

Do cukes help with bloat?

Cukes are loaded with water, which actually helps fight bloat, says nutrition expert Joy Bauer, RD, author of The Joy Fit Club. Basically, the more water you take in without fiber. Opt for a bowl of oatmeal instead of your avocado toast if you're trying to stick to a low FODMAP diet.

Is pasta a good low FODMAP food?

Fish is full of protein, not carbohydrates, so it's a good low FODMAP option, says Leonard. Pasta isn't a good idea (unless it's a gluten-free variety), but you can still get your noodle fix.

Does quinoa have gluten?

Westend61. Quinoa doesn't contain gluten, so it's the perfect grain to add to your bloat-free diet. It has high levels of two flavonoids associated with anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-depressant effects, says Leonard. Pretty cool.

Is pasta good for bloat?

Pasta isn't a good idea (unless it's a gluten-free variety), but you can still get your noodle fix. Just swap in some spaghetti squash. It shouldn't upset your stomach, and is high in vitamin C and beta-carotene, says Leonard. Quinoa doesn't contain gluten, so it's the perfect grain to add to your bloat-free diet.

What is the best food for bloating?

1. Celery . Celery has an extremely high water content—about 95%—and is also high in potassium, which can help control the water retention associated with bloating. Celery has long been used to provide gas and bloating relief, and can even help repair a leaky gut.

How to get rid of gas and bloating?

For many people, simple dietary changes that incorporate foods that prevent gas are enough to reduce or even get rid of their uncomfortable digestive issues. Eliminating fermentable carbs such as wheat, dairy, and fructose can go a long way to reduce your digestive issues, however, simply eliminating foods from your diet might not be enough. So, what do you eat when you have gas? For extra support banishing bloating and gas, try incorporating some of these foods.

Why is dairy bad for you?

Dairy is one of the worst offenders when it comes to bloating and gas. Seventy-five percent of the population is unable to break down lactose, the sugar found in milk and other dairy products. This is due to a deficiency in lactase, the enzyme that digests lactose, otherwise known as lactose intolerance.

What is the catchall term for digestive issues that have no other diagnosable cause?

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is sort of a catch-all term for digestive issues that have no other diagnosable cause. In fact, an estimated 50% of people diagnosed with IBS actually have SIBO. 3

What foods are good for a leaky gut?

While foods such as tomatoes, eggplant, banana peppers, and goji berries sound good for you, they’re actually a part of the nightshade family, which have a high lectin and glycoalkaloid content and can contribute to leaky gut and inflammatory bowel disease.

Why does my stomach feel tight?

1 When you eat too many gas-producing foods—or too much fiber and not enough water—it’s normal to experience some abdominal pain, gas, and the distension that makes your tummy feel full and tight.

Why are legumes bad for you?

Legumes are notorious for causing gas and bloating. They are high in FODMAPs (fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols), which are short-chain carbohydrates that are difficult to digest.

Joy Bauer shares tips to beat the bloat this summer

Feel free to mix up these options throughout the week. There is enough variety that you won't get bored!


1. Egg scramble: With leftover grilled salmon, asparagus, 1 teaspoon of dried basil and 1 cup of green tea


1. Spinach salad with lemon herb chicken: Dress with fig, raspberry or orange vinegar, 1 teaspoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of chopped pecans


1. Cod and sweet potato fries: With a large romaine lettuce salad with carrots, tomatoes and red bell peppers, dressed with a simple lemon dressing; roasted fennel and 4 to 6 ounces of baked cod


1. Gut health smoothie: 1/2 cup plain kefir, 1/2 cup papaya and 1/4 avocado

What foods help with bloating?

2. Cucumber. Cucumbers comprise about 95% water, making them great for relieving bloating ( 5. Trusted Source. ). Eating foods with a high water content can help ensure you stay hydrated and meet your daily fluid needs. This may prevent water retention and alleviate bloating caused by dehydration ( 6.

How to stop bloating from eating?

For starters, be sure to eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly. This can help reduce how much air you swallow to prevent gas buildup ( 58.

How to reduce bloating?

Many foods and drinks may help decrease bloating by reducing constipation, alleviating inflammation, and supporting a healthy fluid balance. Chewing your food thoroughly, taking certain supplements, and determining whether certain ingredients contribute to your digestive issues may also help relieve bloating.

Does eating and drinking help with bloating?

Plus, what you eat and drink can significantly affect bloating and other digestive issues. Fortunately, many ingredients have been shown to promote regularity, prevent fluid retention, and enhance gut health, all of which can help keep bloating at bay. Here are 20 foods and drinks that can help with bloating. Share on Pinterest.

Does green tea help with bloating?

In turn, this can reduce bloating ( 14 ). 6. Celery. Celery is a nutritious veggie comprising about 95% water ( 15.

Can gluten cause bloating?

If you experience bloating after eating foods like pasta, crackers, and bread, switching to gluten-free grains like quinoa may be worth a try. Consuming foods that contain gluten can cause digestive issues like bloating among people with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity ( 41. Trusted Source. , 42.


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