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what is blue nile jewelry

by Verlie Powlowski Published 1 month ago Updated 1 week ago

Blue Nile is an online jewelry retailer founded in 1999. It is based in Seattle, Washington. As of February 2017, it is a subsidiary of Bain Capital. Blue Nile Inc.

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Is Blue Nile a reputable jeweler?

Blue Nile diamonds are absolutely legit. But because they cost less than diamonds at brick-and-mortar retailers, it's understandable how someone shopping for a diamond might be skeptical. The price difference is all in the business model.

Are Blue Nile diamonds natural?

Blue Nile does not sell loose lab-grown diamonds. Every loose diamond on our site is a natural diamond.

Where does Blue Nile jewelry come from?

Handcrafted in Seattle Our highly skilled artisans exceed industry standards with sparkling GIA-graded natural diamonds, the finest-quality materials and outstanding engagement ring design at an amazing value.

Who owns Blue Nile jewelry?

Signet JewelersSterling JewelersBlue Nile/Parent organizations

How can you tell that a diamond is real?

Lay the stone onto the dot with the flat side down. Through the pointed end of the diamond, look down onto the paper. If you see a circular reflection inside the gemstone, the stone is fake. If you cannot see the dot or a reflection in the stone, then the diamond is real.

Is a lab grown diamond a real diamond?

Lab grown diamonds are as real as diamonds mined from the earth. Lab grown diamonds are identical to earth mined diamonds in every way, except that they are grown in a lab. They have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as mined diamonds and exhibit the same fire, scintillation, and sparkle.

How does Blue Nile get their diamonds?

The Blue Nile Conflict-Free Diamond Policy At Blue Nile, we only purchase diamonds through the largest and most respected suppliers who, like us, proudly adhere to and enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process. All Blue Nile diamonds are warranted to be conflict free.

Will lab grown diamonds pass a diamond tester?

Will Lab Diamonds Pass A Diamond Tester? Yes, lab diamonds have the same carbon composition as natural diamonds. Therefore, they have the same thermal conductivity. The test results are positive when exposed to the diamond tester, since the diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds.

How many carats should an engagement ring be?

According to a study done by The Knot in 2021, the average engagement ring diamond was 1.5 carats. 50% of those who participated in the study purchased rings between 1 and 2 carats. Only 25% of rings were over 2 carats. In this study, they found that diamond size was not as important as the cut and shape of the stone.

Did Zales buy Blue Nile?

Zales owner Signet buys online jewelry brand Blue Nile to bolster its portfolio. Signet Jewelers said Tuesday that it will acquire online jewelry retailer Blue Nile for $360 million in an all-cash deal. The move is a bid to appeal to younger consumers and grow its bridal business.

Is Blue Nile a brand?

Blue Nile is the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewelry. The Company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

What is the markup on wholesale diamonds?

The average markup on a GIA certified Lumera diamond is less than 9%, which means the end consumer is paying very close to a true wholesale price (the price charged by diamond cutters around the world). This compares favorably to a traditional jeweler, which might mark a diamond up 100% or more.

Will lab grown diamonds pass a diamond tester?

Will Lab Diamonds Pass A Diamond Tester? Yes, lab diamonds have the same carbon composition as natural diamonds. Therefore, they have the same thermal conductivity. The test results are positive when exposed to the diamond tester, since the diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds.

Does clarity affect diamond sparkle?

Clarity will affect how the diamond sparkles and looks under light — and fewer inclusions means the diamond will shine more brightly under the light.

Is Blue Nile a Canadian company?

Blue Nile is an online jewelry retailer founded in 1999. It is based in Seattle, Washington.

Is rare carat reliable?

Rarecarat is just a search engine that works with a few online diamond retailers. It is perfectly legit, but you aren't buying from rarecarat, you are buying from the various affiliated retailers.

Does Blue Nile sell cubic zirconia?

Blue Nile has created a genuine diamond ring for you (who does not sell cubic zirconia).

Are Blue Nile diamonds treated?

It is possible that the gemstone has been treated with heat or irradiation.

Are Blue Nile gemstones real?

The ‘Blue Nile Experience’ is a journey through the Nile River. The diamonds they offer have been graded by AGSL (American Gem Society Laboratories) or GIA (Gemological Institute of America), two of the country’s most prestigious diamond grading laboratories, respectively. This provides you with the assurance that your diamond has been certified by a legitimate and recognized source, giving you piece of mind.

Are Blue Nile Diamonds good quality?

Certified diamonds: All of the diamonds that Blue Nile sells to consumers are certified, allowing buyers to be confident that the diamonds they are purchasing are of good quality and came from a legal source.

Does Blue Nile sell real gold?

Blue Nile Gold is a precious metal mined in Egypt. We have gold jewelry in both 18k and 14k gold that is available for purchase. The lowest karat of gold that may be sold as jewelry in the United States is 10k, which is an alloy containing 41.7 percent pure gold.

Is Blue Nile overpriced?

Price. No one can argue with the fact that Blue Nile is one of the most reasonably priced online diamond dealers in the business, but what you really receive for your money is up for discussion as well. If you’re searching for a round cut or princess cut diamond of exceedingly high quality, have a look at the A CUT ABOVE Diamonds range from Whiteflash, which has diamonds of outstanding quality.

Is Blue Nile jewelry legit?

In the case of Blue Nile diamonds, there is no doubt about it. In all, Blue Nile has over 120,000 diamonds available for purchase on their website – not quite as many as its competitor James Allen, but definitely enough to ensure you’ll find something to suit both your taste and your budget.

What is blue nile?

About Blue Nile. Blue Nile is an online jewelry store that specializes in engagement and wedding rings for women. While the brand sells its own designs ranging from diamonds, gold, silver, sapphire and pearls, customers have an option to customize their own jewelry as well. Blue Nile has received a few industry awards and has been featured in ...

What is Blue Nile credit card?

Blue Nile aims to take the stress away from jewelry shopping by offering the Blue Nile Credit Card. Through this Blue Nile financing program, it offers customers flexibility to pay over time. Benefits when signing up for this card include convenient payment options, no annual fee, and special access to cardmember only offers and promotions. There are three options to the Blue Nile Credit Card, which you can easily find on

What are diamond stud earrings?

Every girl needs a pair of classic Diamond Stud Earrings. It’s practically the answer to ‘am I missing something?’ with an outfit that needs a bit of sparkle. These diamond studs radiate class and sophistication. They have a charming element of simplicity, adding to accompanying jewelry or an outfit without overpowering it. These earrings come in 14K white or or yellow gold, and range from .20 to 4 in total carat weight .

What is a garnet cushion ring?

Maybe diamonds aren’t your best friend, but garnets are. The Garnet Cushion Cocktail Ring is a showstopper, featuring a large gemstone set into a 14k white gold band. Garnets signify love and success. With that kind of vibe, it’s hard not to seriously consider purchasing this piece.

What is the color of amethyst bracelets?

Blue Nile Amethyst Bracelet Sterling Silver. Purple is the color of royalty. With that in mind, the Amethyst Bracelet Sterling Silver can add some queenliness to your wardrobe. Featuring minute oval amethyst gemstones framed in a knightly sterling silver chain, this beauty is for those who want to show off.

How long does it take to return a Blue Nile item?

Blue Nile offers free returns, where customers can return and exchange items within 30 days of shipping. For items valued over $2,000, there are certain conditions in which some products are not eligible for return:

Does Blue Nile ship internationally?

Blue Nile ships internationally. For certain jewelry pieces, there is a list of expected shipping times on their website. Customers will receive a tracking number to locate where their packages are.

What is fine jewelry made of?

Fine jewelry is made from precious metals like gold, silver or platinum and set with precious or semi-precious gemstones like elegant emeralds, regal rubies, luminous pearls and brilliant diamonds.

What is the difference between fine jewelry and costume jewelry?

In terms of price, fine jewelry is a bigger investment than costume jewelry and won't lose its value over time. With proper care, fine necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings will far outlast costume pieces.

Is fine jewelry a good investment?

Fine jewelry is always a good investment, because quality gemstones and precious metals like gold, silver and platinum typically increase in value over time. Fine jewelry is also a good sentimental or heirloom investment—many people who purchase fine jewelry never sell it, but rather pass it down through generations.

What is Blue Nile?

As part of the Blue Nile experience, we provide our customers with exceptional diamond buying tips and unbiased diamond and jewelry education guides, so that you can make an empowered decision about your purchase. Additionally, our diamond and jewelry experts are available 24/7 to answer all questions great or small. We can help you compare diamonds, choose the perfect setting, find a matching wedding band, select fine jewelry for a milestone gift—and so much more. Just ask. It's our pleasure to help.

When was Blue Nile founded?

Blue Nile was founded in 1999 with the idea that the diamond and engagement ring business was ready for innovation. We revolutionized the industry with a disruptive online business model, making it possible to shop for extraordinary, high-quality diamonds at a great value. And we didn't stop there.

What is the phone number for Blue Nile?

Simply call us at 1-888-565-7641, and a qualified diamond and jewelry expert will be happy to review your inquiry.

Can you make your own engagement ring?

Absolutely! You can create your own customized engagement ring for a unique expression of your love with our Build Your Own Ring® feature. Choose the style of your ring setting and precious metal, select your diamond, and finish the design with personal details like engraving.

Do you sell fine jewelry?

In addition to our large engagement ring selection we have a large assortment of timeless jewelry styles to celebrate any occasion. Discover hundreds of designs for every taste and style featuring diamonds, pearls or gemstones in your choice of platinum, gold or silver. Some of our bestsellers include brilliant diamond stud earrings, wear-forever tennis bracelets and diamond pavé-set eternity rings.

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