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what is the example of simple annuity

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Examples Using Annuity Formula

  • Solution. FV = $100 × ( (1+0.05) 5 −1) / 0.05 FV = 100 × 55.256 FV = $552.56 Therefore, the future value of annuity after the end of 5 ...
  • Solution: P = $20,000 × 0.011... Therefore, the value of each payment is $220. ...
  • Solution: Annuity = $ 2,564,102.56 Therefore, Jane will pay an annuity amount of $ 2,564,102.56 What is Annuity Formula?

For example, most car loans are ordinary simple annuities where payments are made monthly and interest rates are compounded monthly. As well, car loans do not require the first monthly payment until the end of the first month.Sep 4, 2021

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What is an example of ordinary annuity?

Annuity Examples

  • The Pension Plan
  • Mega Millions Annuity
  • Powerball Annuity
  • Court Settlement
  • Tax-Sheltered Annuity

What is the best annuity for retirement income?

What is the Best Type of Annuity for Retirement?

  • Major Types of Annuities For Retirement. An annuity is essentially a contract between an individual and an insurance company. ...
  • Fixed Annuity. ...
  • Indexed Annuity. ...
  • Variable Annuity. ...
  • Get Expert Advice on Annuities. ...

How to calculate annuity payments?

  • Firstly, determine the PV of the annuity and confirm that the payment will be made at the end of each period. ...
  • Next, determine the interest rate based on the current market return. ...
  • Next, determine the number of periods by multiplying the number of periodic payments in a year and the number of years, and it is denoted by n. ...

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What is an annuity and how does it work?

Often marketed as a financial product, an annuity is basically a contract between you and an insurance company designed to provide an income that is guaranteed for the rest of your life. You make a payment (or payments) to an insurance company and, in return, they promise to grow that money and send you payments during retirement.


What is the simple annuity?

Simple Annuities Due are annuities where payments are made at the beginning of. each period and the compounding period is EQUAL to the payment period (P/Y = C/Y)

What is the example of General annuity?

Definition: A general annuity is an annuity where the payment intervals are not the same as the interest intervals. Example 1: Monthly payments of $500 where interest is 6%/a, compounded monthly. Here the payment interval and the interest interval are the same – 1 month.

How do you determine simple annuity?

3:5731:47SIMPLE ANNUITY || GRADE 11 GENERAL MATHEMATICS Q2YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipPresent value of an annuity are denoted as capital letter p that is the sum of present value of allMorePresent value of an annuity are denoted as capital letter p that is the sum of present value of all the payments to be made during the entire term of the annuity.

How do you know if it is simple or general annuity?

The main difference is that in a simple annuity the payment interval is the same as the interest period while in a general annuity the payment interval is not the same as the interest period.

What is the difference between general annuity and general ordinary annuity?

With ordinary annuities, the payments come at the end of each payment period. With annuities due, the payment comes at the beginning. In general, loan payments are made at the end of a cycle and are ordinary annuities.

What is the application of general annuity in real life?

Annuities are used mainly to supplement more traditional sources of retirement income such as Social Security and pension plans. Common features include: Tax-deferred growth. You will pay no income taxes on the earnings from your annuity investments until you begin making withdrawals or receiving periodic payments.

What is the principle in simple interest?

Simple Interest Formula Principal: The principal is the amount that initially borrowed from the bank or invested. The principal is denoted by P. Rate: Rate is the rate of interest at which the principal amount is given to someone for a certain time, the rate of interest can be 5%, 10%, or 13%, etc.

What is a general annuity?

A general annuity is an annuity where the payments do not coincide with the interest periods. You will be able to see that it is very easy to deal with general annuities once an equivalent interest rate is determined with that equivalent rate being compounded as often as the payments are made.

What type of annuity is represented by a deposit?

An immediate annuity is an account, funded with a lump sum deposit, that generates an immediate stream of income payments. The income can be for a stated amount (e.g., $1,000/month), a stated period (e.g., 10 years), or a lifetime.

What is general annuity in math?

When interest is charged to the account monthly and payments are also made monthly, you determine principal and interest using simplified formulas. However, if the payment frequency and the compounding frequency are different, this is called a general annuity.

What is the general ordinary annuity?

An ordinary annuity is a series of equal payments made at the end of consecutive periods over a fixed length of time. While the payments in an ordinary annuity can be made as frequently as every week, in practice they are generally made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

How do you find the present value of a general annuity?

The formula for determining the present value of an annuity is PV = dollar amount of an individual annuity payment multiplied by P = PMT * [1 – [ (1 / 1+r)^n] / r] where: P = Present value of your annuity stream. PMT = Dollar amount of each payment. r = Discount or interest rate.

What are the two types of annuities and how do their values differ?

Growth annuities are based on how the money you invest into an annuity grows over time. Fixed annuities guarantee a fixed interest rate on your contributions over a period of time. Variable annuities provide a return based on the performance of its sub accounts — the funds your premium payments are invested in.

What Is an Annuity?

An annuity is a financial contract between an annuity company, like a life insurance company, brokerage, or an investment company, and an annuitant, the holder and eventual recipient of the annuity. The annuitant purchases the annuity contract from an issuer, either in a lump-sum payment or by making regular payments over some time.

5 Types of Annuities

There are different kinds of annuity products available to consumers, including:

Annuities Explained

An annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company in which you purchase a stream of payments to yourself over time.

Are Annuities a Good Idea?

Whether annuities are a good idea depends on your circumstances, your needs and whether the particular annuity type is a good fit.

Are Annuities Safe?

By and large, annuities are a safe investment. However, it’s important with annuities to purchase them from highly rated, well-established insurance and financial services companies with good reputations.

Annuity vs 401 (k)

Annuities and 401 (k) plans are retirement accounts with some significant differences.

How Much Do You Need to Start an Annuity?

Each annuity has different fees and restrictions. Different companies set different investing requirements.

What Does Annuity Mean?

What is the definition of annuity? Most investment and loans are set up as annuities to keep the terms simple. Let’s take a look at both of these examples.


Many people play the lottery in hopes to cash in on the big jackpot. Unfortunately, most people don’t win it big, but an extremely small percentage of people do. After they win, they often have to make the choice whether to be paid in a lump sum or in an annuity.

Summary Definition

Define Annuities: Annuity means a regular payment stream of equal amounts over a stated period.

Uses of Ordinary Annuity

Ordinary Annuity calculations are used to calculate the present value of long term fixed paying Bonds. Say a bond is paying $5000 each month and will pay it for 10 years. So to calculate the present value of the bond, we use annuity calculation.


It considers that the payment will be fixed throughout the tenure, due to financial distress, the default risk is not considered


An ordinary annuity is an important part of the Financial Market. Pension Schemes, Bank Loans, Bond Markets all depend on annuity calculation. It is simple but extremely important to find the present value of Future Cash Flows.

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What Is an Ordinary Annuity?

An ordinary annuity is an annuity which makes its payment at the end of each interval period. For example, an ordinary annuity with a monthly interval would make its payments at the end of the month.

Interest Under an Ordinary Annuity

The present value of payments also changes the relationship each party in an ordinary annuity has to interest.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, an ordinary annuity virtually always benefits the party making the payments because they occur at the end of a pay period. This differs from an annuity due, which virtually always benefits the party receiving those payments.

Tips for Saving

One way to strengthen your savings strategy is to buy an annuity that will help you generate additional income once you retire. But it’s important to understand the pros and cons of annuities before deciding.

How to Calculate Annuity Payment? (Step by Step)

The calculation of annuity payment can be derived by using the PV of ordinary annuity in the following steps:


Let us take the example of David, who won a lottery worth $10,000,000. He has opted for an annuity payment at the end of each year for the next 20 years as a payout option. Determine the amount that David will be paid as annuity payment if the constant rate of interest in the market is 5%.

Annuity Calculator

You can use the following Annuity Calculator Annuity Calculator Annuity calculator can be used to calculate the series of regular payments which are to be received in future either at the end of the period or at the beginning of the period.

Relevance and Uses

The annuity payment is one of the applications of the time value of money Time Value Of Money The Time Value of Money (TVM) principle states that money received in the present is of higher worth than money received in the future because money received now can be invested and used to generate cash flows to the enterprise in the future in the form of interest or from future investment appreciation and reinvestment.

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