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what staples to use for carpet

by Dr. Jaycee Bednar Published 1 year ago Updated 1 year ago

Choose the correct staple for the material

  • Finewire staple - for fabric, textile and leather. The best option for fastening thin materials, such as reupholstering furniture or tensioning canvas in a frame.
  • Flatwire staples – for corrugated cardboard, plastic sheeting and carpets. ...
  • Narrow crown staples – for floors, panels, trims and other carpentry. ...
  • Cable staple - for cables and wires. ...

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What staples are used for carpet?

What staples to use for carpet? The DEWALT DWCS20056 20-Gauge Galvanized Carpet Staples are designed for pneumatic and electric carpet laying tools. Painted crown helps conceal staples in carpet. These staples are perfect for carpet and upholstery applications. Click to see full answer.

How do you remove staples from carpet?

  • Use pliers to remove the staples near the walls.
  • A long-handled floor scraper with a sharp blade can make quick work of the staples. ...
  • You can also use a specialized tool called a carpet staple remover.
  • When removing carpet padding from concrete, use a floor scraper to remove the pieces of padding that remain stuck to the floor. ...

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How do you install carpet on stairs with Staples?


  1. Measure and cut a piece of carpet to the appropriate length. Because it requires specialized sewing equipment and knowledge, have the edges bound by a professional.
  2. Mark the location on each step where the runner will rest. ...
  3. Cut a piece of padding to fit on each step. ...
  4. Roll up the carpet, and lay it a few steps above the bottom. ...

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How to install carpet on stairs with Staples?

Stapling in "Cap-and-Band" Installation

  • Install Tackless Strips
  • Measure and install tackless strips using the same dimensions as for "waterfall" installation. ...
  • Take Your Measurements
  • Measure step by step and cut one piece of carpet that will cover the tread, wrapping over the nose, and a second piece that will cover the adjacent riser. ...
  • Staple the Carpet to the Top Stair

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What kind of staple do you use for carpet?

We chose 1/2” staples because they provide the 3/16 – 1/4 inch penetration needed to firmly secure our carpet to the hard wood steps while still firing flush. We fired a staple about every 4 inches along the back and sides of the runner.

Will T50 staples work for carpet?

Arrow T50 has enough power and a variety of staple lengths to fasten some types of carpet to stairs, but not all. More details needed to say for sure.

Can you use regular staples for carpet?

What Size Staples Do You Use On Carpet? Another important step in using your electric carpet stapler is to purchase heavy-duty staples for your carpeting instead of ordinary staples.

What size staples do you use for carpet padding?

For standard carpet pad thickness, use a hammer tacker and 3/8-inch staples.

What are T50 staples used for?

T50 staples are the world's best-selling heavy-duty staple platform. Made to deliver exceptional holding power, these staples are used for all heavy-duty stapling applications – from installing insulation, housewraps, and roofing underlayments to upholstering fine furniture and window treatments.

How do you staple carpet back down?

0:191:33Stretching Carpet Without a Carpet Stretcher : Carpet Installation & HelpYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipTowards the wall that way it pulls all that carpet. And then you'll have somebody go along and tackMoreTowards the wall that way it pulls all that carpet. And then you'll have somebody go along and tack it to this strip or put your staples in I'm Joshua Clement flighty contractors.

Can I use crown staples for carpet?

Designed for use with 20-gauge, 3/16" Crown staples, the Roberts Professional Electric Stapler is ideal for installing carpeting.

What are 18 gauge staples used for?

At 18-19 gauge, medium wire staples can be used for heavier upholstery, cabinet assembly, paneling, trim, sheathing, underlayment, siding and soffits.

How do you hold carpet down?

Use rug gripper or rug tape Rug gripper or rug tape is a double-sided adhesive that grips your rug and anchors it in place. It's easy to use as you only need to stick one side of the tape on the rug then stick the rug to the floor. Edges and corners are prone to folding, but rug tape helps keep them in place.

Should carpet padding be stapled?

The carpet padding should cover the entire floor you plan to carpet. Use a staple hammer-tacker to fasten the carpet pad along the edge of the tack strip. Trim excess pad at the edge of the tack strip. Staple the carpet pad at the seams, alternating the staples so they aren't next to each other.

How do you hide carpet staples on stairs?

Run a row of staples along the bottom of the bottom riser where the carpet meets the floor. Gently wiggle the head of the staple in between the fibers of the carpet to hide the staples. Because the staples are in the corner between the riser and the tread they should stay well hidden.

How do you remove small carpet staples?

The best tool for removing carpet staples is a heavy-duty office staple remover. However, a set of pliers, flathead screwdriver, and a 6-in-1 painter's tool are helpful to have on hand, too.

Can you use narrow crown staples for carpet?

In most cases, a narrow crown staple gives the best results. It has a smaller "head" or crown, making it less noticeable on the carpet. However, a very plush or thick carpet may require a wider crown.

How do you fix nail in carpet?

Grab hold of the head of the nail with some pliers and bend it back and forth until it snaps off, taking the rest of the nail with it. Place a small piece of sticky felt over your hammer and then carefully hammer on top of that to flatten out and spread out the felt so that it is covering the pointy tip of the nail.

What are 18 gauge staples used for?

At 18-19 gauge, medium wire staples can be used for heavier upholstery, cabinet assembly, paneling, trim, sheathing, underlayment, siding and soffits.

What are carpet tacks?

Carpet tack strips are narrow lengths of wood, usually Douglas fir, that are used to keep the wall-to-wall carpet in place. They're studded with lots, sometimes hundreds, of nails (or tacks) and are installed along the perimeter of the walls, tack-side up.

Can You Use A Manual Stapler On Carpet?

Manual staplers are a necessary tool when installing a new carpet because the hammer tacker is classified as a manual stapler. However, the hammer tacker is primarily reserved for installing the carpet padding. Hammer tackers are used for quick jobs. While some hammer tackers can be used on the carpet itself, the results don’t tend to look as tidy.

Can You Use A Nail Gun On Carpet?

Although it’s possible to use a nail gun on your carpet, this isn’t usually a necessary part of the installation. Nails will typically be applied with a nail gun onto the tack strips for your carpeting.


There are many kinds of staplers, but few of them are strong enough to help you install a new carpet. Even the staples themselves should change in order to accommodate the thickness of your carpet and any padding.

How to crease carpet at 90 degree angle?

On the sides which must be trimmed, use a stiff putty knife to crease the carpet at a 90-degree angle at the joint of the floor and the wall . Trim off the surplus carpet, making sure you have a sharp blade in your utility knife.

How to cut cushion back carpet?

If using a utility knife, fold the carpet over and, using a chalk line, mark where you wish to cut on the back of the carpet.

Can you install carpet with a cushion?

However, carpet with attached cushion can be installed for residential use by the do-it-yourselfer. The attached cushion makes carpet rolls lightweight and easy to handle. With a few simple, inexpensive tools and double-faced tape, you can complete a beautiful, quality installation in no time.

Can you clean adhesive on carpet?

Smears of adhesive on the carpet surface can be cleaned with a non-flammable solvent and clean cloth if cleaning is done while adhesive is still wet. If the edge of the carpet at a doorway must be butted up against carpeting in the next room or hall, follow the same procedure for seaming described above.

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