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who is priam and why does he go to achilles camp

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Who is Priam, and why does he go to Achilles camp? Priam is the father of the deceased Hector
In Greek mythology, Hector (/ˈhɛktər/; Ἕκτωρ, Hektōr, pronounced [héktɔːr]) was a Trojan prince and the greatest warrior for Troy during the Trojan war. Hector led the Trojans and their allies in the defense of Troy, killing countless Greek warriors. › wiki › Hector
. He visits the Greek's camp to ask Achilles for Hectors body back.

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What does Achilles do to Priam?

Achilles takes pity on Priam and agrees to return Hector’s corpse —one of his greatest acts of kindness. Patroclus later shares this anecdote with Thetis from beyond the grave, which helps convince her to set Patroclus’s soul to rest so he and Achilles can be together in the underworld.

How many children does Priam have?

Priam is rumored to have at least 50 sons and 50 daughters, and he’s known to be kind and beloved by the gods. After Achilles kills Hector and takes his body, Priam begs him to return Hector’s corpse to the palace—if he doesn’t, Hector’s soul will never be at rest.

What is Priam's voice?

Priam's voice is gentle. “It is right to seek peace for the dead. You and I both know there is no peace for those who live after.”. “No,” Achilles whispers. Nothing moves in the tent; time does not seem to pass. Then Achilles stands. “It is close to dawn, and I do not want you to be in danger as you travel home.

Who is the father of Hector and Paris?

Priam. Priam is the Trojan king and father to Hector and Paris —the latter of whom stole Menelaus ’s wife, Helen, and instigated the Trojan War. Priam tells the Greek army that the Trojans will defend Helen, who apparently doesn’t want to leave Troy; the Greeks would likely have attacked regardless, as the Trojan kingdom was wealthy.

What does King Priam say to Achilles?

When King Priam arrives at Achilles's tent, he says to Achilles, '' 'Honor the gods, Achilles; pit y him.

Why does King Priam kiss his enemy?

King Priam kisses the hand of his enemy and sobs because he so desperately wants his son's body back. His willingness to put himself in harm's way shows how courageous King Priam is despite his other weaknesses as a leader.

Why does King Priam refuse to watch Menelaus?

And while Priam allows his son, Paris, to duel with Menelaus, he refuses to watch because he knows his son will perish. To unlock this lesson you must be a Member. Create your account.

Why does King Priam fail to hold Helen accountable?

King Priam fails to hold Helen accountable, citing that everything that has happened and that will happen is in the hands of the gods. Priam's dedication to fate and the will of the gods prevents him from making practical choices. He relies on signs from the gods, and when things go well or not, he points to the gods.

Why did King Priam force Paris to give Helen back?

King Priam means well, but he could have forced Paris to give Helen back, instead of allowing a major war to occur because he felt it was the will of the gods. Death of Paris. King Priam is a man who has the ability to love with deep emotion. He especially loves his sons.

What is King Priam's brave decision?

King Priam makes a brave decision to keep the gates of Troy open, allowing the soldiers to enter. However, he knows that Achilles may also get in, and that would be terrible. This daring choice shows that King Priam does think about the safety of his people. Lesson Summary. Let's review.

What are the strengths of King Priam?

He has many strengths, which include courage, a desire to protect his people, empathy, and love for his sons. Those strengths, in many cases, turn out to be some of King Priam's greatest weaknesses. In this lesson, we'll analyze King Priam's ...

What does Priam ask Achilles to give him?

Priam begs Achilles to give him the body of his son, Hector (MFA) …. Priam spoke to Achilles in supplication: ‘Remember your father, Achilles. He is an old man. like me, approaching the end of his life. Perhaps. he too is being worn down by enemy troops, with no one there to protect him from chaos and ruin.

What does Achilles' treatment of Hector's body and Alexander of the still living Betis represent?

Achilles’ treatment of Hector’s body and Alexander of the still living Betis represent black moments in the men’s lives – the day when their desire for vengeance got the better of their reason and honour. The episodes end very differently. Achilles – albeit at the behest of the gods – eventually gives Hector’s body back to his father, Priam.

What did Betis say to the King?

Betis was brought before the young king, who was elated with haughty satisfaction, although he generally admired courage even in an enemy. ‘You shall not have the death you wanted,’ he said. ‘Instead, you can expect to suffer whatever torment can be devised against a prisoner.’.

What does "I have brought a large ransom" mean?

to beg you for his release. I have brought a large ransom.

Who gave Hector his body back?

The episodes end very differently. Achilles – albeit at the behest of the gods – eventually gives Hector’s body back to his father, Priam. Betis was duly executed and Alexander moved on to continue his conquest of the Persian empire.

Is there still no one alive in the land of Troy?

in the land of Troy, yet not one remains alive.

What did Hector ask Achilles to do before they duel?

Before they duel, Hector asked Achilles to make a pact. What is the pact, and how does Achilles response?

Why does Hector go to the Greek camp?

He goes to the Greek camp to get Hector's body back

What line in the epic simile compares the death of Hector and the burning of Troy?

The epic simile and lines 258 - 264 compares the death of Hector and the burning of Troy in order to

Who killed Patroclus?

Achilles loved Patroclus. Hector killed Patroclus. Is Achilles right to treat Hector the way he does?

Who gave the body back to Zeus?

Achilles submits to Zeus' will and gives the body back

What does Hector realize about Athena?

Hector realizes the gods are not really on his side. He realizes that Athena had tricked him into thinking she was a man on his side.


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