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why is my rabbits poop black

by Yvonne Pollich Published 10 months ago Updated 8 months ago

Dark Colour
If your rabbit's poo is on the darker side, it could mean that he or she is getting too much protein in their food. Orchard hay is a protein-rich type of hay, which is great for the needs of baby rabbits.
Jan 15, 2021

Why does my rabbits poop look like blackberries?

Small clusters of shiny droppings that look like a blackberry or a bunch of grapes are technically not considered poop. They are called cecotropes or cecal pellets. They are quite smelly and mushy, but they are common.

What should healthy rabbit poop look like?

They are round, relatively dry and friable, and composed mostly of undigested fiber. Rabbits do not ordinarily re-ingest fecal pellets, though a few bunnies seem to enjoy an occasional fecal pellet hors d'ouevre. A normal CECOTROPE resembles a dark brown mulberry, or tightly bunched grapes.

Do rabbits have two types of poop?

Essentially, rabbits produce two types of droppings: fecal pellets and cecotropes. The rabbit consumes the cecotropes as they exit the anus. The cecotropes are nutrient packed, dietary items that are essential for the rabbit's health. Normal cecotropes are dark, greenish-brown and resemble tightly bunched grapes.

What color should rabbit poop be?

Colour. A rabbit's poo should be medium green, dark green, dark brown, or almost black. Cecotropes tend to be brown. They also have a glossy surface.

What dies rabbit poop look like?

Rabbit poo is very small - only pea-sized - and is usually black, light-brown or green in colour. It is filled with plant and grass pieces. Look out for rabbit droppings scattered at latrines, which are often near burrow entrances.

How do I know if my rabbit has a GI stasis?

Rabbits with GI stasis can quickly become lethargic and may exhibit signs of pain such as teeth grinding and a hunched posture. They may also begin to produce excessive gas and sometimes soft stool or diarrhea.

What color should bunny Pee be?

Normal rabbit urine will vary from a pale yellow or clear colour, through various orange and brown colours, right up to a deep red colour. Rabbit urine may also look cloudy due to the presence of calcium carbonate being excreted within the urine.

Can I bath a rabbit?

Submerging a rabbit in a bath will upset the rabbit, and its natural instinct is to leave the bath. Forcing it to stay in water cause, at best, will cause stress and anxiety. At worst, it can lead to injury and death. Rabbits are self-cleaning animals and do not need to be bathed.

Why does my bunny have mushy poop?

Darker, more moist poops may be a sign that your bunny is getting too much protein in their diet. The poops in the lower left were from a bunny before a switch from orchard grass (a 'richer' hay) to timothy hay (upper right) after only 24 hours.

How do I know if my rabbit has a GI stasis?

Rabbits with GI stasis can quickly become lethargic and may exhibit signs of pain such as teeth grinding and a hunched posture. They may also begin to produce excessive gas and sometimes soft stool or diarrhea.

Why does my rabbit have runny poop?

Some common causes for true diarrhea in a rabbit include: Diet (overload of carbohydrates and/or insufficient indigestible fiber) Inappropriate antibiotic use (many antibiotics are not safe for the rabbit's GI tract) Toxins from the environment such as heavy metal, toxic plants, etc.

Why is my bunny having soft poop?

Soft poop is uneaten cecotropes. It's the result of an imbalance in the diet. Usually, the rabbit has consumed too many treats and/or pellets. Some rich vegetables, such as kale, dandelion greens, carrot tops and chard, may also cause excess cecotropes.

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